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  1. She probably wouldn't win in PA or CA. The wrestling has improved, but you are in for a huge surprise if you think that they can take out the top boys. She wouldn't have had a chance against a middle school Logan Stieber, a terrible wrestler by world class standards.
  2. He's not wrong. I've witnessed HS boys, with 2-3 years of low level wrestling under their belt beat women Olympic medalists. On multiple occasions. Sure, they should be respected, but saying they are as good as the men is highly disrespectful to the men. It's a sport still on the upswing.
  3. He beat Cox with takedowns the last two times that they wrestled. The ncaa semifinal his true freshman year, and the freestyle match they wrestled a month or so later after the completion of that season. I'm not sure how he now has 0 chance of scoring takedowns against Cox.
  4. If "Best Ever" is only comparing statistics/results then results in other styles do not matter. If there is some subjectivity involved in "how good" wrestler X was then results in other styles can be relevant whether you want to arbitrarily dismiss them or not. Again, elite freestyle is not just "another style", it's another style, wrestled at a higher level with better athletes, wrestling with more at stake. This is why the common opinion amongst the elite coaches (Gable, Smith, Brands bros, Cael, JROB) is that Senior level freestyle guys are the best wrestlers in the world, and that winning a World or Olympic Gold is a greater accomplishment than winning an NCAA title. Remember, the NCAA D1 tournament isn't even a true national championship. If there were no eligibility restriction, how many of this year's winners at the NCAA tournament would still be "national champions"? Remember, most don't buy into the "the styles are soooooo completely different that results in one can never be used as a reliable indicator or predictor for what someone is capable of accomplishing in the other" argument. Many, including D1 coaches have been rejecting that argument for decades. It's not uncommon for a D1 coach predict what a wrestler is capable of after watching a HS wrestler compete in freestyle. Fargo results have convinced coaches of what a wrestler will likely do at the D1 folkstyle level. College scholarships have been won and lost at Fargo. You can confirm this with the Flowrestling employees, guys who regularly talk to D1 coaches, on this site. Back to the topic: I have Zain Retherford as #1 in the Cael era.
  5. I don't you will be disappointed with the result if you're rooting for Dake. Zahid has passed most every test the past year with flying colors, but I think this one will be different. Zahid hasn't faced anyone as explosive as Dake. The other top talents he has beaten haven been explosive at all. See Dieringer and Hall. If Dake doesn't get lackadaisical, he should be able to pick his spots and blow through Zahid's defense. I think young Zahid will have to go back to the drawing board after this series. This should be 2-0. That said, If Zahid manages to beat Dake, I would have to tip my hat to the kid. He would have to find a way to use his leverage advantage if he wants to win. Also, he would have to have to "trim the fat" on his neutral wrestling. At times he gets a little sloppy, but I think that is because he's so much better than the average kid (even the AA's) that he faces in college that he sometimes lets his technique slip due to boredom. He's very good, already better than Pendleton. Technically speaking, at his best, there's not many(if any) who have been as good as he is as a sophomore in college. You'd be hard pressed to name a guy clearly ahead of him at the same stage.
  6. No he isn't. Some of the best D1 wrestlers of all time have called far better wrestlers much worse.
  7. Mr. Gwiazdowski really struggled with his offense. He looked much better at the World championships.
  8. World championships following the Olympics are notoriously weak. Stieber doesn't consistently wrestle at a world champion level. I'm not disrespecting him, just stating that which is obvious. And he didn't represent "my country".
  9. Stieber getting teched is starting to become a regular occurrence at this level. That's a shame.
  10. Yep. There is only a few specific situations where it is okay to challenge the guy below you, and this isn't one of those situations. When you are more accomplished, the favorite in most people's minds in a hypothetical p4p match-up, and are the only sure-fire first ballot HOFer in the match, it's not very bold to challenge the smaller man. That's why the general, unwritten rule is to challenge the champion in the higher weight class. Challenging Yazdanicharati would have been significantly more bold than challenging Chamizo. Yazdanicharati won the title the last time the two were in the same weight.
  11. Did you watch the match? The easy answer is that he wasn't trying to. Keep in mind that Herbert literally took a deep shot one second into the match. Herbert was aggressive and made to pay for sloppy technique. Trying to go 1 to 1 into the 3rd against Snyder and Cael is a very different thing than it is against Askren, due to their world class offensive technique on their feet.
