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    vsnej reacted to pa in taiwan in Freestyle Day Two discussion thread   
    I'm copying this post I made on the other thread because I'm shocked at the lack of understanding on display about the Fix / Takahashi match. You don't seem to understand what passivity is in freestyle wrestling. The ref put Fix on the shot clock because he was passive, backing away from Takahashi's offensive setups.
    Folkstyle folks be like, "Only leg shots are offense." Watch that match again and realize what I'm sure the USA coaches have now realized, which is that wrestlers who want to pull out of a Russian tie or a two-on-one had better find a way to do so without backing or running away. Takahashi works his offense off of a few different two-on-one arm ties. 30 seconds into the match, Takahashi, standing on the center spot of the mat, reaches for the two-on-one twice. Fix backs and then runs away to the outer part of the circle and the official uses his blue hand to make the "move forward and engage" signal. Fix continues to try to escape Takahashi's throw-by set up, a two-on-one on Fix's left arm, and it's clear that ref is going to warn him (5:18). Fix's mistake is that he isn't clearing the two-on-one and transitioning into his own offense. He's moving back into outer space. Imagine a wrestler who works his offense off a collar tie, and every time he locks another wrestler up with a collar tie, that wrestler clears it and backs up instead of looking to attack. Imagine a guy who shoots from space, and instead of re-attacking and generating offense, the other guy keeps backing away. This is essentially what Fix is doing in this match; he's backing away from Takehashi's offensive setups. Watch the whistle start after the first passive warning. Fix starts in a very forward position, over the center of the mat, but as soon as Takahashi goes for the two-on-one, he circles into the orange outer band. The ref immediately puts his blue hand up and encourages him to engage. Do you not understand that this is passivity? Takahashi continues to go for the two-on-one tie on Fix's left arm, and Fix continues to back away, and it's no surprise that the ref puts him on the 30 second clock at 4:31. Watch the entire match with positioning in mind. Takahashi works the middle of the mat the whole time. After the first shot clock point, Fix ties up in a collar tie and makes some effective fakes, causing Takahashi to back away. The ref immediately lifts the red hand and warns Takehashi for passivity. The ref does a good job in this low scoring match of encouraging action. It's a disappointment that a wrestler with the dynamism of Daton Fix was unable to create more action. The takedown and ensuing flurries of action at the beginning of the second period were good signs, and Fix should have continued. When he creates action, he scores more that his opponent. Again, Takehashi continues moving forward, looking for the Russian tie on the left arm. Fix never turns it into HIS offense. At one point he uses his left arm to overhook, a great tactic, as Takehashi doesn't seem able to create action. The ref blows it dead quickly, as noone is attacking. 
    Lessons were learned from this match. Daton will be better prepared for his next meeting with Takehashi.  
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    vsnej reacted to pa in taiwan in (DAY 6) Mensah-Stock, Miracle and (men) Retherford, Fix   
    Thursday afternoon here in Taiwan. I have all four mats on live. I guess there are a few advantages to living in Taiwan: no pay for UWW, single payer health insurance...
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    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in Koll Entering something like 26th year....   
    Including jokes about us.
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    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in Zain Wins   
    Beating Yianni 2-0?
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    vsnej got a reaction from Housebuye in Looking back, was Dake really that great?   
    Maybe this thread should be renamed...
    "Looking back, yes Burroughs was really that great!"
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    vsnej got a reaction from TBar1977 in Looking back, was Dake really that great?   
    Maybe this thread should be renamed...
    "Looking back, yes Burroughs was really that great!"
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    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in All these People Who Say Greco is Popular   
    Americans think Soccer is boring. The World doesn't.
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    vsnej got a reaction from custom fitch in Worst practice partners   
    good list, one more...

    9) 40-Grit Sandpaper Beard Guy 
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    vsnej reacted to Katie in Spencer Lee isn’t redshirting   
    He's not redshirting, but maybe he will. Fascinating.
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    vsnej reacted to Timo in Career Senior Freestyle Records   
    I am an old retired guy with time on his hands.  So I did create a list of the senior freestyle matches that Burroughs, Cox, Dake, Snyder and Taylor have had.  I picked all of the current gold medalists we have to try and make these lists.  I am missing some data (names, country the wrestler came from, or scores) on a few items.  I might also be missing other tournaments.  If so, please let me know.  All input is appreciated.  The Burroughs list from his website is very complete.  The Snyder list from his wikipedia page is missing the 2015 US Open that he won and a 2018 World Club Cup Dual match with India that he won.  I tried to identify all the world medal winners each guy wrestled and calculated other comparative data.  So scroll down to the bottom of each excel workbook page and you can see some of the calculations I have done.  I think we live in a good time where we really have outstanding freestyle wrestlers in this country.  Some have accomplished more, but we really have a good overall team.  It is a lot of fun to follow.
