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    vsnej got a reaction from Marcus Cisero in Big 10 Finals Thread.   
    Rivera OW
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    vsnej reacted to Show_Me in Wrestlers who earned AQ slots, but will need an at-large bid   
    Good stuff Pirate !  Thanks for doing this every year.
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    vsnej reacted to D3UC157 in What single match   
    This may be a hot take, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Jack Mueller doesn’t even qualify for Big Tens.
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    vsnej got a reaction from cjc007 in Which school will you never pull for?   
    Would be pretty hard to not root for wrestlers - Notre Dame maybe...
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    vsnej reacted to MedicineMan in Iowa - Minnesota Discussion Thread...   
    Let’s change the subject. 
    Exactly how much bigger do I need to photoshop this knee brace before this pic gets a laugh??
    Vak is the only one who noticed
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    vsnej reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in NCAA TICKETS (All things)   
    Tickets: $1,328.00
    Flight: $397.00
    Air BNB: $900.00
    Ubers: $250.00
    Food & Drink: $2,347.17
    Subtotal: $5,222.017
    Craps table: ($7,847.00)
    Total: ($2,624.83)
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    vsnej reacted to 82bordeaux in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    I'm a bigger PSU fan. I think Lee will be the Champ.
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    vsnej reacted to russelscout in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Holy crap dude. That was a long time ago at this point. Maybe we should put that to rest since he has done nothing of the sort since.
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    vsnej reacted to southend in Purdue vs IU on now   
    This was a good showing for the Hoosiers, and a fun match to be at, the atmosphere in The Wilk ,for a Monday , was just like a Friday or Saturday match. People from all over the state were there.  
    indiana wrestlers show up with a full tank of gas every match this season. Third period for them is like the first. Coaches Escobedo, Jordan, Dixon, and new addition Tsirtsis are making waves in The hot bed of wrestling,Bloomington Indiana. 
    The in state studs are taking notice how this team is wrestling. 
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    vsnej reacted to The Genius in Matteo Pelicone Rome Olympic Ranking Tournament   
    Mohammadian gets the Gold without giving up a single point. Incredible performance 
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    vsnej reacted to cjc007 in Matteo Pelicone Rome Olympic Ranking Tournament   
    God loves Iran!!

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    vsnej got a reaction from red blades in The 5 BEST places to watch College Wrestling   
    ...According To Fans

    I have been to Lehigh and RU - not the other 3 out of the listed top five.  LU is great, intimate and not a bad view anywhere.  RU/RAC is one of the loudest arenas around and awesome atmosphere.
    Rutgers hosts Cornell tonight and will also unveil championship banners for Anthony Ashnault and Nick Suriano - the RAC will be rocking! 
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    vsnej got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling2 in How old were you before...   

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    vsnej got a reaction from Cruiser94 in How old were you before...   

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    vsnej reacted to headshuck in Revised NCAA Champ Picks - Christmas 2019 Edition   
    I realee like these picks. They’re likelee to be right on.
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    vsnej reacted to Molsen in Who's better at developing wrestlers?   
    Iowa turned a guy, who was only a state runner up his senior year, into a 2 time ncaa champion, with 2 more years to go. How can you even compare the two. 
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    vsnej got a reaction from cjc007 in 2020 Big Ten Wrestling Championships Sold Out   
    RU vs Maryland had 5,400 at the RAC on Dec 7th
    Compare that to Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma U "Bedlam" which had a reported 2,402 - I am curious as to why this legendary series would not have 2 or 3 times as many showing up? 
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    vsnej got a reaction from GockeS in You won the Lottery   
    U of Florida

    22 million people and tons of athletes

    Start a D1 program there and help ignite programs in surrounding states
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    vsnej reacted to russelscout in (#1) Iowa @ (#11) Princeton, Sunday, December 8th   
    Man, you can really tell that Iowa has hit #1 again.
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    vsnej reacted to VakAttack in Can Desanto be any more Unsportsmanlike?   
    My favorite wrestler in college right now.
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    vsnej reacted to AnklePicker in Nelson Brands deserves a thread   
    He has a nice single. That’s all you need!
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    vsnej reacted to Gantry in Lehigh Coach Gone   
    Fingers crossed that it was to make a sequel to the Breakfast Club. 
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    vsnej reacted to JasonBryant in Changing college to freestyle   
    The concept of it, I'm fine with. What it means now, in execution, has become a painful point in our sport. How many matches in recent memory are 3-2 decided by 1:04 of riding time where it's grab ankle until a four count, drive opponent down to the mat, rinse, repeat. I think it sucks in its current format. I believe it should be kept and only scored if a viable nearfall attempt has been scored. We have stalling rules aimed at reducing "riding" yet we still have something called "riding time." I didn't grow up in wrestling from a young age. I discovered it in my teens after being an avid and rabid fan of all sports. It's one less nuance as well. When I went to the Virginia Duals and saw the second clock, it confused me. Without fail, I have to explain riding time to every single high school fan under the age of 50 who looks over to watch college wrestling. It's been my personal experience that it's another unnecessary nuance that slows matches down, creates controversial scenarios with ankle riding, added rules to combat it and ultimately, serves as what exactly? Some time of weird tiebreaker? With all the attacks on freestyle and its criteria, we decide a winner based on seconds of riding time when athletes go into the tiebreakers. I think the concept of riding time, perhaps in your era, was justified and provided some merit. I've only been around college wrestling approaching 25 years, so my scope of why I don't like riding time comes from this era.

    Wrestling's got three positions, top, bottom and neutral. I think proficiency on top should be about turning and going for the fall, not hanging on and going for a point for hanging on for a minute. I don't subscribe to a theory that we should go freestyle, but I've just never liked riding time. I also don't subscribe to the theory that one style is wholly superior to the other. I like them both.
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    vsnej reacted to JasonBryant in Changing college to freestyle   
    Riding time sucks.
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    vsnej reacted to pamela in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    I love me some Jordan Oliver and am very glad that he’s qualified for trials. With all the suspension stuff I was saddened that he might have missed his shot during some prime wrestling years. We’ll see how he fares against Zain, Yianni, etc. but I’m very happy to see him there in the mix.
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