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  1. I love you like a brother,but you are way off base here. This is typical wrestling response and the reason we are often our own worst enemy. Combine your complete dismissal of Britt's data, along with BD's "you never wrestled or coached so what do you know" narrative and it is easy to see why we alienate non native fans. I'm not saying that duals are the only answer but I appreciate SHP taking time to love a sport he didn't grow up competing in. I appreciate his data collection efforts and, as I personally observed in FT Lauderdale last week, so do the majority of our DI coaches. In other sports: rules committees, marketing efforts and focus groups are often made up of people who didn't wear the uniform. This includes the NFL, MLB, UFC......pretty much everyone. I have a great fanbase that I've worked hard to build. less then 100 make the hour trip to Prep Nationals every year. Not an empty seat in the gym for the Blair dual. and about 40% of the people there had never seen a wrestling match before.
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    Will be shocked if Dennis Papadatos isn't the guy at Hofstra. Alumnus, tons of assistant coaching experience in a variety of venues. One of the best HC candidates out there Makes sense for the Pride.
  3. Once Beasley lost all that weight, he figured it was better to switch jobs than get new gear. Hopefully he has invested in United Van Lines. He knew it was time to apply for a new job when he finally unpacked
  4. I think Kyle Hansen from Ohio U would be a great head coach
  5. up by one. Let's go!!!!!
  6. You can't say it was empty before Caldwell's injury. Even though he has only 1 title and 2 AAs, he'll go down as one of the all time greats for the beatings he put on top guys. Especially Metcalf (and Schlatter, Palmer, JPOC) Dake didn't dodge a bullet when Caldwell went down, he dodget a missile. Jeje sure, no one beats the Caldwell that hammered Metcalf a couple years ago. But you guys are being silly if you think Darrion maintained that level of performance over his career. A lot of it was due to injury, sure, but Dake certainly beats the Caldwell that lost to Mike Roberts, from Boston, or the App state guy. He's also more than capable of beating the injured 2010 version. It's like me saying that a healthy Troy Nickerson would definitely have won 3 titles. It's disrespectful to the guys who won on the mat. Staying healthy is part of it- like it or not
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