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  1. If you count suzie (banned) and cletus (suzie resurrected), that's a couple of decades of trolling.
  2. good find and for the record, this is the 21st century
  3. So in summary.... Cletus starts a thread with a nugget of Op-research against Iowa, this time it's Gilman. Assumes the worst, and then, along with his fellow PSU trolls Hurricane, BTF and Lemonpie keep it going for 18 pages. Gilman meant no offense and apologized, but no matter. The plan worked, with 18 pages of hatred and garbage. Cletus and Hurricane.... that is what they do.
  4. What did you say that was false? This: "It's a shame so much of their fan base has been calling for their heads." BS The percentage of Iowa fans calling for their heads is somewhere between zero and miniscule. I read the HR regularly, and Brands bros are appreciated overwhelmingly.
  5. ------- PSU: 1,3,3,3,4,5,5,7,12,32,35,43,90 NE..: 6,9,17,24,30,32,50,97,99,126>> What Tbar and other PSU fans like to emphasize is the # of top 100 recruits. But if one looks at top 10 p4p recruits, no one matches PSU. Top 10: PSU 8 tOSU 6 ILL 3 ASU 3 Okla St 3 Cornell 2 Mich 2 Iowa 2 ISU 1 Lehigh 1 Virginia 0 Wisc 0 UNI 0
  6. So winning an Olympic gold is considered superior to winning 3 World gold? Seems rather arbitrary.
  7. Nothing official, but from HR, it sounds more serious than "day to day"... not good news.
  8. and David Taylor lost to Cyler Sanderson 11-4 his RS fr year somehow he bounced back and had a successful collegiate career
  9. The ol' tag team of Iowa bashers - hurricane and cletus are in fine form, doing what they do best. It refreshes my memory of what is so undesirable about this board. These two seem to live to bash all things related to Iowa wrestling. I'm not going to waste time responding to these two, but I will say, just for the record, the Univ of Iowa has excellent academics. Depending on the ranking criteria and who's doing it, a school may do better or worse, and it changes yearly. Forbes put PSU at #164, for example. I think all of the Big Ten schools rank fairly well nationally. A little context is needed. USNews ranks Iowa as #82 in 2016, but that's out of 2,474 four-year US universities, which would put it in the top 4% of all universities. The very top schools tend to be private (the ivys, Stanford, Northwestern, etc.), but for public universities, Iowa ranked #34 out of 629. Depending on the field of interest, Iowa can rank very highly. The Writers' Workshop is nationally renowned, and has included many successful authors and Pulitzer prize winners, including WP Kinsella, Jane Smiley, Robert Bly, Wallace Stegner, John Irving, Phillip Roth.among others. Some rate it the best in the country. It has excellent graduate programs, including: #1 ranked Speech Language Pathology #2 ranked Physician Assistant program #2 ranked audiology #3 ranked nursing admin #6 ranked physical therapy #12 ranked family medicine #17 ranked pharmacy school #20 law school #25 medical school (primary care) and within the med school specialties are #7 ranked ophthalmology, #8 ranked ENT, #17 ranked orthopedics and other subspecialties in the top 25. Spencer Lee commented on negative crap that was written about the coaches and wrestlers on forums, that he found to be untrue. By looking and thinking for himself, he came to a far different opinion. I would encourage any high school wrestler who reads this board, to not take things at face value, and look deeper. When ol' cletus or hurricane post on this forum about Iowa, remember, there is an agenda to tear it down. They wallow in garbage.
  10. advice on academics from cletus the pig farmer..... priceless
  11. given recent events, might add: state of the art testing for PEDs for every major tournament
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