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  1. I was arguing for years that DT has to gain weight and people constantly argued that he cut almost no weight. it hurts being right all the time.
  2. Taylor waited too late to go up in weight. He’s been outstanding at his full weight.
  3. I think he’s an actual journalist is I remember correctly. Which is even worse. Lol
  4. Where’s Penn State? oh yeah…. Never mind
  5. Friday is the best day of wrestling. Medal rounds Saturday morning are mostly going through the motions or injured. Sometimes team races are on the line which can be fun. Championship round is obviously great too.
  6. What was the news? I’m too lazy to look anywhere
  7. I mighta worked Vince McMahon somewhere into the narrative.
  8. The writing was on the wall for me in junior high
  9. We need a “great mom of recruits” thread
  10. Didn’t Dennis Rodman play dual sport with the wwe?
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