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  1. Yeah, a cartoonish team race environment with one dominant program is not good for the sport.
  2. I’ve never even seen him or heard of him before a month ago and I’ve already had enough if his wrestling.
  3. I personally think Conel is a really good fit.
  4. I strictly enforce all rules.
  5. How many Bullards you guys reckon bama has wrestled in his career?
  6. This Darmstadt to 184 is starting to feel not good.
  7. They could bring Andy long in for 197.
  8. Natural light inhibits growth of disease.
  9. scribe


    If that's what it's come to, count me out.
  10. scribe


    I know about 6 words.
  11. I’ve never pinned anyone with the move but it’s highly likely I was pinned with it.
  12. Jordan is a Russian troll
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