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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from pjm46 in Richard Perry accident   
    You got gipped! I had this exact thing happen to me last year after a labrum repair, and the total bill for everything was 67k.  
    The point being that 100k might as well be nothing if the scenario is as serious as being described. If Perry does have Brain Surgery and requires ongoing care afterwards the medical bills will be closer to the GDP of a small country then they will be to the cap on USAW insurance.
    Wishing the best to him and his family in this time of trial.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Fletcher in Zaddick out at Iowa State   
    Some legal wisdom for the masses:
    1. If Zadick does not have an employment contract, he can be fired at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all (other than for race, gender, age, or religion). This "right to work" stuff has to do with unions and is inapplicable.
    2. Employment contracts are common in the world of higher ed., so he may have one. If that's the case, the terms of that contract could give him additional job protection.
    3. He may be entitled to severance, either thru his contract or university policy. Those policies typically provide for salary continuation if he's let go for reasons other than "cause."
    4. He could also be entitled to unemployment if he's let go for reasons other than "cause."
    5. I don't know the circumstances of Zadick's departure, but, hypothetically, if one coach punches another coach in the nose, it's unquestionably "cause" for termination.
    6. It's a common practice to pay someone severance, even when they're let go for cause, in exchange for a promise not to sue and not disparage the employer.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to WildTurkey44 in '10 Hawkeyes vs '18 Nittany Lions   
    TBar ruins almost every thread here. Seriously
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to MSU158 in '10 Hawkeyes vs '18 Nittany Lions   
    A great blanket statement with no actual analysis.  Sanderson didn't beat "Iowa Style"  like a drum when he was at ISU.  At PSU he has simply had BETTER wrestlers.  The '09 team matches up VERY WELL with PSU.
    Iowa from 125-149,174 was every bit as strong as PSU from 149-184.  In a dual setting, Iowa actually has an advantage as they don't have the 2 big holes PSU had at 125 and 133.  Now, I agree that PSU would be too much for them in a tournament setting, but head to head, this Iowa team is RIGHT THERE with them.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Cletus_Tucker in Fargo   
    Most of us here wrestled in high school at the very least.  Some had the honor to compete in college.   Others  were blessed as  dual sport varsity  athletes in college.  I fall under that category.  I treasure my letter jacket.     I rarely speak on it as to not toot my own horn, but yes it's true . It's very true.
    I played the triangle in the band.    I lettered for it and i have enjoyed some of the most memorable times when out there in front of everyone and in command of that iconic instrument.    But did my focus on wrestling stymie  my development in music?   Would I have been a better wrestler or a better command of the  triangle  had I chosen to specialize and not focus on both?    A little known fact is I attended college on a music scholarship.      Yes that's right.   And no amount of wrestling was able to undermine my efforts of my goals.   
    Perhaps I'm just old school.    Perhaps 
    and freestyle world champs are all the outliers and none of them should be beating those who refuse to only specialize.        You guys probably know better than me.  
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Cletus_Tucker in Fargo   
    Year round folk??  Oh no!   Now we'll never get good at freestyle on the senior level!
    Oh wait, we're the world champions in senor, junior, and runner ups in cadet...
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to OhioSpladle in Our Men’s FS world team   
    I think when your worst shot to medal is Nashon Garrett, you are in a pretty good spot.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to BigTenFanboy in MN may have 3 Olympians   
    If you're a fan of NJ then yes. If not no.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to WildTurkey44 in Transfers   
    I'd leave Missouri for my dad aswell, and I don't even like him.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to pamela in Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee   
    And people complain that Iowa wrestlers don't take enough shots...
    It's great to see that he will be OK. 
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Gantry in Ohio State Lineup   
    Wow, that was the friendliest discussion in TheMat forums history, kudos to all!
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from jon in Final X Lincoln   
    My god flo, stop cutting to the audience in the middle of the action
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from dmm53 in Final X Lincoln   
    My god flo, stop cutting to the audience in the middle of the action
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from KCMO2 in Final X Lincoln   
    God Gilman sucks, I hate that guy
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Billyhoyle in Final X Lincoln   
    Knowing nothing about these wrestlers and only going off of the "eye test,"  this match is going to be a destruction.  
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Gantry in Final X format — current critique   
    Yeah they don't do that...  People keep clinging onto the "obnoxious screaming Flo announcers" thing but that was ages ago.  Back in the day they were over the top but now Bader, Nomad, Pyles, etc do a good job calling the matches.  Are they 100% polished Bob Costas guys?  No, they may get a little pumped some times but certainly less than a Kevin Harlan or Gus Johnson.
    They are knowledgeable and by and large do fine.  Can we stop with this screaming announcers false narrative? 
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to steamboat_charlie in What college coaches do you think read this forum?   
    I have it on good authority that over 75% of the posters on this forum are actually burner accounts for D1 coaches.  I'm still gathering more intel but eventually I'll bring this house of cards down...
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Why are colleges still wearing the singlet?   
    the cool thing about the singlet is that you can go to any department store or sporting good store in america and purchase one, unlike compression shorts and tshirts. people are always buying one piece unitards to work out in, or just wear casually while doing errands or just lounging around the house. pulling down shoulder straps to pee is one of the many well loved features of the singlet. tight fighting shorts and tshirts will never catch on for these and many other reasons. 
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to oldcougar in Comparing dynasties   
    When I started wrestling, Yojiro Uetake was the greatest wrestler in the world.  50 years later I gotta include him in my top 3 of all time. (Feel free to speculate who the other 2 are.)
    Who couldn't be impressed with Okie State at that time, or Iowa a couple of decades later.  Both inspired programs.  I'm truly over the top about Penn State now because they are so much fun to watch.  Guys like Jason Nolf and Bo Nickal win style points for their creativity.  I guess today's style of wrestling is just more spectator friendly because of improvements in technique and coaching.  I can remember sounding/feeling like an old fogie because I always claimed that wrestlers from my time (read Okie State/Lehigh/Oklahoma/etc.) were every bit as good as those then currently wrestling.  
    I no longer make that claim.  Wrestling is the best it's ever been.  Period.  Thank goodness I'm still around to watch it.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to spladle08 in Zahid Valencia   
    Completely agree, Dake has been our world team rep the past 10 years for a reason! He is untouchable and people need to get that through their heads!
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to JasonBryant in The 6th Year   
    Seven year undergrad here, so please judge me without knowing any circumstances.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Jake Varner at hwt   
    Tony Nelson is 6'9'' and 420 pounds. 
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from gowrestle in Ashnault 6th year   
    Get this joker Joe out of here. That's all I have to say on this thread
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Billyhoyle in DeSanto to...   
    Is the event where Jads had his medal stripped for doping called world or worlds? Do you call the NCAA championships “NCAA” or “NCAAs”, “national” or “nationals”???
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to AnklePicker in DeSanto to...   
    Correct, but they wrestled at STATES, BIG TENS and the OLYMPICS.
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