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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Medicine_Man in Historic NCAA Finals losses that were shockers   
    Taylor losing to Jadidi

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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Witherman in Koll says Yianni more talented than Dake   
    dake's got bigger triceps than yianni
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Medicine_Man in tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread   
    (Best guess after calculations on 14 large supremes.....318LBS)
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to headshuck in Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter   
    You have until sunrise.

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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from stp in Anyone have the actual story on PDIII?   
    Guy is a tool, good riddance
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from Coach_J in Anyone have the actual story on PDIII?   
    Guy is a tool, good riddance
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from xander in Anyone have the actual story on PDIII?   
    Guy is a tool, good riddance
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Coach_J in Anyone have the actual story on PDIII?   
    Never got a chance?  Way to take personal responsibility.  Got a chance at Nebraska--blew it.  Made the decision to burn a year at JUCO--his choice.  Got a chance at Iowa State--took fifth and burned every bridge behind him.   Never got a chance?  Pathetic.
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    Delucas striking game was frustrating Zain's takedown attempts.  I still give that round to Zain 10-9 though
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Medicine_Man in Iowa vs Michigan   
    All Jchapman said was he's pumped for Coon-Snyder
    sgallan replies with some confusing reference to an all-nighter which nobody understands, but seems to be putting words into Jchapman's mouth ("You want to see Snyder maybe having any competition do an all nighter.")
    JChapman asks "What?"
    sgallan explains his previous incomprehensible text with "Snyder wrestles tonight against some guys in Siberia that could make it competitive. But you'd have to do an all nighter to watch. Coon's chance is pretty much limited to some random throw (Snyder is on to those) or an injury."
    jchapman doesn't want to pull an all nighter:  " guess I am not enough of a freestyle elitist to pull an all nighter."
    sgallan then accuses jchapman of disparaging the best wrestler on earth, and calls chapman a "provincial ignoramance" ( good word if you are into making up words or just can't spell) and then gets all condescending with " Ignorant is no way to go through life. Believe it or not there is a great big world outside of the US. No, really ,there is."
    sgallan owes jchapman an apology.
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from ConnorsDad in Iowa vs Michigan   
    Michigan has lost the toss ups so far and failed to bonus in all of the matches where they are big favorites.  Great showing Iowa, Michigan looks underwhelming
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from Housebuye in Iowa vs Michigan   
    That was 1000% the winning takedown by profaci. How do you not call that
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from Medicine_Man in Is bigmik the GOAT poster?   
    Medicine Man is a legend. You wish you could be that cool
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to treep2000 in True Freshman Champ in 2017/18?   
    I think the "mulligan" concept or the delayed matriculation issues are a bunch of baloney.  Who cares.  All of the reasons cited thus far relate directly to birth year and calculated "age".  
    What about bone age?  
    What about years into/past puberty?  
    What about intellectual/pscyhological age?  
    An analogy as to why this actually IS important.  My daughter is 10 years old, and has high functioning Aspberger's.  Every day is a challenge to some level and/or degree.  However, intellectually, she's easily in High School.  She can spell any word that is a non-proper noun (and not French, because, well... French is le weird).   BUT... she's incredibly small for her age.  In the 0.4% of the growth chart.  She barely weighs 50lbs.  We had her bone age measured from the Endocrinologist to ensure there weren't other issues.  Her bone age last year (when she was 9), was that of a 5.5 year old.  So... Intellectual Age = ~15, Actual Age = 10, Bone Age = ~6.  
    If we really want to draw such ire of such meaningless things, then let's pop the cork on this baby and peer down the rabbit hole, for real this time.
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in Kanen storr   
    Which part, the part where he skips Midlands and never starts?
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from madcat11 in Kanen storr   
    Which part, the part where he skips Midlands and never starts?
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    LoStNuMbEr got a reaction from Coach_J in Kanen storr   
    Which part, the part where he skips Midlands and never starts?
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to southend in Kanen storr   
    Indiana could use a 141, and a 125 and a 133 and a 149 and...............Hwt.  And guaranteed starting. In the premier league in the country. How could an elite wrestler, pass up this kind of opportunity?
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Peso in Wyoming NDSU oddity   
    Nope, I think it was 6-4.  I gassed in those damned 8 minute matches.  My problem was I went at a Dan Gable pace, and I had Dan Devito conditioning.  I was pretty good for about 2 minutes.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Perry in Snyder v. Taylor   
    David Taylor wins every fantasy match up so I gotta go with hi... oh, nvm. Snyder then.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to Gantry in Ohio State v Iowa   
    Sparks does do a really good job with play-by-play stuff, I don't care for "right after the match" interviews because the wrestlers never say anything and are out of breath.  But when he's just calling the match he's solid...
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to wrestlingnerd in Spencer Lee!   
    I just don't see it that way. Lee's best position has always been top. Nato's has always been neutral. He's a national champ who has lost a grand total of two matches at two weight classes in three years of wrestling at the NCAA tournament. He was very close to Gilman as recently as this summer, when Gilman proved he was world-class takedown ability. You can't expect any 18-year old to outgun a guy like that from the feet. How many guys have taken Nato down in college total? In the last year, was Cory Clark the only one?
    I wouldn't begrudge you for being disappointed in Lee not taking Bresser down. But Bresser kept even TD machine Daton Fix (who took Nato down several times very recently in freestyle) to one last-second TD. He's clearly very shifty and hard to score on. Still, it's more than fair to expect Lee to be able to take Bresser down. Nato is a different beast, though.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to VakAttack in Ohio State v Iowa   
    How does that count as Kemerer in control when he has a whizzer and Kemerer is fighting the reversal? I didn't like that rules interpretation at all, even though it worked out for my guy.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to AllISeeIsBronze in Pico   
    I am a huge Pico fan. I honestly think a rematch today between Retherford and Pico would end up the same. Pico has never been in any danger from Zain's attacks, and has always scored points when needed to, even if in the later matches when he was cruising.
    However, folkstyle is different. You can't ignore the signifance of the top position, especially when that is Zain's most prolific way of scoring. Pico had never had difficulty on bottom, but high-school level versus arguably the most vicious top wrestler today in the nation are two different things. Add in the different weigh-in structure, and the numerous competition on the D1 season... You just have to give the credit to the guy who has been doing it excellent for the past few years.
    In terms of his venture in MMA, I support it. The guy loves to fight, and he went about it in the best way he thought possible for him and his family. He isn't harming anyone (outside of fighting, lol), and he didn't cheat or claw his way. He built his brand, marketed himself well, and now is doing what he wants. We're arguing about Pico and his marketing, but Gregor Gillispie is a former D1 champion who is in the UFC, and I bet many of us didn't know that. Pico needed this hype to pursue MMA successfully.
    His style of boxing is so similar to wrestling. Straight forward pressure, grind the person down. His footwork has never been super slick, and he needs to work on that, as well as head movement. I fear he is so invested in his own power that his boxing training failed to include defensive fundamentals.
    I wish he would have went to college, but sometimes that's not for everyone- and he's had way more international experience traveling and living around the world compared to the average college student. That has to account for something. By all accounts, he seems like a good guy (aside from his unneccessary comment about Zain last year), and I wish him the best.
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    LoStNuMbEr reacted to NYWRESTLER94 in Ohio State v Iowa   
    Supposed to be a big turnout for tOSU
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