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  1. KingK0ng

    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Classy move from a 5th year senior over a RS Freeshman in a dual that your team is going to get absolutely killed in
  2. KingK0ng

    OSU vs Princeton

    Chandler was hurt at the Scuffle, supposed to be back next weekend
  3. KingK0ng

    Oklahoma St

    Then what do you call bumping Jacobe and Geer up a weight?
  4. KingK0ng

    Fix v. Nick

    Cowboy's have some interesting matchups this weekend, not only do we have the Fix/Suriano match. but Gfeller gets #1 Kolodzik and #2 Ashnault in back to back matches. Then throw in a Picc vs Glory, should be a good weekend of wrestling if it doesn't quack out.
  5. ref did a good job there with the stall calls
  6. KingK0ng

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    He did in HS, moved from Edmond his freshman year I think
  7. KingK0ng

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    Haze wasn't really a national recruit as he had wrestled on the same youth team as Teyon and they were going to attend the same school wherever it was going to be, That youth team also had Johny Hendricks, and 2x DivII champ Kyle Evans also Charles Jones that wrestled a couple of years at OU.
  8. KingK0ng

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    Sooner's just beat WV 26-17 Wow WV looked bad, had no idea that Sammy had left the cupboard so bare. How long before Flynn turns that program around?
  9. KingK0ng

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    This. I really only want to watch my Cowboy's during the collegiate season. I could care less about technique videos or a drama about Terry Brands.... I used to have a monthly sub and probably would today if offered, but at $150 for three months of season I just can't justify, especially after the OSU/PSU fiasco from a couple of years ago when I cancelled my sub.
  10. KingK0ng

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    This needs to be repeated over and over again. No one put a gun to the kids head and made him cut his hair. He mad a conscious decision for the betterment of the team and should be commended for his sacrifice, not made out to be some victim of some kind of social injustice.
  11. KingK0ng

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    Just because someone utters an epithet it doesn't necessarily make him a racist. The accusation of racism is thrown around way too much these days, I sometimes wonder if these same accusers really understand the true definition of racist/racism..... Flame away....
  12. KingK0ng

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    So if the kid was told about it the week prior and allowed to wrestle(his warning ticket) and did nothing to rectify the problem, then he has no one else to blame but himself and his coaches.
  13. KingK0ng

    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

    Nah, Jeffries has always been at 49. If you're talking about the Big XII tournament....Joe is a 2x champ.
  14. KingK0ng

    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

    As posted on the OSU board:
  15. KingK0ng

    Never gave up near fall points in College

    I think Alex gave up two to St John in one of their matches