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    KingK0ng reacted to fadzaev2 in Kudos to NBC   
    Hopefully we can find a way to thank NBC for their great coverage of all of the wrestling.  The coverage and the "thanks" could help wrestling's cause, including adding weight classes.
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    KingK0ng reacted to LJB in J'Den Cox Misses Weight   
    why not just follow the procedures like everyone else was able to do?
    why is personal accountability so lacking in this silly country nowadays???
    oh, yeah...
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from silver in Metcalf   
    Much better than Brands' "Throw ME"
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    KingK0ng reacted to simple in Desanto sanctioned   
    No. Just stop. If it’s all true, the employee could’ve thrown something at him, swore at him, insulted him, called him names, etc. That still doesnt justify threatening to kill someone. There is no middle ground or “both sides messed up” to this if true.
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    KingK0ng reacted to flyingcement in Desanto - what happened   
    It's just so bizarre to me why someone would feel the need to jump to a conclusion before we hear the facts from a reputable source
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from bnwtwg in Wyatt sheets   
    This tore me up.
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    KingK0ng reacted to SamStall365247 in I deadlift 665 LBs   
    Moving the goalposts a bit...he didn’t say he could deadlift that while also making his wrestling weight. Who lifts at weight?
    665 is impressive and not at all far fetched for someone that big.
    IMO this was an all-time great “meathead” interview. Brook’s mullet interview was done with a little irony and isn’t even on this level. Ferrari is setting himself up as the comic book super villain  the wrestling world forgot we needed. 
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from Eagle26 in Wyatt sheets   
    This tore me up.
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from Cowboy08 in Wyatt sheets   
    This tore me up.
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    KingK0ng reacted to Perry in Semis   
    He didn't commit to $hit lol
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from Perry in Semis   
    A warning for what? Pushing IS NOT offense. DeSanto did nothing else/.
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from ionel in Flo buys out Track   
    Don't forget the impeccable customer service!
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    KingK0ng reacted to hammerlockthree in Echemendia nickname?   
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    KingK0ng reacted to JasonBryant in ASU wtf???   
    People who follow wrestling and don't exist on forums just to crap all over teams that aren't in the top ten. 
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from Glane18 in Live feed of Oregon State vs. Little Rock dual today   
    The Oklahoma St/Oregon St dual will be on ESPN+ at 2 CST
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    KingK0ng reacted to iwrite in RIP Dan Hodge   
    Dan and I met for the first time in 1975 when I drove to Perry to interview him for my book "Two Guys Named Dan". He and his wife Dolores became very dear friends with my wife Bev and me. They were our guests many times at the WIN Memorabilia Show during the NCAA tournament and the fans loved him. I never knew a celebrity that was more patient and kind to all those who came to meet him and get an autograph. Some were even brave enough to shake his hand, and once in a great while someone would say "Give me a shot, Dan!" and in seconds they were begging him to let go! While Dan was entertaining the fans, Dolores was working with Bev behind the tables. They were an incredible team for over 60 years! In 1995, I created "The Heisman Trophy of wrestling" and named it for Dan. In 2009, I wrote his biography entitled "Oklahoma Shooter: The Dan Hodge Story" and it sold out within a year. Dan and Dolores stayed with us many times in our home in Newton, Iowa, and we have stayed with them in Perry. I have never known anyone like him and today there is a big hole in my heart. -- Mike Chapman
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    KingK0ng reacted to fadzaev2 in Best Wrestlers in Oklahoma State History   
    Here's some sidenotes on the Keller twins......
    Keller brothers among greatest OSU wrestlers

    By Berry Tramel
    The Oklahoman

    EDMOND -- After all these years, the Keller twins remain identical. Even down to their chosen profession.

    NCAA wrestling champions for Oklahoma State in 1970, Dwayne and Darrell Keller bridged the Myron Roderick and Tommy Chesbro coaching eras.

    Dwayne, NCAA champ in 1968 and '70, was Roderick's last national titlist and Chesbro's first. Darrell was NCAA champ in 1970 and '71.

