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  1. There used to be so many levesseur threads back then!
  2. Some sporting federations are storing testing samples from athletes, subject to future testing when those tests are better developed. The risk is still there for the athletes, even if they cannot be popped now.
  3. I’ve always felt regional training centers were ideal for out of cycle doping by athletes. Little oversight outside of Olympic training centers. I don’t know if any of them would, or what controls they are subject to. I’m certain it’s not organized. Too risky these days. People do talk.
  4. I don't know the history, were they ever allowed ..... Or I guess not checked for?... The Babe had to be juicin :) Roids and such were prevalent from 60’s on. Remember what the East German womens teams looked like? There was no serious testing until eastern bloc countries couldn’t be beat. And certainly no serious testing in American professional sports until the later 90’s. epo was used heavily after the early 90’s. Athletes were dropping like flies from heavy blood. So it was decided to start doing something serious about it. Odd fact, cyclists today are climbing noticeably faster than those doped to the gills on the 90’s. Maybe the equipment is better/lighter etc. but it’s happening. I have no idea if Epo in wrestling would be useful or safe considering weight cutting. If a wrestler were to cut minilmally, I could see higher octane being useful.
  5. I don’t really remember anyone seriously claiming koll didn’t call the shots. He had a good feel for who was ready out of hs and who could benefit from time off.
  6. Microdosing was difficult to catch. But not so much anymore. Epo has had good controls testing for 15-20 years.
  7. The dake theory is exactly why peds were tolerated up until people were dying from them. And when baseball records started to get heavily distorted after a hundred years of reasonably static rules.
  8. Dake is better at 74 than 79. And certainly better than 86, where he gave cox all he could handle.
  9. Tbar is “plays with action figures” level of superfan
  10. This works in endurance sports where the weight to ability ratio for watts improves at a lighter weight. The thing with wrestling is the weight-ins factor on physiology greater than ratio of weight for watts. Wrestle at a more comfortable weight can lead to greater wattage output.
  11. Naw. I think he finally started behaving like his frame and eating/lifting.
  12. It’s like an eye test. Everyone knows who the best is.
  13. John Fisher Children : John, Current Position : Teacher/Coach Ann Arbor Schools Since 1990, MHSAA State Champion & Graduated from Flint Northern High School 1984, 1989 Graduate of and Wrestled at the University of Michigan with 183 Wins (career win record), 2 time Captain/University of Michigan 1988 and 1989, 4 time All-American University of Michigan (top 4, all 4 years), 3 time Big Ten Champion (3-1-1-1), Junior World Champion 1984, 4 time Midlands Champion, 2 time Olympic Alternate, World Cup Champion (freestyle), U.S. Open Champion (freestyle), Midlands Hall of Fame, Michigan Wrestling Association Hall of Fame, Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame 2010, Greater Flint Area Afro-American Hall of Fame 2012, Last American to beat John Smith (6 time World and Olympic Champion), Last American to beat Tom Brands (World and Olympic Champion/3 X NCAA Champion
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