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  1. Snyder will be too damn strong for Cox. But wrestling up is the best option for getting back down to his usual weight for contesting worlds at that weight. (if they still do that)
  2. scribe


    I recall seeing Akgül star as himself in the original Star Wars.
  3. scribe

    DF or Russians?

    Make thematforums great again!
  4. scribe

    Zain's left knee?

    Team members can and should be wrestling any and all of these tournaments. I doubt the hurt zain feels outweighs the pain that Yianni is likely the better wrestler against an array of competition.
  5. scribe

    Zain's left knee?

    Yianni is on the team.
  6. scribe

    Final Forfeits

    The idea of a depth chart on a team is the second man gets to go if the first can’t. I love it world team members are using these tournaments to stay sharp for worlds rather than sitting out everything. I doubt zain was hurt enough to not go to worlds. Sounds like pretty much nothing other than gum mashing by his psu fanboys.
  7. scribe

    Final Forfeits

    Because tbar and tbert thinks this is a good narrative to push forward? their guy can’t even get out of the first round of a points tournament that I could have entered if I wanted to. For the sake of our team, may god bless his presence at worlds.
  8. scribe

    Bo Nickal

    Bo is the new Pico. He just wins at fantasy matchups.
  9. scribe

    DF or Russians?

    I actually think the forum iq has gone up since 10+ years ago.
  10. scribe

    DF or Russians?

    I seem to remember a very long debated thread about the age of the earth. Creationism vs evolutionism
  11. scribe

    DF or Russians?

    Non wrestling topic forum. There was a lot of political tennis in there.
  12. scribe

    Forum going soft?

    Are we actually debating having a reasonable discussion about crazy-assed tweets from world team members?
  13. scribe

    Zain's left knee?

    I thought qc was a cornell guy. I never thought about the mom angle, but that intrigues me.
  14. Downy wants socialism to get his family to worlds.
  15. scribe

    Zain's left knee?

    I don’t understand what zain was doing there for that matter. This was a points tournament and he had no chance compared to other reps of USA.