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  1. Gilman's a tough one for Vito, but there are others at the weight that are capable of taking him out.
  2. Seriously, no mention of VITO? HE beat both RBY and Nicky pull-ups in freestyle. Gilman he had an issue with. He is a monster freestyler. I think he has at least as good a chance as anyone else in the weight.
  3. Curious - your screen name....does it have anything to do with the right wing.....
  4. Funny, the same thought crossed my mind - though I have been guilty of dropping a few somewhat misguided, obnoxious posts myself... Maybe it's the whole pandemic thing.
  5. Not sure if you watched the match, but Vito actually went pretty well with him (despite the score). Regardless, you are correct, and I have to say my comment was obnoxious. If Lee is not there, or he shows injured, this is going to be a wide open field where many may have an opportunity to win out.
  6. That is incredibly gray. Curious how the language reads on that. Probably does not provide the detail to make perfectly clear whether it was 2 or not - leaving it all to an incredibly subjective call that could have gone either way. I can see arguments for both.
  7. BTW - I don't think Vito has ever lost to RBY. I think he is 2-0. Tell RBY to stay home!
  8. Yes, Oliver had a takedown. I still don't know why Sasso was not given 2?? Surprised there isn't more discussion on the topic.
  9. RED

    Cornell U.

    That's pretty funny.....
  10. RED

    Cornell U.

    I'm somewhat hesitant to post - there is so much talent in the room, at each weight, I don't want to slight anyone. One possibility follows: 25: Greg Diakomihalis (Fr) 133: Vito (So) 141: Yianni (Jr) 149: Hunter (Sr?) 157: Yapoujian (So?) 165: Ramirez (Fr/So?) 174: Foca (Fr/So?) 184: Max Dean (Jr) 197: Darmstadt (Jr) 285: Fernandes (Fr/So) As mentioned - tons of depth in the room. Might turn out to be very different. Yianni could very easily find himself at 149.
  11. RED

    Cornell U.

    After this weekend, I'm really liking their chances for next year...
  12. A slight modification - 125 vito/greg 133 vito/lajoie (vito is the 600lb gorilla at 125/133) 141 saunders / yianni 149 yianni / richard 157 yapoujian/richard 165 ramirez/richard 174 foca (with hatcher backup) 184 dean (with loew (and maybe cardenas?) backing up) 197 darmstadt (with cardenas and loew backup) 285 fernandes (with furman backup if he recovers ok from his double knee surgery)
  13. I heard Lipari won the first, Chlebove got hurt for the second. Sometime after the fact, Zeke made the decision not to contiue the process and simply named Chlebove the starter. Boy did that one bite him, and my guess is it will continue to bite him. As someone pointed out earlier in the thread, things like this don't help with recruiting, especially if you are shopping in New Jersey!
  14. I am thinking Cornell prevails in 65% of the evening's contests...
  15. If any of you Cornell guys want to chat about all this, head over to Bigredbears.com and go to the forum...http://bigredbears.com/
  16. Are the Olympics supposed to be more about competition between the countries, or individuals?
  17. Yup, Darmstadt would have been the favorite, and they have one or two other guys in the room that would also be of AA caliber amongst this group. Just saying...
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