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  1. Back in '79, USWF Junior Nats out in Iowa, I had a 23-23 criteria win in Greco. Was definitely the craziest match of my life. That, I will never forget!
  2. If it's not a mess yet, it will be.
  3. I said from the start, this is going to be an absolute mess. Bad idea.
  4. That would be a huge disappointed. Who wouldn't want to see the rematch!
  5. My apologies - it's Daniel. That's why I threw in "the younger."
  6. And to think, Vito beat Fix last time they wrestled!
  7. Which is a very good point
  8. I believe Cardenas may be headed west as well.
  9. When is Vito "off season?"
  10. Everyone's different and those who are healthy, with no underlying issues, are less likely to be as greatly impacted as those who do have issues. As you so intelligently pointed out, there are always exceptions.
  11. Why would anyone assume Vito is not vaccinated. Of course he is. If he isn't, knowing that he needs to be, he would have already transferred from Cornell. As for him not participating in WTT, on paper he can work out during his quarantine period, but did you ever think he might actually be sick and not in any condition to do so?
  12. I was under the impression Brooks was bumping and Dean would stay at 184? That was posted a long time ago.
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