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  1. Haha
    vsnej reacted to SetonHallPirate in "You're killing the sport of wrestling"   
    Well, that is the west coast of Lake Michigan.
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    vsnej reacted to CoachWrestling in Dom Demas vs. Kaid Brock Big 12 Final.. wow!   
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    vsnej reacted to TFBJR in New Jersey 21 Big 10 field 12..final   
    It never ends.  Perhaps try harder not to be objectionable. 
    6 from NJ - 2 from Rutgers.  How is Suriano a "lucky" get?  The guy bleeds RU Red every match. 
    What is wrong with PSU??? How many Pennsylvania guys scored for them - 1?  How come they don't get more "of these guys"?  
    Clearly Iowa and Ohio State have no idea what they are doing - they had no in-state guys win for them. 
    SeaBass goes to one of the finest coeducational institutions in the country if not the world.  
    McKenna stared out at Stanford and then transferred to arguably the 2nd best wrestling school in the country.  Myles made the same call and clearly has done tremendously well.   
    Cassar went to the best wrestling school in the world.   
    You list 5 of the 14 State Champs and question why they don't go to RU.  You conveniently leave off 2 of the 14 - 15% You're never going to get all of these guys at Rutgers.  That is OK.    I like Aragona (#1 ranked kid at his weight) and Kanniard (ranked in the top 6 of his weight class nationally).  Solid kids who should do great things. 
    Arguably the best day ever for Rutgers wrestling.  Give it a rest. 
  4. Haha
    vsnej reacted to Old Corps in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    I’m already fearing multiple “I really enjoyed the Gable Steveson era” threads. 
    Props to Cassar. 
  5. Haha
    vsnej reacted to stp in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    Mark Hall is still like four years older, right?
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    vsnej got a reaction from TFBJR in Big10 Predictions   
    ...BIG Tourney in Piscataway  next year
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    vsnej reacted to GoNotQuietly in Worst Calls, NCAA Finals   
    Ian Miller not being in one is the worst NCAA finals call.
  8. Haha
    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in What coaches will need successors in the next 5 years?   
    Really, TR?
  9. Haha
    vsnej reacted to StallWarning in Weird saying this, but Spencer Lee isn't even the best   
    Weird saying this, but Jimmy Cinnabon isn't even the best ****poster on this board anymore.  
    That is clearly StallWarning.  Perhaps even TBar could be rated higher than Cinnabon this year?
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    vsnej reacted to wildcatfan1992 in Nick Suriano   
    I noticed that he wasn't even off the mat after losing to Micic that the straps were coming off.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Creek chub in Va Tech vs Cornell   
    nice throw by Prata
  12. Haha
    vsnej reacted to headshuck in Caps for 197 class   
    For wearing prior to your match with Gentle Bo.

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    vsnej got a reaction from gimpeltf in Updated: NCAA's Prediction - Mid-February 2019   
    ...BTW, this August is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock
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    vsnej got a reaction from PSUMike in UM v PSU   
    We need more heavys like these guys
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    vsnej got a reaction from KTG119 in UM v PSU   
    We need more heavys like these guys
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    vsnej got a reaction from JBluegill133 in 133 - Meatgrinder of Parity   
    Most of these top tier 133lbers will have to breathe, huff & puff thru the BIG tourney first...
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    vsnej reacted to dtry222 in Suriano screwed up   
    Suriano lost in the finals last year after beating the defending champion while having a significant injury. He lost to a guy that made Final X on a technicality a week ago. His wrestling ability is fine. He’s certainly still improved since being at Rutgers as he has developed more high level offense off of his hand fights, as we’ve seen him go high double quite a bit this year. 
    Family, environment, and morale matters. He seems to be happy at Rutgers. Who knows what happens at PSU, but you don’t just need to be in that to improve and we’ve still seen the kid improve. 
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    vsnej reacted to GoNotQuietly in Suriano screwed up   
    Fair point.  Let me clarify; Suriano seemingly barely wrestled and lost by a hair to two extremely game competitors during a part of the season which I expect wrestlers to be a little down.  If he just cleans up his focus, and limits tactical errors slightly, he is right there for a title again.  If you're his coach, and you've got a plan, you're probably not too worried about him right now, imo.
