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    vsnej got a reaction from jstock in Is Edinboro the best team in Pennsylvania?   
    currently 2nd place 61 pts
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    vsnej got a reaction from jstock in Is Edinboro the best team in Pennsylvania?   
    Habat  !!!
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    vsnej reacted to VakAttack in Best story for the semifinalists   
    Interesting question.  I'm not talking about the best wrestler, just from a human interest place.  I think it boils down to these:
    Zeke Moisey, West Virginia - Unseeded kid comes out of nowhere to beat likely FInalist Nahshon Garrett.
    Cody Brewer, Oklahoma - Underseeded returning All AMerican racks up bonus all the way to the semifinals.
    Kevin Jack, NC State - Unseeded kid pulled out redshirt like 5 minutes ago beats the 5 seed, the 12 seed and the resturning NCAA Finalist at his weight to make the semifinals.
    Taylor Walsh, Indiana - Unorthodox kid from an underperforming school finally makes it.
    Tyler Wilps, Pitt - He beat the strongly favored Kokesh.
    Vic Avery, Edinboro - Comic book character the Incredible Hulk takes the NCAA by storm.
    Kenny Courts, Ohio State - Blue chip recruit fallen on hard times makes a sudden run to the NCAA semifinals and makes good on all his talent.  Kind of reminds me of Kurt Backes from Iowa State a little bit.
    All great stories, but I think Kevin Jack is easily the winner.  After that, it's the fact that they let Lou Ferrigno wrestle 184 lbs for no reason.
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    vsnej reacted to BigApple in 2015 NCAA Championships Results Discussion   
    Never be the guy whose undefeated against Cody Brewer prior to the NCAAs. Last year Jon Morrison was 8-0 against Cody and the margin of victory kept increasing. The Cody uses a single leg instead of a high crotch an pins Morrison. Last year he was 0-2 against DeJulius, then today he absolutely spanks DeJulius. Both years he was seeded 13th, memo to the seeding committee, prior results in the NCAAs can be a predictor of future success.
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    vsnej reacted to BigRedMachine in 2015 NCAA Championships Results Discussion   
    Zack Beitz the dust
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    vsnej got a reaction from leshismore in Did Iowa just lose the NCAAs?   
    ...dare I say, PSU 7 for 7
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    vsnej got a reaction from BigRedMachine in Here are some guys to root for   
    ...no doubt an integral blueprint component of his pinning prowess...
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    vsnej reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Here are some guys to root for   
    according to my scant research (please feel free to amend and make corrections), there will be 6 seniors making their 4th appearance in the NCAA tournament who have yet to medal. I like rooting for seniors, and I especially like rooting for seniors who are making their fourth attempt at a spot on the podium. hey let's all root for them why not?
    US - 141 - Joe Spisak - UVA
    US - 197 - Branden Atwood - Purdue
    15 - 133 - Nick Soto - Chattanooga
    6 - 165 - Taylor Walsh - Indiana
    5 - 149 - Chris Villalonga - Cornell
    2 - 184 - Max Thomusseit - Pitt
    I also like rooting for seniors at schools you don't traditionally see a top the final team standings. Guys like Cleveland State's 13th seeded 125er Ben Willeford and Bucknell's 14th seeded heavy Joe Stolfi. Who else? let me know!
    and if you just want to see how the top teams stack up by weight class, i made this matrix based on seeds. 16 pts for #1 seed, 15 for #2, etc. zeros for unseeded guys and blank cells for no qualified wrestler. 

    match time is fast approaching!
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    vsnej got a reaction from jstock in D1CW's 2015 NCAA FACTS   
    sorry, my bad
    nice stat about Dom Forys/PA deep
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    vsnej got a reaction from jstock in PA State Tourney Pictorial   
    just an awesome piece on the PA States!
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    vsnej reacted to BigApple in Seeding Criteria missing a key element   
    Competing in the NCAA tourament is a different annimal than the regular season.
