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    I added Russ...... Thanks for posting the links, still have some work to do now, lol. Couple replies to posts above: If you look carefully at the list you will see that the vast majority of points come from international competition. NCAA results are usually nothing more then a tie breaker. Beyond that, the wrestling community values college wrestling and folk so it's my opinion it should be represented in a list like this. I thought about adding winning the US Open or WTTS, but I think you need to win a world level medal to make a list of "all time." Furthermore, adding that criteria wouldn't change the rankings much and would be a lot more work. Greco should probably be included but I still haven't gotten all the freestyle guys in yet; maybe in the future they can be merged.
  2. Another World Championships has come and gone and it's time to update the rankings! Welcome to the list David Taylor, Kyle Dake and Joe Colon! I tweaked the scoring to give Olympic Gold a little more value. As always, if missing someone, let me know and give their credentials if possible. Remember, this a career ranking and not who was best at their peak. Olympic Champion = 8.5 points World Champion = 6.5 points Olympic Silver/Bronze = 5 points World Silver/Bronze = 4 points NCAA National Title = 2 points NCAA Finalist = 1 point NCAA All-American = 0.5 point Bruce Baumgartner (74.5) 2 Olympic Gold/3 World Gold/1 Olympic Silver/3 World Silver/1 Olympic Bronze/3 World Bronze/1 NCAA Title/2 NCAA Finals John Smith (48) 2 Olympic Gold/4 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Jordan Burroughs (47) 1 Olympic Gold/4 World Gold/2 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Dave Schultz (38.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/3 World Silver/2 World Bronze/1 NCAA Title/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Kyle Snyder (31.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 World Gold/1 World Silver/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Lee Kemp (30.5) 3 World Gold/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Rick Sanders (29.5) 1 World Gold/2 Olympic Silver/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Mark Schultz (27.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 World Gold/3 NCAA Titles Kenny Monday (24) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/1 Olympic Silver/1 NCAA Title/ 2 NCAA Finals Kevin Jackson (24) 1 Olympic Gold/2 World Gold/1 NCAA Final/3 NCAA AA Terry Brands (23) 2 World Gold/1 Olympic Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Wayne Wells (22) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/1 World Silver/1 NCAA Title/ 1 NCAA Final J'Den Cox (22) 1 World Gold/1 Olympic Bronze/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Ben Peterson (21.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 Olympic Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles John Peterson (21.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 Olympic Silver/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze Tom Brands (21.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/3 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA AA Cael Sanderson (21) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Silver/4 NCAA Titles Chris Campbell (20.5) 1 Olympic Bronze/ 1 World Gold/1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Lincoln Mcllravy (20) 1 Olympic Bronze/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Sammie Henson (20) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Gold/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Dan Gable (20) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Kurt Angle (20) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Barry Davis (19.5) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA AA Greg Gibson (19) 2 World Silver/1 World Silver (Greco)/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Finals Melvin Douglas (18.5) 1 World Gold/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles Jake Varner (18.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/2 NCAA Finals Ed Banach (15.5) 1 Olympic Gold/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Finals Cary Kolat (14.5) 1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Joe Williams (14.5) 2 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Logan Stieber (14.5) 1 World Gold/ 4 NCAA Titles Kyle Dake (14.5) 1 World Gold/ 4 NCAA Titles Randy Lewis (14) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Zeke Jones (13.5) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Gold/1 NCAA Final/2 NCAA AA Nick Gwiazdowski (13.5) 2 World Bronze/ 2 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA Final/ 1 NCAA AA Bobby Weaver (13) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Silver/1 NCAA AA David Taylor (12.5) 1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/2 NCAA Finals Lou Banach (12.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Titles Bill Smith (12.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Titles Stephen Neal (12) 1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Doug Blubaugh (11.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 NCAA Title/2 NCAA AA Kendall Cross (11.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 NCAA Title/2 NCAA AA Nate Carr (11) 1 Olympic Bronze/3 NCAA Titles Stephen Abas (11) 1 Olympic Silver/3 NCAA Titles Brandon Slay (10.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Finals James Green (10)1 World Silver/ 1 World Bronze/ 4 NCAA AA Jake Herbert (9.5) 1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Russ Hellickson (9) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Bronze Don Pritzlaff (9) 1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/ 2 NCAA AA Coleman Scott (9) 1 Olympic Bronze/1 NCAA Title/1 NCAA Final/2 NCAA AA Bill Zadick (9) 1 World Gold/1 NCAA Title/ 1 NCAA AA Kerry McCoy (8.5) 1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA AA Royce Alger (8.5) 1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Henry Cejuda (8.5) 1 Olympic Gold Tervel Dlagnev(8) 2 World Bronze Thomas Gilman (6) 1 World Silver/ 1 NCAA Final/ 2 NCAA AA Mike Zadick (5.5) 1 World Silver/ 3 NCAA AA Joe Colon (4.5)1 World Bronze/1 NCAA AA *Honorable Mention: Yojiro Uetake-Obata (23) 2 Olympic Gold (Japan)/3 NCAA Titles
  3. Flying-Tiger

    Does Penn State need a new lightweight coach?

