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  1. Massa seems like one of these guys where if he can't be first he just doesn't care anymore. Looks so mentally out of it in so many matches
  2. That Eirman cradle was durrrrrty
  3. I literally just posted this. What a tool, get that guy out of here
  4. Screw this guy. Gets his ass kicked by micic and then dives for a blatant kimura attempt in the last 5 seconds to try and injure micic. Should get booted out of the tournament, no place for that kind of bull****
  5. I took a flier on Brock to win at 5.5:1 Wow did I waste $10
  6. Which guy are you referring to MSU?
  7. How is there anything wrong with this quote at all? If you don't like your surroundings and can't change them, then change your surroundings. Frankly that's something I think more people should take to heart Unless you live in a 3rd world country and are driven to the mine every day with whips, you ultimately have control over your own circumstances. Rather than complain that things aren't how you'd like them to be change them so that they are.
  8. What happened at 125? The schedule on Flo said finals were at 3, so I missed it...
  9. Unless Massa pulled guard and went to his back at some point that I didn't see, there is no way it was a triangle choke.
  10. Grow some balls ref, Joseph was practicing backwards track for the last 2+ minutes there. That should have gone to OT
  11. Who the heck is Michael Carr? Guy is killing it at the B10s
  12. Is anyone else no getting sound on mat 1??
  13. Speaking of Pitt guys, Fat Kocher went from a college middleweight to competing at HVY as a post grad. Not sure what he weighed in HS ;)
  14. How does nc state not get choice there??
  15. LoStNuMbEr


    Schram and Hughes I believe are both injured and out for the year. Not sure about the others
  16. Definitely should have been a two count for Grello on that NF. How was that two for Gravina?? Nickal looked like he had a poop sandwich before his match
  17. Delucas striking game was frustrating Zain's takedown attempts. I still give that round to Zain 10-9 though
  18. I didnt think brock was ever close to being pinned. Amazing showing by Eirman
  19. Never thought Id say this, but Stoll looks small
  20. Michigan has lost the toss ups so far and failed to bonus in all of the matches where they are big favorites. Great showing Iowa, Michigan looks underwhelming
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