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  1. Yeaah, but in the end, Graff did not deserve to win that match. Talk about shutting down...
  2. Hamlin's only (real) losses were to #1 Ruth and #2 Bennett. He beat #4 Bosak and #5 Steinhaus (all star). Storley's result was not the same as Hamlin's. Storley lost three matches to place eighth. Hamlin Inj Defaulted in one match and Med FFT'd to sixth. I would call it a "strategic" default. Absolutely genius...
  4. If Taylor were to open up on Dake, I honestly think he would lose by a larger margin. Dake has got crazy core strength and balance which always prevails in scramble situations. Very tough, if not impossible to control his hips and tilt him for backs. I think Taylor has no choice but to wrestle conservatively if he is to have any hope of winning (and I sure hope that doesn't happen!).
  5. Excellent read! I can't wait until my wife wakes up so I can have her read it. I met her long after I was through with wrestling, and she just doesn't seem to get it!
  6. Dake lost it on the Taylor granby, and was off for a good two seconds (from when the clock ticks from five seconds to four, to when the clock ticks from three to two). That left arm slips off, he clenches that fist, releases the clench while it's still on the mat to support himself, releases that right arm that was just hanging there rather than controlling anything, then puts the arms back around the legs. Reaction time should have passed at that point where he unclenches the fist and supports himself with that left hand, and at that point, the escape should have been awarded. (this is from watching frame-by-frame) Absolutely disagree with your comment that "reaction time should have passed.." If you had to analyze frame by frame, there was no reaction time.
  7. Enough of George already. What was the deal with Realbuto??
  8. I have another computer in the house they run fine on???
  9. I'm clearly missing something....Youtube videos run fine. I go to Flo and find myself staring at the Flo logo sitting in a sea of black. Any suggestions?
  10. Paddock / Stieger.? Does anyone know whether Stieber plans on red shirting?
  11. "Nj state tourney is far more demanding that the NY state tourney..."? No I know you are a troll. A troll on a small farm...
  12. Good question... What in blazes happened with him?
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