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  1. Wow, great job by DT... Puts the stamp on JB's Goat-ness
  2. no wins against Dake but 3 wins plus a fall vs Yaz - so he has that planted in his cerebrum
  3. Glory Days....nice
  4. After ramping up their recruiting efforts with sing-on bonuses, travel stipends, family job placement, etc., Delbarton has supplanted Bergen Catholic as the top wrestling team in the NJSIAA. * * Tongue (somewhat) firmly in cheek...
  5. Bergen Catholic assembling a team of middle school all stars from all over north and central Jersey...impressive, yes...amazing, not so much
  6. Those guys appear to be in some slump losing late - RU could/should have won this one with tOSU missing 3 ranked guys...
  7. Can any of these guys match 4 for 4 in NCAA OW's?
  8. The RAC at Rutgers is a great arena for college wrestling.
  9. Oh wow, too bad. Hope he recovers 100%. Because he is on the short side I thought he would be able to make 125 but I guess not? Loved watching him in high school.
  10. ...anyone know what's happening with Nick Raimo who also hails from Hanover Park?
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