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    vsnej got a reaction from KTG119 in Gomez loses   
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    vsnej reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Rutgers   
    it's been fun to watch Rutgers go from EIWA bottom dweller to a competitive top 20 team. I'm a big fan of their coaching staff and their wrestlers. I suppose when people see positive gains in places they are unfamiliar with they get defensive and their insecurities come out. For some reason Rutgers has been for a few years now a lightning rod for those insecure wrestling fans. 
    But the truth is New Jersey remains a wealthy, vibrant state that also consistently produces quality high school wrestlers from nearly every county, which is reflected in the competitiveness of all three D1 garden state programs. 
    You can nit pick and poke holes in Rutgers just like you can any program, and if that's what you enjoy doing then have fun I guess. seems like a miserable existence to me but as long as I don't have to live it, ya'll can go for it!
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    vsnej reacted to TFBJR in Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?   
    I am a fan of Rutgers.  As well as 7,500+ others in attendance today.   Place was bumping. 
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    vsnej reacted to JasonBryant in Serious Question tho...   
    I know the guy. We're friendly, but he's not on my Christmas card list. We get along and he was on my show five years ago. I text him from time to time when he says something amusing on a broadcast - that is the extent of our relationship. 
    Others might wonder the same. Others could also take that recommendation and ask. You decided to come up with a generic email address and generic username to cast doubt on someone when his information is quite freely available on Flo and on Twitter. If I had a question for someone about their background, you know what I do? I ask them. 
    This pussyfooting around playing this little game is childish bunk. Like I said, grow a set and ask the guy. He's not one to hide or hold back. Let's not stretch the truth and pretend you don't have an axe to grind or some ulterior motive by creating an account solely to ask about Mike's background. It's cowardly. 
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    vsnej reacted to Old Corps in Spencer Lee vs Patrick Glory semi   
    As some have already opined, I suspect that the area in which Lee most needs to develop is mental toughness, resilience and learning how to deal with the huge target that’s always going to be on his back. 
    Clearly, he’s exceptionally talented, but he’s now at a level where he’s continuously competing against wrestlers capable of beating him if he makes a mistake or two. He’s also going to increasingly face opponents who clam up on him in an attempt to “lose honorably” and that often frustrates guys like Lee. 
    All of this calls for some coaching and mentoring and I think the Iowa staff is more than capable of handling this. 
    I’m a fan of Lee and think he can be one of the best ever!
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    vsnej got a reaction from KingK0ng in ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident   
    Hear from some of the kids on the team...
    Buena senior 138-pounder Luke Souder, said he didn’t see it as a racist act.
    “It’s just a rule. His hair was too long and that’s what happened,” said Souder, who is white. “If my hair was too long it would have been cut too. That’s a rule. It’s a real rule.
    “We know that it wasn’t anything that was that big of a deal. He didn’t have the cap that attaches. I guess he didn’t know he had to have one. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just a rule.”
    Souder said the team has been entertained by the media exposure and that he was shocked it has drawn so much attention.
    “The next day (after the video went viral) someone said it (had become a national story) and I thought they were joking,” said Souder, who added Johnson just wants the attention to go away. “I was like ‘No way.’ My whole school was like ‘Oh my gosh, he had to cut his hair,' but no one in the gym was like ‘This is racist.’ Everybody was like ‘Oh crap he’s got to cut his hair to help the team.’ He did something to help the team and that’s the story there really. He did something to help the team out.”
    Senior 182-pounder Jaden Roberts, who is black, said he was upset for Johnson but didn't think it was a racially-motivated decision either.
    "It was just a rule and he did what he had to do for the team," said Roberts. "It was handled perfectly fine. No matter what color skin you are you have to follow the rule and that's what happened. Drew did what he had to do for the team. He made the decision."  
    whole article:

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    vsnej reacted to pish6969 in Rank the Rankers   
    WrestleStats is the best tool in this sport for us fans the last few years. Let’s not bust on Andegre for all the time he puts into it.  
    Without wrestlestats, good luck looking up results, comparing duals, etc.
    His rankings are a lifetime achievement Eli rating system not a 1 yr glance.
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