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  1. WELCOME mountain buzzard, refugees!!! Is Hoss going to start posting here?
  2. They wouldn’t know beaver if they saw it
  3. I don’t know about holding weight, but he’s mastered holding age.
  4. That’s assuming Imar makes it to the semis, where Dake isn’t assuming to be
  5. I noticed Mopar and Bruce disappeared at almost the same time. Coincidence?
  6. I think I have a strong legal case and would prevail in at least the People's Court and possibly Night Court.
  7. October 1 Rob Koll 2020 NCAA tickets update
  8. September 21st Rob Koll World Championships update
  9. All in here for the wr.com refugees (at least until it gets fixed). Rob Koll updates can be found here within all the minutia chatter from friends and foes alike.
  10. Sounds like both will be dealing with at least 10 pounds of extra weight.
  11. I’ll handle the invading forces. It’ll be like Lehigh x10
  12. Are you debating we don’t come, more or less, from regional clans of ancient beings?
  13. Carl’s Jesus is bigger than Tom’s.
  14. I can’t help you with any recruits. So you might not miss me there. We could always just fire up a Cornell thread here and treat it like our fan forum.
  15. That place is nearly as dead as the wrestlingreport. I didn't even know it existed before now.
  16. It's also not confirmed tbar is a 'he'
  17. It's cute how tbar thinks Snyder is going there to coach.
  18. Tbar around the NLWC is a distraction to be honest. This is not a good move.
  19. Does this mean he’s going to wrestle for Cuba or Puerto Rico?
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