    I have found it pretty disappointing how poorly documented the records of our greatest freestyle wrestlers are.  I find all of the discussions on the forums interesting but often lacking in the real data.  So I decided as part of my retirement time hobby, I would try to study it a bit.  I guess it's time to share that info with all the other geeks and nerds out there.  I wasn't ever sure what I would do with the stuff I created.  If someone wants to put any of this out there on Wikipedia, be my guest.
    I am trying to do this same type of thing for Baumgartner, Gable, Jackson, Kemp, Sanderson, both Schultz brothers, and Smith.  I have an outline done but this is very tough sledding finding the info.  I am pretty certain that I can never find all the info and will end up with just an outline.  But still lots more digging before I know that for sure (months away from having anything I am sure).
    Also, there is a wikipedia page that shows all the US Men's Freestyle Wrestlers by year and how they finished in world or olympic championships.  I retyped this data into a spreadsheet, made a bunch of calculations and observations, and then created two summary pages.  That is the second attachment you see.  I focused on 1960 thru 2018 since those were the years we were basically competing every year and are completed.  I am happy to answer any questions.  Just type them out.  Thanks  Tim
    Freestyle Records for 5 current wrestlers.xlsx
    US Men's Freestyle History.xlsx
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    vsnej reacted to Ray Brinzer in New York to get rid of 99lb weight class   
    I'm going to lay out my perspective on this.  Naturally, no one else needs to accept it, but I think it has a lot of utility.
    When I was a kid (this would be around 3rd and 4th grade), I used to look at the wall charts to see who was in my weight.  I developed a good sense of who everyone was, and could tell how tough my weight was.  I would go down the chart, and think, "He's good.  He sucks.  He's okay.  He's really good; if I make it to the semis, I'll probably have him.  He's okay..."
    After a few years, I found myself going down charts and thinking, "He sucks.  He sucks.  He sucks.  He sucks..."  At a certain point, I realized:  "These guys don't all suck.  I think I've gotten good."
    Most people start off with a fixed frame of reference.  The people who become sufficiently good at something tend to grow beyond it.
    "Garbage" is a pejorative term.  It's like "lard-ass".  Now, you can define your terms however you like, but if you call someone "lard-ass" and don't expect him to be offended, you're pretty foolish.  Saying, "Well, look, it's not my fault... here's what the term means, and here's how it applies to you" is either disingenuous or clueless.
    Likewise, the average middle school wrestler is average.  If you want to say "garbage" covers that, you can, but I don't think it's a good idea.
    The gap between the best middle school wrestlers and the average ones is indeed large.  As we get better at the sport, that gap will inevitably get larger.  That's not a good reason to term the average ones (or even the beginners) "garbage".
    Likewise, the gap between good college wrestlers and the best middle school wrestlers is large... and should be, else what have the college wrestlers been doing with their time?  That's not a good reason to term the best middle school wrestlers "garbage" either.
    If a good coach takes an average wrestler and works with him for awhile, he becomes a good wrestler.  How do you describe this?  "Well, you were garbage before, but now you're not?"  Again, you can define your terms however you like, but not all definitions are equally useful.  Talking like this isn't productive.
    Regarding most wrestlers at any given level with scorn is, in my view, stupid... and that's what this amounts to.
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    vsnej reacted to JasonBryant in New York to get rid of 99lb weight class   
    I don't believe it's the responsibility or purpose of high school athletic associations to facilitate the advancement of kids to get better. They provide the opportunity to compete. It's up to the individual teams and the outside clubs, etc., that provide the athlete additional opportunities to "get better," IMO. That might be more of a stance rooted in theory and traditionalism rather than reality, but it's not the responsibility to allow kids to "challenge themselves" by wrestling up. Wrestling, and every other sport for that matter, has opportunities outside of the state associations to focus on the advanced kids - AAU roundball has been doing it for decades. 
    Not saying I'm right about this at all, but I there's high-level clubs for that kind of thing. I also came up into a system where eighth-graders could compete on JV, but varsity was strictly 9-12. Even if there was no middle school wrestling leagues (Virginia lacks them in most areas of the state).
