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  1. I heard Lipari won the first, Chlebove got hurt for the second. Sometime after the fact, Zeke made the decision not to contiue the process and simply named Chlebove the starter. Boy did that one bite him, and my guess is it will continue to bite him. As someone pointed out earlier in the thread, things like this don't help with recruiting, especially if you are shopping in New Jersey!
  2. Has he even been training?
  3. I am thinking Cornell prevails in 65% of the evening's contests...
  4. If any of you Cornell guys want to chat about all this, head over to Bigredbears.com and go to the forum...http://bigredbears.com/
  5. Are the Olympics supposed to be more about competition between the countries, or individuals?
  6. Yup, Darmstadt would have been the favorite, and they have one or two other guys in the room that would also be of AA caliber amongst this group. Just saying...
  7. Interesting...they are trying to negotiate with a physicist. Not sure why I find it interesting, but I do nonetheless.
  8. Nah. I actually get a kick out of his constant whining. It's pathetically entertaining!
  9. You're funny! Over the course of 2 days you get to see a million or so matches wrestled. Two teammates opt not to wrestle one another and you are whining like a 2 year old (again). Suck it up and get over it!
  10. Apparently, I guess... Oh well.
  11. It was Max - what can I tell you. Who knows, who cares....
  12. I can't believe Move is barking back up this tree again. I think the "crying child" is a suitable simile.
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