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  1. Anyone think he is, or should be "all-in?"
  2. I need to see that. That was an amazing, scary picture, you have to agree?
  3. Take a look at Gabe Dean in the picture on the article up on the Cornell bigredbears.com site. I have to think it's not going to be very easy moving Gabe around....
  4. Much better chance of getting him to answer at bigredbears.com.
  5. In the menu at the top of the page click FEATURE ARTICLES/BLOGS. There are a few Gabe articles.
  6. In the menu at the top of the page click FEATURE ARTICLES/BLOGS. There are a few Gabe articles.
  7. New article up - one of Betsy's best. It's an interview with Gabe Dean, answering questions we have all been wondering about. His return to the mats...just how committed is he? Olympic aspirations? How did the match with David Taylor come about? How is the team dealing with the winter cancellation, and finally he provides some updates with respect to the Cornell / Penn State dynamic. Check it out at bigredbears.com.
  8. Any questions cross your mind? Go to Bigredbears.com and post them. Coach Koll is an active participant. If he doesn't answer directly, I've got folks that will harass him until he does! BTW- Betsy put together a great interview with Gabe Dean. Given he has just stepped back into the scene, what are his goals? Is he wrestling Taylor to determine if any Olympic aspirations are realistic? I personally wanted to know how this match-up between Gabe and Taylor came to be. Interesting response, which provided some detail on the relationship between Cornell and Penn State. Definitely interesting reading.
  9. Hey Blue, rather than spending your time defending him here on line, why don't you simply work with him on getting his **** together. He has such great potential, but he has to get his *hit together. You have yet to admit it, and until you do, you will have no respect here. NONE. ZERO. I am pulling for you, but if you and your son are not willing to make sacrifices, just go away. It's not worth any of our time. I am pulling for you. Open your eyes and get smart.
  10. Damn, that's embarrassing. I wish I had been trolling!! Thanks.
  11. They just cannot be enrolled, and cannot compete for Cornell.
  12. I knew a guy at Cornell that did it in the early 80's. Unfortunately did not reap any benefits for his efforts...
  13. I would wager most other programs will follow suit with the Ivies. Eventually enough teams will cancel that it won't make sense for the small group of remaining teams to move forward with their seasons.
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