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  1. That would be a good question...
  2. I'm assuming they can compete in open events, unattached, before January 1st ?
  3. Nah, if you look at the first page of this thread, folks are putting forth possible team line-ups next year, including Cornell's.
  4. Cornell also has Josh Saunders coming in at either 41 or 49. He could very well AA as a freshman.
  5. Can you imagine the hit ($) the NCAA is going to take? I can't imagine stadiums come cheap these days, especially for 3 days!
  6. I have not read or heard anything remotely close to 6%. Where are you getting this %?
  7. Okay, so I am totally confused. What differentiates Corona from the normal flu? The only difference that I heard may exist is the fact that Corona may be airborne, and that is not a definite. I believe approximately 80,000 deaths are caused by the flu. Is the Corona virus any more deadly that the flu virus? This all seems a bit crazy, especially the reactions. Should we all crawl in a hole and wait for it to go away??
  8. Or Vito's or Yanni's...... There are bigger fish to fry!!
  9. "A Tiger Two!" RB, was that not exceptionally obnoxious or what? Damn, the last 5 seconds at 184 dictated the outcome of the match. Crazy position - initially I thought we were going to get the backs...... I don't know how he didn't get the takedown there. Very frustrating exchange to say the least.
  10. I know Darmstadt beat him last year, but figured it was going to be a tough one. Damn! I don't think Brucke knew where he was until he left the gym. Darmstadt wrestled an absolutely incredible match against the #3 ranked guy in the country.
  11. So....if a coach sees that his wrestler is about to be taken down, if he throws the brick before the takedown is secured, challenging points awarded previously, he can prevent his wrestler from being taken down? Better yet, if his wrestler is about to be taken down to his back....??
  12. Could be a couple of barn burners.....
  13. Anyone from Cornell plan on heading out to see the Princeton match? Shoot me a message. Trying to set up some sort of get together either before or after. Ideally before, so we might be able to sit in the same area at the start of the meet.
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