    1. You compete for 3 straight days
    2. There aren't many easy walk over matches, these are the best 33 at the weight
    3. Past performance is an indicator of future success. Cody Brewer has finished 7th and 8th ( he wasn't highly seeded last year) Rod Kilgore was hurt his junior year took 5th at the Big 8, then took 4th in the NCAA after winning it the year before. Lenny Zalesky beat Andre Metzger in the dual meets their junior and senior year, but Metzger won both NCAA finals.
    If I'm Tyler Cox i'd want to have a few choice words for the seeding committee. Seed Delgado 16th, but at least seed him after all he's won it twice. People who haven't wrestled shouldn't be on the seeding committee.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Pinnum in State Classification Numbers   
    California with a population of 38+ million has almost as many people as New York, Pennsylvania & New Jersey combined
    going to 2 divisions would be a good thing
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    vsnej reacted to pennsyrules in Martinez versus Green on Friday   
    You use this video to show Green isn't tough?  That's a tough call.  I give Stinson credit for a nice takedown and the trapped arm tilt.  I didn't see anything like Green wasn't tough or quit. This is a rough crowd.
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    vsnej reacted to denny in A Merry Christmas……   
    to all of you out there--in wrestling land. Our sport is an outstanding,
    fun sport. I do enjoy you guys, and gals, who love our sport.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Roadkill in Journeymen / ASCIS Northeast Duals - Nov 29 2014   
    he is a natural born "AA"...
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    vsnej reacted to GranbyTroll in ohio state wrestle off   
    You just responded. Don't try to be cleaver, run mind games, counter-troll or whatever. Simply do not engage.  As a troll my self, I can honestly advise you to just ignore him and move on.
    EDIT: Like a skilled magician, I don't like to "reveal the secrets" of trolling, but I make this exception because superold is terrible and not clever. The board hygine will improve vastly if we just let him yell about Tim Flynn in a corner by himself. At least DF is funny.
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    vsnej reacted to justafan in Wrestling PTSD   
    I have the dream its senior year state tournament and I miss the bus go out to start my car and it wont start and all of the sudden my town is a ghost town no one is around and I always wake up panicking but never find out if I make it to weigh ins or not.  Great thread us wrestlers are a different breed.
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    vsnej got a reaction from sgallan in Wrestling PTSD   
    that's why I am in a state of euphoria when I wake up
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    vsnej reacted to Customfitch in Wrestling PTSD   
    I have this exact dream, and yes it is indeed terrifying, one of the worst feelings you can have - sheer panic.
    In my wreslting dreams I am always my current age (40 and 185-190) but there are two forms:
    1) I have to make my high school weight (112 or 119) In the dream nobody seems to notice or care that I am obviously not 119 lbs but am a chubby, balding 40 year old. Horrible anxiety.
    2) I enter one of my high school tourneys at my old weight, and make the finals. I dominate in the final but as the match nears its end, I suddenly realize that I am a 185 lb 40 year old. Again, nobody but me seems to notice anything unusual throughout the match. I then have the same horrible anxiety through the medal ceremony waiting for someone to catch on to the charade.
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    vsnej reacted to JasonBryant in Taffur named Asst at F&M   
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    vsnej reacted to Richard_Immel in Taffur named Asst at F&M   
    Let's get this thread back on track fellas. 
    To the topic at hand, I don't think you could find a more quality individual than Nestor Taffur to be a part of one's program. The guy has all the necessary skills to become one heck of a coach IMO. Spend five minutes talking to him and you will understand why. I think this elitist attitude of thinking NCAA coaches have to have been NCAA Champs, World medalists etc. is something extremely wrong with our sport. Some of the brightest wrestling minds I have come across have zero "big" college credentials to boast, but that doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about. Great hire by F&M and nothing but best wishes to Nestor and that program.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in Taffur named Asst at F&M   
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    vsnej reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Penn names Alex Tirapelle new head coach   
    please never fix the quote feature. thank you. 
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