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  1. For God's sake, this is his second year! You really can't put this on him. Growing pains....
  2. Am I the only one who thought Furman was totally hosed with that 2 at the end? - Oops, missed fightingsioux's comments above.
  3. We actually could have won this.
  4. I'm liking Baughman. He really took it to Pletcher.
  5. LJB - you seem a bit overly sensitive. If Flo hopes to continue onward, perhaps they should give production some serious thought. Also, someone who has paid to see any of the matches has every right to whine when he is served up some 3rd rate production. I really never saw it as whining though. Very good points were brought up. Hopefully someone learned something from the post.
  6. Surprised Eierman took the Olympic RS. With Yanni out of the picture, he was a serious title contender. Next year, accomplishing an NCAA title will be far more difficult.
  7. RED


    As usual, no love. Now they are not even in the top 20? Seriously, do you guys never learn? Surprises lurk. We have a ton of talent sitting out on the sidelines this year, but given the overall talent on the squad (including coaching), I wouldn't be surprised to see them crack top 10. But as usual, in the rankings, they are nowhere to be found. We'll see.
  8. Nickal was definitely not better than Dean.
  9. One of Gabe's go to moves on his feet was a snatch single. Got it on nearly everyone. If you watched him through the national tournament, I don't think he even tried for it once. Clearly, something was very wrong. Regardless, that time of year, nearly everyone is banged up. Ribs though, damn that can be really tough to overcome. I thought the fact that he even made it to finals was amazing.
  10. I come right out and say I am not a fan of Trump, and to support your point, you post an anti-Trump article. Sharp, real sharp. Oh, and by the way, I was referencing "moronic liberals." Guess what, there are moronic liberals, and there are liberals who are not moronic. I was referencing just those that are moronic. Just like conservatives. There are moronic conservatives and conservatives who are not moronic. Taking all this into account, perhaps you might like to rethink your response, which in light of my explanation, makes absolutely no sense. I am waiting to see if you apologize or come back with some "moronic" response. Should be interesting. I'm betting you crawl under a rock and refrain from responding.
  11. This ref is going to make millions on the lawsuit! And he should. These moronic liberals. God forbid we follow rules and in the end some poor minority doesn't benefit. I am not a Trump fan, but the liberals, for the most part are so pathetic.
  12. I don't think there is anyone on the board arguing that Yianni should have won. Our questioning is geared towards understanding the rules. Best explanation thus far has been provided by Crotalus. Based on his explanation, I think I understand why Zain got the points.
  13. Bob, Now I don't feel so bad. If you saw it as I saw it, I can't be crazy. Hope life is treating you and your family well. You were one tough bastard!!
  14. Nom, I had the same question. I thought Yanni had 2 - it took a while for Zain to pull him through to get the exposure. I was very surprised not to see the brick. Not complaining about the outcome. In these matches, you can't look to be winning by a point or two. On the other thread, someone said Zain started the scoring action, which I didn't question. Now that I think about it, didn't Yanni start the action having taken the shot?? Ignore the clown - and I am using the singular. There is no way there are two idiots on this level in the world.....
  15. Now I know you are a douche. Zain was clearly exposed, but I do understand it was his action that created the scoring. And I realize that Zain won, fair and square, which makes it so much easier to refer to you as a douche.
  16. I don't know if the rules have changed (probably have), but when i was younger I always baited guys by giving up the crotchlift then as they committed to the move, I would cross pick the far knee and shift my weight across them, exposing their back and pick up 2. This is pretty much what Yanni did, though Zain was able to follow up with an exposure of his own. Why didn't Yanni get 2 there?
  17. Okay, I read the arbitrator nullified the second match because the officials incorrectly allowed for the late challenge. So if the challenge should not have been allowed, why didn't he award the match to Yianni instead of nullifying it. Am I missing something? Seems pretty obvious and straight forward to me...
  18. So, Koll is pompous? Me thinks not. A confident guy I would want in my corner is how I see him.
  19. You are correct. Mindlessly went sexist there when I clearly should not have. My apologies. Totally agree with your comments.
  20. Tbert, you ignorant shmuck... The outcome of Zain / Yianni has not been determined. If any match has been contested AND is subject to review, it has not yet been determined. What an absolute moron. Seriously. Are you Zain's mother? You've got a certain way about you that leads me to believe so. Blind feminine loyalty of sorts....
  21. Last time I checked, Yianni was not a reserve. I guess you overlooked the fact that the outcome at this particular weight has yet to be determined. Again, is this coming from an adult?
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