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  1. ...BTW, this August is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock
  2. the score was 10-1 after one period... 6 TD's ? do the math
  3. ...after reading this thread, just glad we don't (yet) have brick throwing, video reviews for "hurt feelings"
  4. ...don't you mean Ashkicking
  5. Was there today - awesome atmosphere! The roar during the Ashnault/Kolodzik match would definitely have a lasting impact on any recruits present
  6. Yeah, still think he can go all the way in March
  7. We need more heavys like these guys
  8. Most of these top tier 133lbers will have to breathe, huff & puff thru the BIG tourney first...
  9. Cefolo is multiple time Fargo AA in Greco
  10. Joey Buttafuoco is from New York - get your facts straight
  11. Maybe, maybe not. Would have to agree with Coach Ayres that he wasn't close to a TD https://twitter.com/tigerwrestling/status/1083933371225595905
  12. Sounds like Nick is definitely wrestling... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=MnkoUZkDgq8
  13. Cowboys suffering from some jetlag?
  14. Glory couldn't keep Picc down for possible backs and Picc turned him twice. Good job by Picc as I was expecting some backs from Glory
  15. Didn't Ash & Gravina get 6th years at RU this year?
  16. yeah, he was up 4-1 at one point
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