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  1. Haha
    vsnej reacted to IronChef in NLWC Event   
    You're watching with LJB?
  2. Haha
    vsnej reacted to jp157 in NLWC Event   
    I just listened to a dad coach who fancies himself a freestyle guy.. say Bekzod looked like a folkstyle guy trying to wrestle freestyle in the first few seconds before any exchange.., and didn’t know he was a multi time senior medalist. God I hate youth wrestling culture 
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    vsnej got a reaction from gutfirst in Most Physically Gifted Wrestlers of All Time   
    I saw this match at NYC/MSG and was amazed by Eldar's physique for his heighth.

    Textbook throw at around 5:25 during the infamous "clinch" period in Freestyle.
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    vsnej got a reaction from AHamilton in Real Woods and Shane Griffith   
  5. Haha
    vsnej reacted to MadMardigain in Check out this smoke show   
    And I’m off to “update” my resume.  
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    vsnej got a reaction from jross in Dake and JB FRL   
    Dake did his homework...
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    vsnej reacted to MadMardigain in 2021 Olympics   
    I’f it gets canceled do they just skip it all together until 2024 or start the next 4 year cycle beginning with 2022.  
    Either way they better hurry up before Dake is too young to compete anymore. 
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    vsnej reacted to Mphillips in Dake and JB FRL   
    You cats breaking down the video like the, 'Zapruder Film' is something to behold...
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    vsnej reacted to jross in Top 5 Worst Kind of Wrestling Fans   
    I worked 72 hours two weeks ago.  72 hours?  Who would of thought we'd be working more hours remotely from home than during a quarantine than before the pandemic?  Aye.  72 hours?  I worked 76 hours last week and barely saw my family.  76 hours you say?  Nice.  One of my sub-managers changed jobs and there is no backfill.  You were lucky says @southend... I slept 76 minutes in the past month! :)  [ the above is my current reality and I'm using this forum for creative mental breaks - a little community humor would be nice ].
    Please enjoy the real sketch and here is script.
  10. Haha
    vsnej reacted to Husker_Du in Greatest NCAA Wrestler in Last 5 Years   
    lemme throw this out there
    Zahid, if we're all be honest with ourselves - was Headgear Pull-1-1-1
    let that sink in.
    i'm not advocating for him higher. i'm just saying - put that in your pipe. 
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    vsnej reacted to iwrite in Who Would Be In Your Mount Rushmore for College Wrestling   
    First, let me say this is a very interesting topic and I respect all of the opinions expressed. As an FYI, I have attended 47 NCAA tournaments and talked to most of the great coaches and champions from the 1950s-2000s in my journalism career. When Katie mentioned Frank Gotch, I thought of a comment in 1933 by Nat Fleischer, founder of The Ring magazine and the most respected boxing-wrestling writer of the first half of the 20th Century --- "It was Gotch's victories .... that made him the most popular mat star in America and started a movement among college men to take up wrestling." 
    Also, Paul Scott, coach of the 1947 Cornell College team that won the NCAA title; Dave McCuskey, coach of the 1950 Iowa Teachers team that won the NCAA title, and Dr. Harold Nichols, coach of the great Iowa State teams of the 1960s, all told me that it was Frank Gotch who they they admired most as young boys.
    Ed Gallagher had a tremendous impact on college wrestling during his career at Oklahoma A&M. He used to take long trips in the summer to Vermont to learn the techniques and tricks of the great collar-and-elbow stars and then put that knowledge to use  at Oklahoma A&M  to build one of the first true dynasties in college sports.
    Dan Hodge's impact has been immense for over 50 years. He is still the only wrestler to appear on the cover of Sports  Illustrated and the biggest trophy in college wrestling bears his name. He is the only athlete to ever win national titles in both boxing and wrestling and is an icon in the MMA world. For 20 years-plus, Dan traveled the nation to inspire young wrestlers. BTW, in 1956 he won the NCAA title, national freestyle and national G-R tournament, all with pins!
    Dan Gable took the sport to a new level as a pure freshman when he won the Midlands (when it was arguably the toughest meet in the nation) because the media began following him like no other wrestler since the days of Gotch back in 1910. He was featured in many of the nation's  major newspapers and magazines, including Sports Illustrated and even GQ magazine. He was the guest on several TV shows and film stars like Tom Cruise gushed over him. The Wall Street Journal called him "Super Wrestler" in an article and two books were written about him. 
    During his career at Iowa State, Gable drew huge crowds and at one point had 24 straight pins. He was 118-1 and defeated a total of 5 NCAA  champions, including three who were 2-timers!. His senior year he moved up a weight to take on the defending NCAA champion at 150, Mike Grant of Oklahoma, and beat him, 9-4.  Gable inspired so many young boys to take up the sport. President Bush even appointed Dan to the President's Council on Physical Fitness . ... showing his enduing impact on the sport.
    And Cael Sanderson -- can there be any debate?. Going 159-0 and being named OW 4 times and winning the Dan Hodge Trophy 3 times.. Sports Illustrated said his college performance is the second most impressive college feat in history, only behind Jesse Owens setting 4 world records in track on the same day for Ohio State.
