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  1. robnh

    Worlds Day 3 Thread

    When is the Snyder finals match? I see that the NBC site is done broadcasting.
  2. robnh

    Iowa lineup 2017-2018

    Is Jacob Warner a confirmed redshirt?
  3. robnh

    FRL Teases Nolf IMar 4

    Nolf might eagerly anticipate a rematch with IMar, but I believe IMar would also relish the challenge. Maybe one day but not today.
  4. robnh

    Cael is a genius

    Retrograde Genius?
  5. robnh

    Midlands Finals! Predictions and Results

    Good tournament for Brunson though Illinois disappointing overall.
  6. robnh

    Midlands Day 2

    Don't follow Gilman but sure seems like a jerk.
  7. robnh

    University of Minnesota off the rails

    They are playing the bowl game. http://www.startribune.com/gophers-players-u-leaders-working-toward-ending-boycott-of-football/407201426/
  8. robnh

    70 KG Discussion...

    Not looking good for a IMar/Oliver matchup. I wonder how often IMar and Kennedy have sparred in the wrestling room.
  9. robnh

    Cam Tessari

    What's Chris Phillips up to these days? Does he ever get near a mat?
  10. robnh

    Cam Tessari

    Well, a year and a half ago Chris Phillips was still underperforming: http://www.norwalkreflector.com/article/3804301 If he could have stayed in school, Phillips would have been in the running for a national championship. I agree it is a waste of time to mourn these guys but it is a damn shame.
  11. robnh

    Over/Under on Martinez becoming the next Cael

    Yea .98^100= 13.26% And no way you can use 98%. Injuries can always happen and Martinez will have some tough matches ahead. That being said, the fact that people are even speculating about the possibility is good for the sport.
  12. robnh

    We Add to the two list this year right?

    Corrected. Thanks.
  13. robnh

    We Add to the two list this year right?

    Green as a 4X All-American is a good choice for one of the best to never win. The story has another byline to it though. In 2009 Poeta (ILL) came into the NCAA tournament 13-0 in an injury-shortened season. Poeta had placed 3rd in 2007 and 2nd in 2008 and was determined to win a championship. Unfortunately he ran into Burroughs (NEB), who came into the tournament at 30-0 and proceded to beat Poeta 5-1 in the finals match. Fast forward to 2015, Green (NEB) on the mat and his coach and mentor Burroughs in his corner. Martinez (ILL) defeats Green 3-2. Not exactly payback, but karma is sometimes a bitch.
  14. robnh

    Did Ian Miller win?

    Comparing an at bat in baseball to a quarterfinal match in a championship series is rather silly. Comparing gymnastic and ice skating judging with an unawarded escape point in wrestling is also rather silly - unless you would like wrestling to be judged like ice skating. Frankly, I kind of like wrestling and don't like to see this kind of nonsense in a championship series.
  15. robnh

    Did Ian Miller win?

    The count - yea, maybe. But the score of the game? If you know of other instances of this occuring, please share. I can't come up with any offhand.