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  1. Pretty sure he beat Quentin Wright.
  2. MSU has a hard time dealing in facts and prefers to wallow in half truths and misleading statistics. Lee did in fact say that which does raise the question of what limitations Brands is putting on him in regard to international competition. Not redshirting flys in the face of Lee's own stated goals and puts him at a disadvantage at OTTs next year.
  3. Iowa will be too strong over the next two years however they will have a drop off in 2022 and that's the year ISU may pass them. If Iowa doesn't win a championship in the next two years with the talent they have, Brands may in fact get fired.
  4. He knows that and is just being obtuse since it's a losing argument if you only look at what convictions guys have had and still been allowed to wrestle.
  5. Numerous team penalty points; behavior was so bad your coaches had to run on the mat more then once to control DeSanto. Yea that's quite positive. Well at least he didn't pull a gun during a match, I guess that is a success story by Iowa standards.
  6. One key difference is that the gun incident is recent while Long was back in 2011. Another key difference is that the shooting is just one of many incidents by Iowa wrestlers since 2011. Why don't we compare the programs since Long? Iowa has quite the rap sheet, much more extensive than PSU or any other program. This is indisputable, or shall I make a list?
  7. And there is that duplicity. When Cael brought Long in, it was Cael treating him as expendable, never mind he knew the family and Andrew from when he was a child, yet with Brands bringing in Teasdale, who has a lot of serious issues, arguably more serious than Long, he is making an effort to rehabilitate him, lol. How can you not realize how ridiculous you sound.
  8. Long didn't wrestle for PSU after the rape charge so comparing it to Marion riding a moped drunk is disingenuous and shows you really can't refute what I said. You want to call someone out for that, look for a coach back in Iowa. The rap sheet under Brands is long and growing with almost no discipline (or intervention as you call it) for his wrestlers, so yes it is an excellent way to refute the duplicitous Iowa fans that continue to bring up a guy that hasn't wrestled for PSU since 2011. Maybe if Brands took his wrestlers (and coach's) previous gun charges more serious, he wouldn't of had to deal with one of his guys getting shot by a teammate. You don't have the higher ground here, it's not even close at this point. Iowa has annual off the mat issues with their wrestlers and has become a destination for transfers of guys with baggage in a desperate attempt to keep up with PSU and tOSU. You can say Andrew Long until you are blue in the face, isn't going to change that.
  9. Iowa fans at it again, thinking they have the high ground in these discussions. Lets see, you just had a guy shoot a teammate and he was wrestling the the first semester, competing for a starting spot. DeSanto tried to break another guys arm, was kicked off his former team for his conduct and was immediately inserted into the lineup; how many penalty points did he have this past season? How about the guy that plead guilty to theft and was in the starting lineup opening day for that big outdoor event against OSU? ...and of course, an oldie but goodie, Montell Marion's permanent suspension that lasted one semester, the same amount of time Long sat out. Is that enough?? Or should we get into all of Iowa's DUIs, Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conducts and Gun Charges that didn't result in a single suspension.
  10. Agree, Cox is a great wrestler but I question wether he can maintain that level at 86kg under the current weight-in rules. Taylor now fits that weight very well and has a non stop motor so he will be a bigger challenge then last time. No matter what ultimately happens, it's a shame that one of Cox, Taylor or Snyder will not be able to compete in the Olympics.
  11. Lots of low post count guys appearing and defending Lee. Looks like the hawk fans are coming out from a long hibernation.
  12. Penn State has such a pool of quality guys with full eligibly waiting in the wings, I don't see how they can punt. Hall is the only guy that might take an Olympic redshirt and if so, they would put Brooks in at 174. If anything, it's going to be difficult for PSU to get some very good guys in the lineup, especially at the upper weights.
  13. With Fix making the World team this year and potentially taking an Olympic Redshirt next year, it would really put some pressure on Spencer Lee to redshirt as well. Seems like a rather big advantage to let your main competitor get all this experience while your focus is on folk and college classes. Obviously that would be a huge hit to Iowa's championship chances so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  14. Geez, all this over a guy that probably will never make another world team. It will be interesting to see if he is picked up as a coach at some point considering his antics over the years. I know he prides himself on not caring what others think, but it will be a factor in the hiring process.
  15. That's a nice photo.
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