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  1. RED

    Rutgers @ Minnesota 3:15pm on B1G Network

    Scores?? Who won?
  2. RED

    Surprise NCAA finalists - 2019

    How about Marstellar? I just watched his match with DiVincenzo. Anyone could have won it.
  3. RED

    Where will Joe Smith Place?

    I think he could win. Remember, he's just getting warmed up! Not saying he likely will, but that he can and I wouldn't be totally surprised.
  4. RED

    Richard Perry accident

    Never saw this before. Tears to my eyes! What a great way to start the day. Prayers are with him. Here's to a full recovery!!
  5. RED

    Midlands finals

    Anyone have any idea where one can see a set of completed brackets? I have no idea why Flo would have stopped filling them out after the round of 16????
  6. RED


    Teemer and Sasso, 1st round, makes for an interesting match up.
  7. So why wasn't Dake up here instead. Not a single point scored against at World's??
  8. If we don't have a Track subscription???
  9. RED

    Braking Hawk News

    Everyone seems to always forget about Cornell. They'll be tough as hell next year.
  10. RED


    Have they named a coach? Why is there zero chatter on the board regarding the subject? I'm assuming everyone knows.....but me.
  11. No Cornell on the list? They are top 7 this year, EVERYONE is back, and they have Arujua amongst many other quality freshman and gray-shirts that will be coming on board next year. They will be in the top 5 next year.
  12. Watch Dake's 3rd match against JB. He had absolutely nothing left strength-wise. Clearer than day. This tells me the system is not fair. Finals should be held a day later. As far as the matches go, given the system as it is currently structured, JB won fair and square. As for the eye pokes and punches, Dake should be using this to fire himself up. Somebody punches me, my natural reaction would be to come back at them that much harder so I might have the opportunity to inflict twice as much paing! Retribution should be a motivating factor. Dake looks to the refs far to often for help, taking him out of his own gameplan, which is exactly what JB is hoping for!
  13. RED

    Fire The Official

    Nah, I'm going to wager PCL and that he is done. DT will be wrestling Worlds......