    Now both are homebuilders, Dwayne in Edmond and Darrell in greater Phoenix.

    "I graduated (from OSU), and it was either teach and coach or build houses," Dwayne said.

    The Kellers' father had been a homebuilder back in Kennewick, Wash., and Roderick had lined up Dwayne with a summer job framing houses, so the career was a natural.

    So was wrestling. Dwayne, at 123 pounds, and Darrell, at 142, each won an outstanding wrestler award with the Cowboys.

    Darrell beat Washington's Larry Owings in the '71 NCAA finals, the year after Owings beat Dan Gable for the crown in what remains the sport's greatest upset.

    Dwayne came close to winning three NCAA titles. He was beaten in the finals his senior year by Oregon State's Roger Weigel.

    "My son was born that morning," Dwayne said. Plus, he was overconfident, having dominated Weigel as a workout partner on a European tour. "I just got too hyper all day long," Dwayne said. "My energy level was zero. If I had wrestled him two days later, I would have thumped him."

    Still, the Kellers remain among the greatest Cowboys ever.

    "When I was in high school, I didn't even know there was college wrestling," Dwayne said. "When Myron Roderick started recruiting me, I didn't even know where Oklahoma was."

    The twins were born 12 minutes apart -- Darrell is older -- but separated after high school. Dwayne came to OSU; Darrell went to a Washington junior college.

    "Roderick didn't know there was two of us," Dwayne said. "I kept telling him I had a twin brother. He asked me, "Is he any good?'"

    Yes, national-championship good. Just like his brother.
    In 1968 as a sophomore, Dwayne beat Rick Sanders in the NCAA finals, allowing us to win the NCAA team title. Sanders had won the outstanding wrestler award in the tournament the year before and was generally expected to win it again, until upset by Dwayne. I was a kid listening to it on the radio. To this day, it is still probably my favorite moment in Cowboy sports.
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Best Wrestlers in Oklahoma State History   
    List also doesn't have Dwayne Keller, who like Gable only lost one match in his collegiate career, the finals match of his senior year the day after his wife gave birth to his son.
    But the best wrestler in Cowboy history may have been Yoshiro Fujita, who later beat Uetake in the Japanese Oly Trials
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    KingK0ng reacted to boconnell in John Smith - How Much Longer?   
    Which guys are cutting too much weight? 
    This tired old idea is based off of how they ran their program a decade ago.  Their entire team this year probably has one guy cutting even a decent amount of weight (picc).  And their upperweights that you responded to are all small, showing you weren't actually responding to the comment, you were just looking to climb a soapbox.
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    KingK0ng reacted to TBar1977 in Wiscy-Iowa on Sunday   
    You are a certifiable idiot.
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    KingK0ng reacted to hammerlockthree in Wiscy-Iowa on Sunday   
    Who hates his wrestling? You can't just make up people to "own", thats TBar stuff.
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from headshuck in Brandon Eggum and Gopher wrestling   
    He's gonna have to learn to get out to win close matches eventually, granted Boo is one of the best top guys at the weight but it's all practice till March, right?
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    KingK0ng got a reaction from WF89 in Brandon Eggum and Gopher wrestling   
    He's gonna have to learn to get out to win close matches eventually, granted Boo is one of the best top guys at the weight but it's all practice till March, right?
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    KingK0ng reacted to hammerlockthree in I really miss the Jimmy Cinnabun era.......   
    as usual tbar doesn't get the joke...
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    KingK0ng reacted to TBar1977 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    They are an easy target.
    And just what is the message? That Strauss abused student athletes? That is true, so no need to attack that message. That Ohio State should have done something about it? Someone in a position of power, if they knew about it, yes, they should have done something about it.
    If the message is aimed specifically at Jim Jordan, Perkins Coei can be attacked on that all day long. They are an inherently political machine. Jordan never abused anyone. Jordan was a young assistant who was not much older than some of the athletes. Jordan had no power in this situation relative to others. Yeah, let's attack THAT GUY. Sorry, that doesn't pass the sniff test, especially from the political machine at Perkins Coei. 
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