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  1. Was that before or after Davis threw the punch?
  2. Depends on if you include freestyle losses. Teyon Ware is listed as 132-0 but had a freestyle loss to Harry Lester.
  3. Daniel Frishkorn, 4th at NCAA's as a freshman then had a career ending illness? Matt Grice from Okla, 4x state champ, had a motorcycle accident after his senior year of HS ad was never the same
  4. Much better than Brands' "Throw ME"
  5. ESPN is a godsend, an unimaginable step forward from the days that the NCAA tried to shut this board down because we were posting results mid session.
  6. And he is having a blast doing it. Nothing wrong with a little personality as long as its not disparaging to your opponent. Of course it helps to be on the team that I root for....Seriously, the dude looks like he is having a lot fun.
  7. A warning for what? Pushing IS NOT offense. DeSanto did nothing else/.
  8. Does that include the losses he had as a true freshman that he got a reset on?
  9. Does that include the losses he had as a true freshman that he got a reset on?
  10. Any of the other 4 timers ever get pinned in their collegiate career?
  11. Don't forget the impeccable customer service!
  12. The Oklahoma St/Oregon St dual will be on ESPN+ at 2 CST
  13. List also doesn't have Dwayne Keller, who like Gable only lost one match in his collegiate career, the finals match of his senior year the day after his wife gave birth to his son. But the best wrestler in Cowboy history may have been Yoshiro Fujita, who later beat Uetake in the Japanese Oly Trials
  14. Has there ever been a bracket where seeds 1-8 finished at those placements?
  15. The #1 seed goes in at the top of the bracket, the #2 goes to the very bottom of the bracket, #3 goes to the top of the bottom half of the bracket, the #4 to the bottom of the top half. This way, if everyone wrestles to their seed you will have a 1 vs 4 semi in the top half, and a 2 vs 3 semi at the bottom half. If there isn't a proportionate number of entrants to fill the bracket evenly then remaining unseeded wrestlers are randomly drawn into the previous round, and matchups with seeded wrestlers are random.
  16. No, he was close once, reversed Boo after Boo got the initial TD. Was a close match until Boo turned him in the 3rd for 4 The dual replay is up on ESPN+ if you have access, 149 starts 34 minutes in
  17. That match was a lot closer than the 11-4 score would indicate. Still a good win for Boo!
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