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  1. Vinnie Mini (one-time NJ Heavyweight state runner-up)
  2. Hear from some of the kids on the team... Buena senior 138-pounder Luke Souder, said he didn’t see it as a racist act. “It’s just a rule. His hair was too long and that’s what happened,” said Souder, who is white. “If my hair was too long it would have been cut too. That’s a rule. It’s a real rule. “We know that it wasn’t anything that was that big of a deal. He didn’t have the cap that attaches. I guess he didn’t know he had to have one. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just a rule.” Souder said the team has been entertained by the media exposure and that he was shocked it has drawn so much attention. “The next day (after the video went viral) someone said it (had become a national story) and I thought they were joking,” said Souder, who added Johnson just wants the attention to go away. “I was like ‘No way.’ My whole school was like ‘Oh my gosh, he had to cut his hair,' but no one in the gym was like ‘This is racist.’ Everybody was like ‘Oh crap he’s got to cut his hair to help the team.’ He did something to help the team and that’s the story there really. He did something to help the team out.” Senior 182-pounder Jaden Roberts, who is black, said he was upset for Johnson but didn't think it was a racially-motivated decision either. "It was just a rule and he did what he had to do for the team," said Roberts. "It was handled perfectly fine. No matter what color skin you are you have to follow the rule and that's what happened. Drew did what he had to do for the team. He made the decision." whole article: http://highschoolsports.nj.com/news/article/-3341302530425508370/dreadlock-cutting-decision-defended-at-tourney-as-buena-returns-to-wrestling/
  3. True, but I think Goodale eluded to the fact that with so many teams at CK (40+) the opportunity to face different opponents was why they decided to go
  4. Rutgers coach decided on Cliff Keen this year foregoing Midlands as they face a lot of BIG already
  5. Finalist in 5 of first 6 weights from New Jersey Myles Martin makes 6 total Nice job NJ
  6. ...turn out the lights, the party is...
  7. Just wondering, the guys on team Russia - are they all from there/Russia or are some/any from the other "republics" ?
  8. Yeah, didn't he say in an interview that he was 3 kilos under (79KG) for finals ?
  9. I like the light blue/grey - gold did not look gold on TV
  10. ...he has also defeated DT and Dake a number of times... :-)
  11. I meant Burroughs kept both these guys off the world stage for years - big props to JB
  12. With DT winning and a possible/likely Dake victory... What does this say about Jordan Burroughs ?
  13. Long time coming for DT... Dake next...
  14. On the Olympic Channel on cable
  15. On the Olympic Channel on cable
  16. Awesome job by a "substitute"
  17. I am watching the Olympic Channel right now and the schedule says "UWW World Wrestling Championships" 1:00 - 3:30 PM EST - Will this be LIVE ?
  18. Good article on Anthony's season off the mat and looking forward. https://www.nj.com/expo/sports/erry-2018/10/85b06f60497562/rutgers-anthony-ashnault-qa-wr.html#incart_river_index
  19. ...damn, go away for a month and...
  20. Wait a minute, Chuck go tuned up in 'Way of the Dragon' ...got to go with the next Bruce lee
  21. ...didn't he defeat 2X national finalist Bryce Meredith? ...oh right, that match didn't count
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