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  1. KingK0ng

    NCAA approves shorts

    Back before the new fangled singlet we had these gawd awful tanks that buttoned in the crotch, really sucked when you had to piss really bad.
  2. KingK0ng

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Andre Metzger?
  3. KingK0ng

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Been waiting, hoping that someone else would attempt Oklahoma, but here it goes: Gotta start with Danny Hodge, 3x NCAA undefeated champ and Olympic silver medalist...THE trophy is named after him so he's gotta be on there. Of course you also have to include, arguably, the greatest freestyler the US has produced in John Smith. Then it starts to get a little tougher, I will go with Kenny Monday because of his freestyle accolades since this is the International board. I have no idea where to go for the fourth bust, do you go with a Kendall Cross or does the first 4x NCAA champ Pat Smith go on there? Gold medalists Wayne Wells or Shelby Wilson? What about one of the toughest wrestlers that no one seems to know about on this board in Tommy Evans, 2x NCAA OW and Oly silver medalist? His Olympic coach and fellow Oklahoman Wayne Baughman (who also might deserve to be that 4th bust) said that Tommy would have probably beat Gable. Leroy Smith? Mike Sheets? So many other names that I am probably forgetting but at least that's a start.
  4. KingK0ng

    Thomas Gilman History

    Glass houses...
  5. KingK0ng

    Thomas Gilman History

    Did you also know that Okie is a pejorative, but still you, yourself, have used it on this very board?
  6. KingK0ng

    Thomas Gilman History

    Whatever happened to BTFB anyway?
  7. KingK0ng

    Downey Making Weight...

    I would be a proud Dad also, congrats to you and your son.
  8. Also this thread...the return of PDII
  9. KingK0ng

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    LeeRoy Smith....unfortunately
  10. KingK0ng

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Damn, maybe Dake should drop to 74?
  11. KingK0ng

    Giving PDIII props

    You new around here?
  12. KingK0ng

    Wrestling Legend's Kids in College

    Wayne and Mickey Martin - OU The only father/son combo to both be named OW at NCAA's https://newsok.com/article/4946589/former-sooner-mickey-martin-to-join-his-late-father-wayne-as-national-wrestling-hall-of-fame-inductee
  13. KingK0ng

    you be the ref...

    True, he did move his hand in a hurry.
  14. KingK0ng

    Watching the 97 NCAA finals on Espnu

    they weren't afraid to call a stall 10 seconds after another one, when they stalled they rang em up.
  15. KingK0ng

    US Open Discussion

    I have no clue what Chandler's competition is like but he isn't exactly a freestyle novice, made the finals at 86kg last year at the U23, losing to Myles 13-9 the first match