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    vsnej reacted to JasonBryant in Tattoos   
    Can you just leave?

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    vsnej reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in DT out for this year’s worlds   
    I don't think we should get too worked up about that. Let's be honest.
    If you have to beat DT for something, and instead suddenly don't have to even wrestle him at all and you get it anyway... that is surely a "gift" for anyone on the planet.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Coach_J in Men’s freestyle WTT day 1 thread   
    New Jersey Regional Training Center with 3 finalists today - nice job
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    vsnej reacted to Full Nelson in Men’s freestyle WTT day 1 thread   
    I like the enthusiasm of the Flo guys.   But when they shout into the microphones my wife comes into room and tells me to turn it down.   
    Well, guess I can't blame Flo for all of my domestic problems.   But they have technical details to work on.
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    vsnej reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Watered Down Olympics   
    watered down Olympics? we talking about aquatic sports again?
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    vsnej reacted to gmdband in Predict the world team   
    I agree about the injustice of cutting down from 10 weights to 6 for the Olympics to make medal room for women's wrestling.  If the Olympic Committee wants to free up some gold medals get rid of some of the swimming events.  Swimming is the most OVERREPRESENTED sport in the Olympics.  You could eliminate 20 swimming events and there would still be too many swimming events.   There are some also other aquatic events you could eliminate that few people watch.  The only reason some water sports are even in the Olympics is that someone with a lot of political juice pushes the sport through the Olympic Committees.
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    vsnej reacted to SetonHallPirate in Non-wrestlers needed   
    I never wrestled, and was never around wrestling growing up...my high school started wrestling the year after I graduated (and has since dropped it), my college dropped the sport a couple of years before I made it there, so I was never around it. Ran into it by accident channel-surfing one night and was instantly hooked.
    Ironically, my dad wrestled for Franklin & Marshall when he was in college, but he passed away while I was in HS, so I never got to share the sport with him. Funny story: the AD at Cornell (current NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Committee member Andy Noel) was my dad's workout partner.
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    vsnej reacted to gromit in Penn State’s Dominance in Collegiate Wrestling   
    the credit goes to Jairus "Jay" Hammond, may he RIP
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    vsnej reacted to buckeyehomer in I really enjoyed the "I really enjoyed the spencer lee era" era   
    Dude got it done
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    vsnej reacted to TBar1977 in NCAA Session 4 Thread   
    I have a feeling the tape of that Nolf match will be viewed more than the Zapruder Film. 
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    vsnej reacted to iwrite in Non Wrestling Fans   
    For 35 years, I earned my living as a full-time newspaper journalist and happened to be ass't sports editor of the daily newspaper  in Iowa City when Gary Kurdelmeier took over as head coach. I sat in his tiny, cramped office the spring of 1971 when he told me his master plan for changing Iowa wrestling from crowds of 300 in an auxiliary gym on a Saturday afternoon to a BIG TIME Saturday night event. He was a rare visionary ....and he knew the No. 1 key was getting the media involved. For decades, I have tried to get the leaders of various wrestling groups to listen but have had little success. I created WIN magazine, the WIN Memorabilia Show, the Dan Hodge Trophy, the Dan Gable Museum and have written 17 books about wrestling, all in an effort to increase the awareness in the general public.  I have had a struggle with USA Today editors for nearly 20 years and made some progress at times but when those editors moved on I had to start all over again.  So now, at age 75 and worn out, I have given up on getting wrestling to grow into the mainstream. If you want to read more about how Kurdelmeier changed the atmosphere in Iowa City and other battles I had as a newspaperman to try and improve wrestling coverage, you may want to get my 2017 book entitled  "A Journey: Reflections on 50 Years of Writing, Wrestling, Weightlifting and Heroes". -- Mike Chapman
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    vsnej reacted to TFBJR in New Jersey 21 Big 10 field 12..final   
    We all aspire to live in southeastern PA.   Perennially rated just behind the South of France as the #1 dream vacation destination.  
    Brush your tooth.
    And we all know you can't see your toes.  Now you are just being silly. 
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    vsnej got a reaction from JHRoseWrestling in Maryland Coach 2019/2020   
    Were you there in 2007 when crickets were in the Barn?
    Lets re-cap:
    2 AA's in each of the last 3 years; most likely at least 2 more this year & possible National Champion 3,000+ season tickets sold 5,000+ fans average home attendance 2 years in a row New wrestling facility in state of the art Athletic Performance Center Goodale is the CEO/Architect responsible for this - he's not going anywhere
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