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  1. I am happy that you've come to realize that I've got a right to an opinion that is different than your own. The one comment you made that has me scratching my head was that you find it "disgusting that people would think of our women athletes in that way?" What exactly did I state that would qualify as disgusting? Strong, strong word. I simply do not believe women should wrestle. Do I harbor a grudge against the athletes themselves? Absolutely not. I'm not hear to start fights with fellow board members, just wanted to share an opinion. What fired me up was the deleting of posts that were deleted simply because they did not conform with your personal opinion. Can you admit you were wrong?
  2. You are very funny!! I've enjoyed all your posts on this matter. :D :lol:
  3. So people are arguing that the stats are what they are because women's wrestling is a fairly new sport. Well if that's the case, perhaps we should give it time and see if it develops to a point where it is worthy of inclusion in the Olympics??
  4. Interesting how, in the real world, most people use statistics to justify their position.
  5. Mr. Immel, I am far from ignorant, I just have very different opinions on the matter than you. No hate, nothing of the sort. I don't know if you got a chance to read Fullnelson's post on the other thread. He agrees with my position and states his position in a far more more eloquent manner than me. He has also provided some very tangible statistics to further his position. Seriously, I could care less how hard the women work. It's not so much the effort; it's the end result. That is the way it goes in all sports. The hardest worker doesn't necessarily win the match. As for calling you out? You don't think someone deserves an explanation when a post is deleted that does not conflict with board policy? I've pasted Fullnelson's post below. Given the numbers cited, can you honestly tell me you believe women should be equally represented (much less, represented) in the Olympics? Fullnelson's post: I heard this news while at the NWCA convention, and I was sickened. Those of you who recognize my login name probably know where I'm heading. A few posters understand the real issue, like Red and 2td3nf, but the problem started when women's wrestling started. Incidentally John Stossel did a report on Title 9 last night revealing how it has wrecked men's minor sports (wrestling mentioned); how D-1 gymnastics fell from 117 schools in 1982 to a mere 17 today. This "fair' way of giving women the same status as men in wrestling is the most pathetic raping of men's wrestling. AP, you sarcastically say fairest because of its short existence, which IS the problem. How can anyone think something that's been around since the original Games, shouldn't be preserved. How can any true wrestling fan who knows the history of our great sport even consider dropping Greco to preserve women's wresting. The history for women is one generation; one generation vs thousands of years. I'm just getting started; Mr Battle, featured speaker at the convention who broke the news to us, told me later after his message, that conservative numbers for men wrestlers in the world totaled 10 million, while the number of females was 200,000. If those figures are close, then 2% of the world's wrestlers are women, yet they will represent 33.33% of all wresting medals. Fair? On another point, many of the wrestling Muslim countries have no women wrestlers, so the representation by numbers of nations competing at the Games is noticeably less as well. Like many, I too am appalled by this FILA cave-in job to the IOC, but I am also concerned by the pervasive way that PC diversity has made its way into the minds of so many posters, who don't see why this travesty has happened, and even push for the removal of Greco. My wife agrees with me 100%; she has been with me to more than one World Championship, but she doesn't think it's fair what's happening, and she was a good athlete. To her, Title 9 and the desolation of men's wrestling weight classes, to appease the numbers for women, is just plain wrong. Last personal note, after the Atlanta Games, my interest in Greco has waned considerably, and frankly, even elite women's wrestling is on par with mediocre HS wrestling, so with these changes I will truly have interest in only 5 wt classes, since most freestyle hwts don't really have great technique. I loved watching wrestling in the 70's and 80 and early 90's, but I honestly prefer watching the NCAAs more today. The aforementioned years on the international level were so much better than the NCAAs; Toledo was awesome, along with the Games. Now only a memory (and a lot of video to preserve it).
  6. Well said. I really cannot believe that this is all not obvious to everyone. I also don't understand why your post wasn't deleted!
  7. You are a self righteous clown. There is no angst, no hatred. I merely do not believe that women should be wrestling. I do not believe it is natural. And at the end of the day, I believe that men's wrestling suffers because of it's existence. I am entitled to my opinion, as is everyone else on this board. And you might be surprised how many agree with me. It is absolute BS that my posts were pulled because the ideology did not conform with that of the moderator. "Dreams of our little girls..." Please, give me a break with your histrionics. So Jason, who is the moderator?
  8. Getting tired of having my posts pulled, getting no response when I ask "why?"
  9. Moderator removed my post regarding the need to drop women's wrestling. Better be careful!
  10. Wrestling is cannibalizing itself to meet the dual mandates of increasing opportunities for female wrestlers without increasing the overall number of athletes. I honestly think that dropping Greco from the Olympics in order to get the number of Freestyle weight classes back to a reasonable number is the only viable solution. Greco-Roman wouldn't disappear from National and World Championships, just from the Olympic program. I'd rather we have one style that is fully supported and viable than two styles that are totally neutered. I agree Why would you suggest dropping Greco before dropping women's freestyle?
  11. The solution is simple. Drop women's wrestling. It should never have been introduced to the Olympics (let along the world) in the first place. I am appalled at those suggesting we should sacrifice Greco before women's. What is going on here is worse than Title 9. The IOC's actions (or FILA) do not take into account participant levels or demands. This has gotten to be one very bad joke.
  12. So what did Dake hit Burroughs with to get his 3???
  13. Wow, never realized Jeff beat Gene Mills. Where and when was that? What are Jeff and Scott up to? That was one tough family...
  14. Who was the Russian that schooled Howe a year or two ago? I remember the guy actually made Howe look small!
  15. I find it interesting how the folks on this site, when discussing national contenders, always seem to overlook Cornell..... :D
  16. RED

    Mark Perry

    Odd, given the short period of time that the current head coach has been in place?
  17. You have to give these guys credit for consistently peaking the team at the right time. Their top tier guys could not have done better. What an amazing last couple of days. And when you think about the strategy they developed for Bosak to beat Wright last year, and the strategy employed by Dake against Taylor this year. Dake wrestled totally out of character in that final match, granted not the most offensive match, but a winning strategy nonetheless. Kudos to Cornell coaching!!
  18. Yeaah, but in the end, Graff did not deserve to win that match. Talk about shutting down...
  19. Hamlin's only (real) losses were to #1 Ruth and #2 Bennett. He beat #4 Bosak and #5 Steinhaus (all star). Storley's result was not the same as Hamlin's. Storley lost three matches to place eighth. Hamlin Inj Defaulted in one match and Med FFT'd to sixth. I would call it a "strategic" default. Absolutely genius...
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