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  1. When this guy closes out his career, probably gonna be 220 lb beast. That match w/ Nolf, damn, was abusive. Never imagined anyone would or could do that to Deakin.
  2. Bigredbears.com Go Big Red - Cornell!!
  3. It's about more of the former and less of the latter. There will always be a combination of the former and the latter, so chill. I'm not even a Rutgers fan.
  4. I haven't heard anything about Micron that leads me to believe on should really go out of their way, or sacrifice to avoid. Everyone I know that has been getting it makes it sound like a bad cold.
  5. I would wager Vito CRUSHES Glory.
  6. Although it would appear to be much less harmful, I know so many people at this point that have either gotten it themselves, or have family memeber with it, an in no case has it been much of an issue. With the numbers as high as they are in NYC, you would expect to be hearing a lot more about hospital capacity issues or deaths, but we are not.
  7. The Omicron sample size is so small, I would imagine someone in the medical research world would deem this worthless. I am not saying I think it is less severe (as we have been repeatedly led to believe), I'm just saying it remains to be seen.
  8. That was unbelievable. I have to think Lovett thought he had it....
  9. Cornell guys came back hard and strong. We are young, and we left quite a bit of fire power back in Ithaca. This could be a great season.
  10. Can he get in there? I have no idea how smart he is.
  11. I have to apologize, 1-6 was a gross exaggeration. Not sure how many times they wrestled, but it wans't close to 7.
  12. Yeah, definitely. Lee's about 1-6 against Yianni, and beat him after he had his hopes of competing at the olympics dashed....Definitely far superior to Yianni, and in both styles :)
  13. No - just a timing issue related to # semesters in attendance. Nothing negative whatsoever.
  14. Many very close results. Any of these matches considered upsets?
  15. I believe Real Woods will be out first semester, unfortunately.
  16. Back in '79, USWF Junior Nats out in Iowa, I had a 23-23 criteria win in Greco. Was definitely the craziest match of my life. That, I will never forget!
  17. If it's not a mess yet, it will be.
  18. I said from the start, this is going to be an absolute mess. Bad idea.
  19. That would be a huge disappointed. Who wouldn't want to see the rematch!
  20. My apologies - it's Daniel. That's why I threw in "the younger."
  21. And to think, Vito beat Fix last time they wrestled!
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