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  1. scribe

    Cowboy Bulk Job

    The poster formerly known as BIG started college at 141 and finished at hwt. Probably still growing
  2. scribe

    Cats, wrestling and Willie Saylor

    Tbar told me DT gets a lot of *****.
  3. scribe

    Flo really needs help

    He was showing off his creativity.
  4. scribe

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    Are signature bets dead?
  5. scribe

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    I can say anything deragotory or dismissive if I want about anyone. I have forum street cred.
  6. scribe

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    It’s like you’ve never experienced the post season
  7. scribe

    Never Been Pinned

    I was never pinned on college
  8. scribe

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    3-7 wrestler straight up, upsetting a #1 wrestler (without fluke pinning) has to be one of the more notable upsets in a long time.
  9. scribe


    Good stuff!
  10. scribe

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    I don’t know what’s going on with spencer Lee, but he looked thoroughly invincible last March at nationals. I wouldn’t bet against him and hope Vito is in the opposite bracket.
  11. scribe

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    I can only think of Nick Simmons as a close example, just a lot faster, less choking of the opponent, maybe not as curiously strong as Simmons.
  12. scribe

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Congrats Rooster!!!! 2018-19 LMS champion!!!!
  13. scribe

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    I haven’t seen Vito gassed at 125 this year. I seem to be wrong about my concern with him cutting to 125.
  14. scribe

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    Vito looks top 5 right now. Won’t be tested a lot until nationals.
  15. scribe

    Princeton vs. Cornell

    That was disturbing what Vito did to Glory.