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  1. Cannot dispute that... Yankees currently have 13 guys on the DL - what are they doing to prep as professionals that they all get hurt??? ...pansies
  2. Where is he going? He is from a neighboring town so I saw him wrestle all though out HS. I believe he beat Chlebove the last time they met.
  3. RU - two finalists, possible 2 champs
  4. Ken Mallory was also a 3X D3 champion Tom Martucci was also a D3 champion and runnerup
  5. 3- Zahid Valencia 3- Spencer Lee 5- Chance Marsteller
  6. for now WGT WRESTLER SCHOOL YR CONF REC 125 Piccininni OSU JR B12 31-0 125 Mueller VA JR ACC 17-0 133 Micic MI JR B10 14-0 ** 141 Diakomihalis COR SO EIWA 24-0 149 Ashnault RU SR B10 27-0 157 Nolf PSU SR B10 26-0 165 Marinelli IO SO B10 23-0 174 Hall PSU JR B10 26-0 184 Martin tOSU SR B10 20-0 184 Rasheed PSU SR B10 19-0 ** 197 Nickal PSU SR B10 25-0 197 Weigel OSU SR B12 12-0 ** these guys still undefeated??? Did I miss anyone? Who will finish undefeated?
  7. Were you there in 2007 when crickets were in the Barn? Lets re-cap: 2 AA's in each of the last 3 years; most likely at least 2 more this year & possible National Champion 3,000+ season tickets sold 5,000+ fans average home attendance 2 years in a row New wrestling facility in state of the art Athletic Performance Center Goodale is the CEO/Architect responsible for this - he's not going anywhere
  8. Cenzo just needs to go to school on some Ian Miller
  9. Is the Maryland spot really going to be open? Hate to lose Pritzlaff but maybe it's his time because head coaches seem to hang around for a long time and Goodale is only what, 5 or 6 years older? Great opportunity for Donnie if it opens up
  10. So true... Most people who knock NJ either have never lived here or maybe have only landed at Newark airport or base their opinion on MTV's "Jersey Shore". NJ is just like most states with - pros and cons. I have a small place in Ortley Beach and guess what - most of my neighbors are from PA and NY and they love it here.
  11. I agree big difference - Jordan is really good as Ashnault eluded to in the post match interview. What Ashnault has shown this year is wrestling smarter late in tight matches , matches that he lost in the past. He is from my high school so I have been following him since middle school and he is a noticeably different wrestler this year. I remember J Rob saying something to the effect of, "Damion has to learn how to win" after Hahn was losing close matches and placed fifth - I think AA has learned "how to win".
  12. quite a few were saying the same thing, "take Jordan next time", after Ashnault won 14-10 in Vegas
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