    PSU's lightweights have been fine, just not as strong as the middle/upper weights that have been tremendous. There seems to be some revisionist history regarding Conaway. He wasn't ranked in the top 100 even after his senior season was complete. He was 38-3 at 112 and was headed to Liberty for a reason. Saying the staff doesn't deserve credit for developing a non 100 recruit into a multiple AA is absurd, especially when it's the same people who consistently devalue Penn State's coaching accomplishments because of the number of top 10 recruits they get. Can't have it both ways.
  4. Flying-Tiger

    Russian coach receiving team trophy

    He must of watched Mr. Rogers as a child
  5. Flying-Tiger

    Seeding all 33

    Won't be perfect but I'm glad to see it. Just wish they got rid of the pigtail matches while they were at it. There is no need for a 33rd wrestler in each bracket.
  6. Flying-Tiger

    Minnesota - 18/19

    Gable is a special talent, no doubt about it. He has the potential to be the first true freshman champ at heavy.
  7. Flying-Tiger

    Taylor vs Nolf vs Joseph vs Ruth vs Retherford

    Pound-for-Pound, I think Ed Ruth his RS Sophomore year at 174 was the best PSU wrestler of all time. He consistently destroyed very good wrestlers in a manner that resembled a cat playing with a mouse. Still remember him giving his post championships match interview and he wasn't even winded, talked like he just got done with some light drilling. Zain his Junior year was a close second.
  8. Flying-Tiger

    Cael’s Kool-Aid is strong

    Even without redshirting I'm pretty sure he would of been 21 at this past NCAA. Seems like a few of you are making the assumption that these guys will redshirt next year just so you criticize it. Most, if not all those guys will be in the starting lineup next year. The benefit to them is that they don't have college tuition to pay this year when there is less scholarship money available. PSU graduates a lot of guys this year and these deferred guys will get more money for their first year in college. Makes sense to everyone involved and is smart management of scholarships. btw paboom, your math is wrong 18+6= 24, and depending on when their birthday is, a few could still be 23 at graduation even with a deferment and a redshirt.
  9. Flying-Tiger

    Nebraska 18-19

    I think Labriola has a similar impact to what Venz did last year. He is going to be a good one.
  10. Flying-Tiger

    PSU Lineup official details

    Realistic, lol, actually it's the opposite of realistic. It's MSU's annual this team can compete with Penn State if everything goes really, really right post. Thing is, not everything goes right, ever, and a lot of what he says falls in the category of wishful thinking. If Penn State stays healthy, Iowa won't be close. Here is Iowa's lineup with the guys highest placing to date: Lee: Champ DeSanto: RD of 12 (meltdown) Turk: RD of 16 (shot stoll) Lugo: RD of 12 Young: DNQ (backup) Marinelli: 6th (4 guys that placed higher return) Kemerer: 3rd at 157 (moving up 2 weights) Wilke: RD of 12 Warner: RS Freshman (6th Midlands) Stoll: 5th (shot in the off season) Now this is the reality, 5 guys that have never AAd, 1 RS Freshman that took 6th at Midlands, 1 former AA moving up 2 weight classes and 1 former AA that was shot. The realistic viewpoint is Iowa simple does not have enough fire power to hang with a healthy Penn State and they will need a few guys to make the podium for the first time just to place 2nd.
  11. Flying-Tiger

    Next Rising Program?

    Lock Haven. Honestly thought they were destine to drop to a lower division but they seem to be becoming relevant again in Div I. Not sure they will reach the level of some of the examples you mentioned but they are on the rise.
  12. Flying-Tiger

    2019 NCAA Wrestling Championship Tickets

    I have been to 4 NCAAs (Phil. St. Louis; New York; Cleveland) and Cleveland was the first time I considered it a Seller's market. Think Pittsburgh is going just as bad if not worse. I plan on getting my tickets prior to the event, just not sure where, when or how much yet, lol.
  13. Flying-Tiger

    Thumbs fashion trend

  14. Flying-Tiger

    Our Men’s FS world team

    Straw argument, no-one is predicting 10 medals. OP is saying there are POTENTIAL medalist at all 10 weights. Doesn't mean he (or anyone) thinks they will all in fact medal. So you are predicting worst case scenario with three former medalist not repeating and still coming up with 3-4 medals. That's a strong team, personally I think the U.S. wins 5-6 medals.
  15. Iowa has a lot more uncertainties than Penn State. The reality is Iowa has 1 champ and 3 additional AAs returning next year vs. Penn State's 3 returning champs, 1 returning finalist (former champ) and 3 additional AAs. Based on actual results and not fantasy upside, it would appear that Iowa isn't going to challenge Penn State next year even if a few guys do improve on previous placing. Not that Iowa doesn't have a very solid team, serious contender for 2nd place.