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  1. KingK0ng

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    Oh how the mighty Sooner's have fallen....
  2. KingK0ng

    Next OSU Coach

    knowing the idiots political slant it would be an exercise in futility. I would hope that the other posters on this board would have the intelligence to see through his idiocy.
  3. KingK0ng

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Johny Hendricks' amazing comeback after NEARLY being pinned by Ryan Churella!
  4. KingK0ng

    Why are colleges still wearing the singlet?

    Gable never wore a singlet while wrestling for Iowa St....
  5. KingK0ng

    Should NCAA Wrestling have legal wagering?

    At 10% vig you only have to pick 52.7 winners to turn a profit. Some people can and do make a living off of sports betting. Granted wrestling wagering seems to have a larger than 10% vigorish...
  6. KingK0ng

    Spencer Lee vs. Daton Fix

    You new here?
  7. KingK0ng

    Best of 3 Finals, who you got??

    No chairs were thrown?
  8. KingK0ng

    Who was the worst...

    Jamill Kelly?
  9. KingK0ng

    Tell me again

    Used to be athletes weren't single sport participants...after baseball season ended football started, after football season ended wrestling season began, after wrestling baseball started.... lather, rinse, repeat.
  10. KingK0ng

    Who is moving weights?

  11. KingK0ng

    Who is moving weights?

    With Joe Smith unlikely to make 157 again one or two of the Cowboy's AA's from this year is likely to move
  12. KingK0ng

    Is there an audio broadcast for round 1?

    A Audio for the cowboys is available at http://okstate.com/watch/?Live=535&type=Live
  13. KingK0ng

    D2s and D3s Friday and Saturday

    Congrats to Eli Hale, after years of languishing in a backup role in Stillwater he transferred out this year to UCO and made the finals at 125
  14. KingK0ng

    Big xii finals

    Meredith OW
  15. KingK0ng

    Any link to Big 12 results?

    Heil got the opening TD