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  1. Thanks for providing such good coverage for the fans!
  2. I dont think anyone is bashing Howe at all, its just an interesting observation is all
  3. I get the logic of not having them wrestle. They aren't competing for a spot this year, so if DiJulius wins all it does is put a blemish on Stiebers record. And if Stieber kills DiJulius it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know
  4. I thought the same thing. Buckeyes with Triggas not competing, Med FFTs from Dijulius, Tessari and Magrum. The DiJulius forfeit was just him not wanting to wrestle his teamate in the finals Ohio State said Magrum was a "precautionary measure" RE: They didn't want him to get absolutely embarrassed by Kilgore No idea why Triggas wasnt there or why Tessari pulled out
  5. pawrestl: I watched Depalma wrestle two summers ago and even wrestled with him. I know there were concerns about his consistency but if those are dealt with, this kid is the real deal. I suspect your eye is good and we will all be hearing more about this kid in the future. You fellas might be onto something here-- he pinned Habat in the finals
  6. Cmon JB... he's wrestled three matches at the allstar and lost all 3 (including an assbeating from a D2 wrestler). That has to be the worst record at the all-star in recent memory
  7. Courts lost again in the wrestlebacks... Not looking like the impact freshman many (including myself) were hoping he would be
  8. Wow I forgot about that... He lost to some random non-d1 guy So he is 0-3 Blanton lost to Carazzo? last year. Carazzo? was a D2 national champ. I should have figured he was a champ in another division, obviously he was tough to beat a D1 AA. Still I remember that match and it wasn't even close, Blanton got destroyed. I think it was like 12-6?
  9. Wow I forgot about that... He lost to some random non-d1 guy So he is 0-3
  10. Personally, I could see Askren pinning Taylor and handling Dake easily. I'll never forget the time Askren moved up to wrestle Kish and made it a relative "no contest" match. Askren was just that good! That was actually an extremely close match, I believe Askren won 5-4, either on RT or by having an extra escape. Kish definitely got a takedown
  11. What years has he competed? I know he lost last year and this year
  12. What an awful match and a huge letdown.. Dake did absolutely zero the entire match and Taylor didn't do much to punish him for it
  13. I guess its nice that they use this event to showcase non-D1 guys but to be honest I always find myself wishing they'd just start the main event already
  14. I appreciate what they've done to cover the sport, but they've always had some pretty shady business practices. I remember during the brief period when they were raising money several years back I bought a tshirt (and I think donated some money as well) and never got anything, even after sending a followup email.
  15. What happened with him? Injuries? Burnout?
  16. I find it kind of sad that this topic has generated more posts and interest in a day then most of the wrestling-related topics have in a week.
  17. Did he do well in opens? I honestly didn't even know he'd wrestled a college match Phillips was amazing as a frosh in HS but I think a lot of people have questioned his dedication to the sport since then
  18. Not saying he isn't a talented wrestler, but who exactly has he beaten? I don't see a single impressive win on his college resume other then the stieber wrestleoff.
  19. I'm seriously amazed that it is possible for someone to be as oblivious to reality as you. Basically every single person who has bothered to post on this stupid argument has come to the consensus that you're wrong and you're an idiot, and you somehow are able to convince yourself that its the rest of the world that has a problem. Yes Ban, it must be the case that EVERY SINGLE PERSON other then you is wrong. No way it could actually be YOUR logic thats flawed, nope. God what a moron... :lol:
  20. The way they are talking about Sentes back in the lineup they make it sound like he was completely off the team and out of the room Whats the deal with that?
  21. Ban, you are possibly the biggest flaming idiot of all time. You were 100% wrong in this thread, just like you always are. Pay the man already Or do us all a favor and leave
  22. Dont forget that Martelotti has a big advantage that Ramos doesn't; he is on my fantasy team
  23. Waiting to see how their young team does? Iowa hasn't really wrestled yet, just some backups at KB and two duals against non d1-competition.
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