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  1. Yianni was more interested in the arena nachos at that point.
  2. I’ve never seen anyone move gwiz around like gable did. Forget about cox.
  3. Haha why Did they cap reactions to like 5 a day? Seems a little dumb.
  4. I manage my own Facebook group where I’m widely considered a world champion. I might be the only person in the group.
  5. He shoulda started making weight a little earlier. We don’t have all day to do this.
  6. If I was nolf, I would have self pinned in that first sequence. Because dake just cemented the violent act with those guts and quick match. It’s one thing to get leglaced out in less than a minute.
  7. Bridging was my strongest move. But dang, nolf’s is world class. We’ve never actually seen it before!
  8. Who is mank? I’ll check it out
  9. I admit to missing letting my mouth write checks it can’t cash. :)
  10. I’m guessing we wait and see how dake does. I wouldn’t put it past him to head back to 79 for the next two (or three?) regular worlds cycles. Either weight can be his and the team is probably stronger (arguably) with both him and Burroughs in the lineup.
  11. I braced for Burroughs to take his shoes off after that loss. Any word on his plans?
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