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  1. Looks like nice crowd for finals
  2. all 10 Army wrestlers advanced in the opening round
  3. Intermat has an EIWA Pubilc List on twitter https://twitter.com/intermat/lists/eiwa-wrestling?lang=en
  4. https://www.onthebanks.com/2018/3/7/17087780/report-rutgers-to-host-2020-big-ten-wrestling-championships
  5. ...BIG Tourney in Piscataway next year
  6. Also from Paulsboro was Isaac Rebman running back for the Steelers who was a 215 lb NJ state champion in 2003
  7. Burroughs went to Winslow Township HS and Rozier was at Woodrow Wilson. Nebraska AA Vince Jones also went to Winslow. James Green went to Willingboro in nearby Burlington county. That was a pretty good South Jersey pipeline Manning had...
  8. ...likewise and I have not wrestled since high school decades ago my son also has these re-occurring dreams and he has not wrestled since 2011 after never missing weight from midgets thru one year of D1 we have a good laugh talking about our "nightmares" then proceed to eat a hearty meal :-)
  9. ...you have a match at night and you have that uneasy feeling that you will not make weight - then all of a sudden you wake up and realize that it was all a bad dream
  10. Great interview, thanks for posting
  11. Ashnault way to strong for Micic. Nick appears to be working his way out of the funk he was in. His defense is so strong and I don't think Micic can hold him down. Micic has been great even if only 11 bouts. Will most likely come down to the last TD and I am betting the RU home crowd will make a difference for Nick.
  12. pretty sure Nick Suriano has not given up back points or bonus in college - interesting challenge coming up this Sunday oh, forgot med ff, inj losses
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