    So, I agree with Gockes when he listed Ed Gallagher, Dan Hodge, Dan Gable and Cael Sanderson. And that is not to slight other great wrestlers like Pat Smith, Lee Kemp, Tom Brands and Kyle Dake. If the criteria was Americans in freestyle, then John Smith, Bruce Baumgartner, Mark and Dave Schultz, Lee Kemp, Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder all enter the conversation, IMO.
    Again, great topic. Keep it going!
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    vsnej reacted to BadgerMon in Who Would Be In Your Mount Rushmore for College Wrestling   
    College Only Mt Rushmore:
    Kyle Dake- as a former middleweight, mind-blowing to go up a weight each year and win, win, win 
    Sanderson- So dominant and rarely a close match, though I still count his loss to Jenn as a loss, officially
    Gable-  He set the bar- a total pin-meister
    Kemp- Hosed out of 4 for 4, no redshirt
    John Smith- most incredible- changed the way wrestling is done
    Jordan Burroughs- crazy good
    Bruce Baumgartner-most medals
    Dave Schultz- 7 medals
    Dennis Hall
    Jeff Blatnick
    Rulon Gardner
    Dremiel Byers
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    vsnej got a reaction from gimpeltf in Quarantine music thread   
    ...here ya go, 'Bee safe
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    vsnej got a reaction from Schuteandscore in All 2000s All-Star Team   
    Yeah, going with Taylor at 165 with 2 Hodges and Gorriaran 
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    vsnej reacted to Perry in 2010 ncaa championship discussion   
    Especially impressive considering he wasn't the starter at the beginning of the season
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    vsnej got a reaction from jon in 2010 ncaa championship discussion   
    We all know Dake was great but damn Montell was a helluva wrestler.  His semi against Russell in 2011 was epic
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    vsnej got a reaction from Perry in 2010 ncaa championship discussion   
    We all know Dake was great but damn Montell was a helluva wrestler.  His semi against Russell in 2011 was epic
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    vsnej got a reaction from Perry in 2010 ncaa championship discussion   
    Man, tough way to lose but clutch by Ness
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    vsnej reacted to mistydawn in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Makes me laugh that some still want to point to missing a match the week immediately prior to the US Senior Nationals where he hoped to qualify for the US Olympic Trials and he missed matches the week after he won the US Senior Nationals where he blew through a bracket with 6 former NCAA Champions, a World Jr. Silver medalist and a host of other All-Americans.  Also, don't forget that Tom Brands announced that he would miss matches on both weekends prior to the season even starting.   I guess those of you that hold that opinion are in the distinct minority, since Intermat stated that his margin of victory in the voting was one of the largest margins ever amongst the voting panel and he also won the popular vote by taking 58% of the total votes among the 8 finalists.   His bonus point percentage is only second to Caels 95% and he had a bonus percentage of 94%.   Rather than try to tear down a young mans accomplishments, I'll just echo what the obvious vast majority are saying today--well done Spencer Lee.  
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    vsnej reacted to VakAttack in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Criteria for the award includes a wrestler’s record, number of pins, dominance on the mat, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart.
    That's directly from the WIN website.
    Record:  Equal, they're both undefeated.
    Number of pins:  Equal, they both have 4, though it should be noted Spencer's pins were over better guys.
    Dominance on the Mat:  Spencer.  Bonus in every match but one.
    Past credentials:  Spencer, two time champion.
    Quality of competition:  Equal at best for Moore.  His best win was over Eric Schultz.  Spencer majored Nick Piccininni.
    Sportsmanship and heart are always a wash.
    Anyway, it's an easy call by criteria.
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    vsnej reacted to Witherman in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    sorry I didn't know the hodge trophy was awarded based on most matches wrestled without losing?
    moore had 5 matches that were decided by 4 points or less.  spencer's closest match was 7 points.  multiple bonus point victories over the top competition.
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    vsnej reacted to Peso in Lee Kemp   
    I believe I was ahead of Joe 4-1 at the end of the first period.  It was the 3-3-3 era, and it was before t-falls.  I think he beat me 21-4, but it wasn't that close.  I was 18 and had just finished my freshman year at OSU.  There was a brief time before I broke my neck, when I think I could have been a decent wrestler.  I never came close, but what an eye opener.  There seemed to be a lot of politics in the trials back then.  I remember seeing a previous Olympian put on his back and pinned about 10 x if it was folkstyle...never called it.  Joe had won the US Open that year and Lee was I believe entering his junior year.  A lot of you don't know how tough Schalles and Dziedzic were, but they passed the torch to Lee who passed the torch to Schultz who passed the torch to Kenny...
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    vsnej got a reaction from PSUSMC in Best Sports movies   
    Really, Hoosiers and The Natural belong in the top 10
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    vsnej reacted to AKHUNTER in NCAA 2020 Postseason Awards   
    skipped his 3 toughest ............... to take on MUCH tougher opponents.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Cradle1 in Just cancelled my wedding   
    The Three Rings...
    The Engagement Ring
    The Wedding Ring
    The SufferRing
    Congratulations :-)
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