  12. That may be so, but Askren is not Snyder. Going 1-1 into the third is much more doable with Askren, who was not elite offensively on his feet. Doing it with guys like Kyle Snyder or Cael Sanderson is a very different story. It would be difficult to do even if the refs explicitly tell their opponents that they are allowed to stall.
  13. It's one piece in a cumulative case. He has shown this same flaw several times at the international level too. I'm not saying he's weak in the upper body ties, just that he isn't as strong in that area as he is in others. He also will engage lesser wrestlers in those positions when that's there only realistic chance of winning a match. The stalling for 6:30 is not a good strategy. The refs are going to hit them for multiple stalling calls (even if they aren't stalling), so they will give up points that way. They may even get stalled out of the match. Also, that late in the match, Snyder will have more left in the tank than any of those guys. He's more likely to get the takedown early, but even more likely to score the takedown late. Your strategy is good for losing close, but as far as winning goes, they have somewhat of a chance if they can hit a throw. I'm looking at Coon (#2 on the U.S. Greco ladder) and Stoll who also has some Greco experience.
  14. He probably also needs to avoid scrambles on the mat. It should be a good match.
  15. I believe it was at the Worlds last year, or maybe it was the World cup. Obviously, Snyder was able to make the comeback, but that's not the point.
  16. "Does Snyder sometimes leave himself open for the throw?" is a more relevant question.
  17. It's a much higher percentage than people seem to be giving it, which is not to say that's it high. I know the elite coaches see what I'm talking about.
  18. Another thing to note is Martin getting taken down off of Bowman's shot. He initially had it stopped, but tried to do too much by passing the legs. He ended up putting himself in horrible position and had to concede the takedown. Martin has improved on his feet, but he's still making these unforced, positional and tactical errors. Nickal will likely capitalize off of that. He has what it takes to beat Nickal, but he seems just as likely to "beat himself". That's the one major strike against Martin. He doesn't just make the garden-variety technical/positional breaks everyone makes, he blunders. His blunder rate is one of the highest amongst top five ranked wrestlers in the country from what I've seen. That said, he's still good enough to win and the match vs. Nickal should be very interesting.
  19. This is the second time that a top heavyweight was kept out against Snyder. Hall from ASU was the first. Maybe this is a good idea. Not wanting to reveal their gameplan until March. Not letting Snyder get a heads up on any "secret" technique. Snyder has shown that he can be thrown. If one of these big boys (Stoll, Coon, etc) get something locked up, they can pull off an upset. Snyder engages guys in that position too much at the international level, even when it's his opponents only chance for a win. That's a mistake. I think maybe some of the top coaches like Brands and Zeke have caught on to that. His upperbody defense has been shaky at times and that can be exploited. Instead of clearing the ties, Snyder will engage and try to counter. He's successful a majority of the time, but he's lost more of those positions than many people seem to remember. I think we'll be seeing some of these guys aggressively going for the throw at NCAAs, their coaches likely know at this point that they aren't going to outwrestle him any other way. They're likely saving the best for last.
  20. I wouldn't put too much stock into that one match. I think Moore had a good win over Wilcke today, The level of skill Moore currently has shouldn't be able to blow everyone out of the water. Too many mistakes. Too many positional errors. He's more of a "pace monster" than an elite level wrestler at the moment. It's good to see him be challenged like he was today, otherwise ncaa wrestling would rightfully be considered a joke.
  21. I can believe it. You could tell that Tomasello was frustrated. Lee caused him to break proper technique several times, including one big error.
  22. Maybe not. I'm just talking in that one specific instance you cited, others could. Tomasello was at a tremendous leverage disadvantage at that point. If Tomasello does that again, he can get seriously hurt. He forced that reach over whizzer because Lee frustrated him with his top wrestling. To force such an error, a strong ride is probably a prerequisite. So, I doubt he does that again because he probably won't get ridden out like that again.
  23. Tomasello put himself in bad position there. He reached around for a whizzer and Lee got off to the side. Very ill advised. Lee had all of the leverage there. The same thing, or worse, will happen if he does that again. In that specific position, all of the top 125 pounders with length probably would have done similar.
  24. Good win by Lee. Tough ride. Showed Tomasello a little too much respect on their feet. In light of what we saw today, an early takedown for Lee in the first period (which I think he's very capable of) and that may be all she wrote for Tomasello .
  25. Yes, almost nobody is great at wrestling. Just like "almost nobody" is great at basketball, or chess, or anything. Greatness is a very high standard. At least it used to be.
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