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  1. Dake did his homework...
  2. Maybe you should re-read the proposed criteria of this post - I just think the all star team would be better with Taylor at 165 and Dake at 141
  3. With a lot of empty athletic fields, going to try distance throwing low profile flying discs without fear of hitting an innocent bystander 150+ meters away
  4. I would rather have Dake at 141 so I can put Taylor at 165 - he did outscore the champ in 2013 NCAA's as well as winning Gorriaran
  5. ...here ya go, 'Bee safe
  6. Think 2010 was the last year the Ivies had more than 1 team with a champion... Maybe next year?
  7. We all know Dake was great but damn Montell was a helluva wrestler. His semi against Russell in 2011 was epic
  8. Man, tough way to lose but clutch by Ness
  9. Yeah, going with Taylor at 165 with 2 Hodges and Gorriaran
  10. Really, Hoosiers and The Natural belong in the top 10
  11. Love me some Ian Miller, was a gamer
  12. The Three Rings... The Engagement Ring The Wedding Ring The SufferRing Congratulations :-)
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