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  1. With assistant coach Kirk White sadly moving on to pursue other interests, I would really like to see Boise State bring in a couple of top-level graduate assistants.
  2. I'm optimistic that Zeke can turn the ASU program around, but it's interesting that I also remember a lot of very similar hoopla on this message board when Shawn Charles took over from Ortiz. Just looking back a mere 3 seasons ago, here are some of the comments on this message board regarding Coach Charles: * "I agree that Robles has made tremendous improvement under Shawn Charles. I see him definitely winning the title and if he does that he deserves the Hodge!" * "Bubba Jenkins is one of those wrestlers .... The kid has crazy talent, and props to coach Shawn Charles for getting the most out of him." * "Shawn Charles needs some love here. Took a program that was decimated and cut two years ago into the top 6-7. Had a horrible dual meet season this year, had a bunch of injuries to key wrestlers but still managed to get his squad ready for PAC-10s and nationals. Produced 6 automatic qualifiers, 2 PAC-10 champs, 3 AA's and 2 nationals champs. Absolutely amazing job by Shawn Charles, Brian Stith, Ben Askren, Ray Jordan and everyone in and around ASU wrestling." * "Go Devils! Great job by Shawn Charles and the entire coaching staff. Look for more great things to come from out west!" * "Great job by ASU and their wrestlers. When was the last time a Pac 10 school had 2 National Champs at the same NCAA Championships?" * "As a graduate of ASU I am proud of their accomplishments tonight." I'm not an ASU fan, but personaly I see ASU's success as being critical to the sport of wrestling in the western states. I sincerely hope that Zeke can right the ship, but he's going to have to win the right kind of recruits and develop a new attitude in the room. But I don't think it's going to happen overnight.
  3. I would hate to see him leave Boise State, but I think Kirk White would make an outstanding head coach. Masters Degree, NCAA champ (3x AA), and as good a clinician and teacher as you will ever find. He works out with guys in the room and has been the driving force in getting Ben Cherrington to the top of the podium, Kirk Smith, Jason Chamberlain, and Andrew Hochstrasser to the finals, and other All-Americans such as Adam Hall, Tyler Sherfy, and Jake Swartz.
  4. Although A's and B's are always good, and not ot to rain on his parade (or yours, for that matter), but as a freshman he's just taking general education courses and is not taking courses in his major area. Once he gets into that area and is earning A's and B's, then I'll even give him his due accolades. this thread is funny because what zander said is 100% true. Coon is getting As & Bs in Michigan's College of Engineering. i still dont know what your point is Ban, but if you dont want to be accused of bring a troll i would suggest next time allowing someone to give a kid accolades for good grades without making a comment about it. Well said JH - thanks.
  5. I watched that match and was rooting for Felix. He looked like he had things under control through the first half of the match, but Coon just kept coming at him. I think Felix getting the gash above his eyebrow kind of took the starch out him. I definitely had new respect for Coon though, and he seems to just be getting better and better. And now I find out he's in Michigan's College of Engineering and getting A's and B's.
  6. Are you aware that Cormier actually made weight? Yes - he made weight ... and then nearly went into kidney failure and had to bail out because let's just say he didn't manage his weight well in the Olympic Village and tried to lose it all in water weight. Zeke wisely learned from history and kept our guys away from the Olympic Village in 2012.
  7. Taking a slightly different tack ... NAIA wrestler Emmett Wilson from Montana-State Northern. His senior year he beat the following D1 standouts: CSUB Matt Monteiro, Arizona State’s Ryan Bader (fourth at NCAAs) 4-2, Nebraska’s B.J. Padden 6-5, Ohio State’s J.D. Bergman (third at the NCAAs) 9-4, Cornell’s Matt Greenberg (seventh at the NCAAs) 6-1, Lock Haven’s Morgan Horner (ranked No. 9 at the time) 12-5, Northern Iowa’s Sean Stender (sixth at the NCAAs) 7-3 (at the NWCA All-Star).
  8. Schedule ---------------- Day 1: 8:00am - 9:00am: Breakfast 9:00am - 12:pm: How to bite your opponent's ear and not get DQ'd 12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch 1:00pm - 3:00pm: Round-robin wrestling tournament 3:00pm - 5:00pm: Developing an intimidating stage name 5:00pm - 6:00pm: Dinner
  9. Here's Tuma's GR finals match from Vegas: http://www.flowrestling.org/video/70649 ... own-170945
  10. Hey JT, I like your bold predictions. But I'm curious ... did you forget about returning AA Scott Sakaguchi at 149 pounds, or do you really think he won't be in the top 12 this year?
  11. I just don't see Brands & McBono playing the seeding game. It doesn't fit in with their whole total-domination theme. In a similar situation a couple years ago, at the end of the season Boise State went out to Stillwater to wrestle OSU. Oliver was #1 and Hochstrasser was #2. They had already met at the All-Star, and I remember wondering if Oliver would even bother to go through the effort to make weight and wrestle a non-conference match not only putting his #1 ranking on the line but also giving his likely NCAA finals opponent another chance to figure him out. Well he did wrestle (and won of course), and I definitely gained a lot more respect for Oliver for not ducking a match that had a lot of risk and probably zero reward.
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