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  1. Yea, and the ref swallowed his whistle during Gross' "regular stalling" a few times as well.
  2. Can't let the close Iowa match score fool you, the Hawks have a much bigger advantage in a tournament setting. They would have to lose DeSanto and another high scorer for PSU to have a chance. A healthy Cassar and Berge and I'd be right there with you.
  3. You can actually hear the ref during the match explaining to Bono why it wasn't stalling. Clearly says "hands weren't locked"
  4. It's an idiotic statement, like saying why aren't coaches teaching how to stop Spencer Lee's Tilt? Starting to feel like 08-10 around here; brace yourself cause it's only going to get worse.
  5. I think the light schedule is tied to the fact it's an Olympic year. May have kept a few guys in the lineup that otherwise would of took a redshirt.
  6. What could be better for his training than traveling to face one of only a few guys that could give him a match. You Realize the Olympic Trials are not in Carver, right?
  7. Yes, just not on his home mat where his chances are better.
  8. Has a coach ever ducked so blatantly like Brands does with Lee.
  9. I think TBar knew that already, lol.
  10. MSU has a hard time dealing in facts and prefers to wallow in half truths and misleading statistics. Lee did in fact say that which does raise the question of what limitations Brands is putting on him in regard to international competition. Not redshirting flys in the face of Lee's own stated goals and puts him at a disadvantage at OTTs next year.
  11. Iowa will be too strong over the next two years however they will have a drop off in 2022 and that's the year ISU may pass them. If Iowa doesn't win a championship in the next two years with the talent they have, Brands may in fact get fired.
  12. He knows that and is just being obtuse since it's a losing argument if you only look at what convictions guys have had and still been allowed to wrestle.
  13. Numerous team penalty points; behavior was so bad your coaches had to run on the mat more then once to control DeSanto. Yea that's quite positive. Well at least he didn't pull a gun during a match, I guess that is a success story by Iowa standards.
  14. One key difference is that the gun incident is recent while Long was back in 2011. Another key difference is that the shooting is just one of many incidents by Iowa wrestlers since 2011. Why don't we compare the programs since Long? Iowa has quite the rap sheet, much more extensive than PSU or any other program. This is indisputable, or shall I make a list?
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