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  1. I didn't know Larry personally, but it was cool to see him attending BSU dual meets occasionally. Super solid guy and he did a lot for Boise State wrestling. Those were some really fun teams back in the late 90's - early 2000's with Larry Quisel, Kirk White, Cash Edwards, Ben Vombaur, Jesse Brock, Scott Jorgensen, Collin Robertson and other greats. Boise State didn't get the flashiest most hyped up blue chip recruits, but Mike Young, Greg Randall, and Chris Owens just had some crazy magic that brought out the inner gladiator in their guys. I'll be thinking about the Quisel family and wishing them peace and comfort.
  2. I don't even know what to say. I just had an email conversation with Coach Mendoza a couple days ago and we were talking about the recruits they had coming in the fall like #8 ranked Heavyweight Kevin Vough and others, and how the rebuilding of the program was really taking shape. And then this happens ... I feel terrible for Coaches Mendoza and Orozco who uprooted themselves and their families from California and gave everything they had to BSU wrestling. I feel terrible for the athletes who just wanted to follow their dreams to compete at the D1 college level and are having the rug pulled out from under them. And I feel terrible for the recruits that committed to wrestle for Boise State (several in just the last week) who are now going to have to completely change their plans. And I'm really going to miss going to dual meets and seeing some incredible wrestling. When I moved to Idaho 17 years ago, I knew that Boise State had a D1 wrestling program because I'd seen Kirk White win a national championship on tv the year before, and I thought I'd check it out. The first home dual meet of the season was against #1 ranked Minnesota and I thought that would be pretty cool. I really had no idea what to expect. There were about 1200 fans packed up to the rafters of the Old Bronco Gym. It was possibly the most exciting sporting event I've ever attended. Even going up against the #1 team in the nation the Boise State wrestlers were fearless and gave it everything they had, and they won 4 out of 10 matches that night. The best match was at 174 pounds with BSU's Pat Owens vs. #15 ranked Kraft. Owens was a freshman but he'd spent 4 years in the Marines greco program and was tough. Owens went out and thrashed Kraft from one end of the mat to the other and in the third period Owens dumped Kraft hard out of bounds. The crowd was going nuts, and Kraft actually refused to get back up and finish the match until J Robinson literally went over and growled at him. It was clear that Kraft feared Coach J a lot more than his opponent. Quite a night.
  3. Zain gets the win but pays for it with a splitting headache.
  4. Good post Pinnum - and you are of course right :-) It's frustrating, but you're right.
  5. Hey Jason, I appreciate your comment and I understand exactly what you're saying and think you're right. But just to be clear, the purpose of my post was to make a couple points somewhat tongue-in-cheek: 1.) Oklahoma is smack in the middle of the lower 48 states, and in 40 years the tournament has been hosted only once to the west of it. That single occasion was 37 years ago at Oregon State in 1980. I'm not privy to NCAA site-selection details, but I find it hard to believe that in the last 37 years there have been zero cities west of Oklahoma to make a qualified bid. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems unlikely. 2.) Since 1980, the NCAA tournament has been held in Oklahoma City 6 times, the state of Iowa 9 times, and St. Louis 7 times for a total of 22 tournaments. I have no problem with that - these areas are centrally located and are wrestling hotbeds with great fanbases that deserve to host the tournament a majority of the time. All I'm saying is, maybe just 1 out of every 22 years the NCAA selection committee could consider doing some outreach to a city in the western 1/2 of the United States to host the tournament. I'm pretty sure a phone call from the selection committee like "Hey Zeke - do you think ASU and the city of Tempe would be interested in hosting a very lucrative and prestigious event like the NCAA championships sometime in the next 22 years?", is about all it would take. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but a lot of World & Olympic hardware in the last few years has come from athletes hailing from the forgotten 50% of America (6 of the last 10 Freestyle Gold medalists). Contrary to popular belief ... there is wrestling out here. Anyway - sorry about that. I just needed to get it off my chest :-)
  6. Over the last 40 years, the NCAA tournament has been hosted west of Oklahoma exactly 1 time. Now I'm not saying that it should be in the west every 10 years or even every 15 years ... but it doesn't seem like too much to ask to throw a bone to the west once every 20 years or so. We like wrestling too and Phoenix/Tempe is pretty good this time of year.
  7. Flowrestling was kind enough to post free highlights of the dual. Bo vs. Brooks: http://www.flowrestling.org/video/1074681-184-lbs-bo-nickal-penn-state-vs-sammy-brooks-iowa
  8. I can't disagree about OSU being considered the favorite right now. But this topic reminded me about the 2001 NCAA Championships held in Iowa where Minnesota won the team championship with 0 finalists but they had 10 AAs. I think Iowa was probably the favorite going into the tournament and in addition had the home-mat advantage. Iowa had 3 finalists with 2 champions and yet were still 13 team points away from even being in a tie with Minnesota :-)
  9. Zahid Valencia - ASU Chandler Rogers - OkState
  10. Looks like at least one assistant coach spot has been filled. Broncosports is showing Riley Orozco as an assistant coach now: http://broncosports.cstv.com/sports/m-wrestl/mtt/riley_orozco_1020042.html
  11. Any updates on this front? I've been perusing message boards and the BSU Facebook and Twitter pages and haven't seen any news about new assistants. In Coach Mendoza's interview with JB, he mentioned that he was hoping to get Hochstrasser ... but I haven't seen any confirmation. Headbanger & UphillBronco - you guys seem to have some extra insights as to what's going on with the team. Any news?
  12. SHP - Yes, I do realize that CSUB is self-funded, which is a big reason why I think Coach Mendoza is a great hire (in addition to the reasons that wrestlingnerd and JB mentioned). Did you misunderstand my post?
  13. Nerd - good comment. I have to confess that at first I was hoping for a name-brand guy as well, but I've really warmed up to the Mendoza hire. Like you said, he's done a lot with very little, and that's what Boise State used to do. With some good assistants and his connections to California, I see Boise State only getting better. Good hire - welcome to Boise coach!
  14. Yes and no. My feeling is that Randall and Owens had an amazing run from the mid-90's through 2012. I don't know what in the world happened after 2012, but something in the room definitely changed and the team as a whole just completely lost its blue-collar butt-kicking attitude. So I see Cherrington or Mendoza as an upgrade in a few ways: 1.) It's time for a change and a re-energizing of the team 2.) Randall and Owens were notoriously awful at engaging the fan base. It will be good to have young coaches that are hungry, that interact with the fans and will hit the interstates to bring in recruits. 3.) Having younger coaches that embrace social media and know how youth today want to communicate will be very helpful with recruiting The flip-side is that there are very few coaches that have been able to develop non-BlueChip talent on a shoestring budget the way that Randall and Owens have. Quite frankly, they've worked some miracles in coaching 2 National Champions (Kirk White was only a 1X State Champ in Washington), multiple finalists, and numerous AA honors. I don't see a new coaching staff matching that kind of success (but I would love to be proven wrong). But I do see a new coaching staff getting the team to believe in itself again and developing recruits better than what we've seen the last 4-5 years. Cherrington is one of the National Champions that came out of the Randall/Owens program. He knows what it takes to win and I think can bring back the mentality that Boise State used to have.
  15. Whoa now - be careful throwing around derogatory nicknames for other schools' mascots ... especially when your school is Oregon St. But I have to agree with your 'snoozefest' diagnosis. With the notable exception of Geo Martinez, for the last few seasons it seems like most of the guys wrestle not to lose rather than wrestling to win. The overwhelming number of losses by a score of 3-2 gets depressing. It's been frustrating and I'd really like to see a change in attitude and offense. Go BRONCOS!
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