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    vsnej got a reaction from KingK0ng in ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident   
    Hear from some of the kids on the team...
    Buena senior 138-pounder Luke Souder, said he didn’t see it as a racist act.
    “It’s just a rule. His hair was too long and that’s what happened,” said Souder, who is white. “If my hair was too long it would have been cut too. That’s a rule. It’s a real rule.
    “We know that it wasn’t anything that was that big of a deal. He didn’t have the cap that attaches. I guess he didn’t know he had to have one. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just a rule.”
    Souder said the team has been entertained by the media exposure and that he was shocked it has drawn so much attention.
    “The next day (after the video went viral) someone said it (had become a national story) and I thought they were joking,” said Souder, who added Johnson just wants the attention to go away. “I was like ‘No way.’ My whole school was like ‘Oh my gosh, he had to cut his hair,' but no one in the gym was like ‘This is racist.’ Everybody was like ‘Oh crap he’s got to cut his hair to help the team.’ He did something to help the team and that’s the story there really. He did something to help the team out.”
    Senior 182-pounder Jaden Roberts, who is black, said he was upset for Johnson but didn't think it was a racially-motivated decision either.
    "It was just a rule and he did what he had to do for the team," said Roberts. "It was handled perfectly fine. No matter what color skin you are you have to follow the rule and that's what happened. Drew did what he had to do for the team. He made the decision."  
    whole article:

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    vsnej reacted to pish6969 in Rank the Rankers   
    WrestleStats is the best tool in this sport for us fans the last few years. Let’s not bust on Andegre for all the time he puts into it.  
    Without wrestlestats, good luck looking up results, comparing duals, etc.
    His rankings are a lifetime achievement Eli rating system not a 1 yr glance.
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    vsnej reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Rutgers v Rider   
    Great Scott!
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    vsnej got a reaction from KTG119 in #1 vs #2   
    True, but I think Goodale eluded to the fact that with so many teams at CK (40+) the opportunity to face different opponents was why they decided to go
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    vsnej reacted to Aviator12 in How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?   
    The key is to bring in wrestlers who weigh between 125-285 that can beat the wrestlers that OSU and Penn State have at those same weights.
    Im also an Ohio State fan so please keep this secret between you and I O.P....
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    vsnej reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Separated at birth?   
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    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in Lehigh at Iowa   
    Boomer started with this database (Lehigh). I remember his stack of huge notebooks back in the 80s (maybe earlier). Eventually he did NCAAs (including all 3 divisions) which is where most people know of his stuff. He eventually did a few conferences (EIWA, B1G, Big 8/12).  He also did OK St, PSU, Cornell (both of them!), and N Iowa. 
    John Aadland has picked up to keep Lehigh and EIWA updated. Cornell took it on themselves, I believe. The NCAA has been updated periodically
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    vsnej reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
    Anthony Cassioppi

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    vsnej reacted to TBar1977 in Cassar vs Stevenson   
    Gable should beat Cassar even worse than Kollin Moore beat him last year.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Housebuye in CKLV Discussion   
    Finalist in 5 of first 6 weights from New Jersey
    Myles Martin makes 6 total
    Nice job NJ
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    vsnej got a reaction from Hotkarl712 in CKLV Discussion   
    Finalist in 5 of first 6 weights from New Jersey
    Myles Martin makes 6 total
    Nice job NJ
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    vsnej reacted to TBar1977 in Sad / Taylor   
    If we are going to endorse absurdities, can Sads beat Spencer Freaking Lee? 
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    vsnej reacted to BigTimeFan in Worlds Day 3 Thread   
    About Green, my feed went down in the middle of the match and then Track wouldn't let me log back in, saying I didn't have a valid passcode. Rather than fight with it, I bought a new one on my cc on the theory I could get a refund. By the time I got back in, Green had lost. It may have been my fault, guys.
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    vsnej got a reaction from cjc007 in Our singlets - yuck   
    I like the light blue/grey - gold did not look gold on TV
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    vsnej got a reaction from Yellow_Medal in Day 2 Thread   
    Long time coming for DT...

    Dake next...
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    vsnej got a reaction from TobusRex in Day 2 Thread   
    On the Olympic Channel on cable
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    vsnej got a reaction from KTG119 in Rutgers Ashnault Interview   
    Good article on Anthony's season off the mat and looking forward.

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    vsnej reacted to Frank_Rizzo in '10 Hawkeyes vs '18 Nittany Lions   
    What style is that?  The "have the very best wrestlers on your team" style?  Because everyone tries to teach that style.  Iowa succeeds at it too from time to time, e.g. Spencer Lee. 
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    vsnej reacted to HokieHWT in Best Ever PSU wrestler   
    Cary Kolat
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    vsnej reacted to BobDole in #TaylorTuesday   
    Fans: We want more coverage
    Also Fans: Quit hyping up wrestlers
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    vsnej reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Final X format — current critique   
    there are innumerable ways to measure a term as imprecise as "market growth" but Flo does distinguish between unique and reoccurring viewers if it makes anyone feel any better. I suppose we could always ignore uniques and all other metrics when presenting our 'market growth' figures to whomever, but anyone with any media savvy would see through the ruse immediately. 
    FloPro subscriptions are $150/year, or $12.50 a month. There's no pay-per-view option. so if you sign up for Final X you get all three events, plus every other event FloWrestling carries for a calendar year (U.S. Open, Beat the Streets, most of the Big Ten home duals, Fargo, Southern Scuffle, Super 32, and much much more), plus every other Flo website (grappling, track & field, volleyball, rugby, bowling, etc). solid deal imo but I am biased (I work for Flo, though I receive nothing for additions to our subscriber count).
    emailing support@flosports.tv should get you answers to any other questions you can think of!
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    vsnej reacted to MSU158 in Half of Hawks' Lineup from PA?   
    One word-Terry.  I would agree with you in most other instances that Cael has proven to get who he wants.  However, Lee's aspirations go far beyond DI.  Terry Brands has proven to be the best domestic lightweight coach for a LONG time, going all the way back to Cejudo.
    If Terry wasn't at Iowa, I would agree that PSU would have still grabbed Lee, even with Suriano.  But, Lee has been pretty adamant that Terry made his decision easy.  Having the last 4 years of US reps come out of Iowa in Ramos, Dennis and Gilman went a LOOOONG ways to reel Lee in.
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    vsnej reacted to Ching in What's the proper way to discuss wrestler with a rumored mental health condition?   
    What about discussing a forum poster's mental health? Is that off limits?
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    vsnej reacted to boconnell in How Good are Women   
    I had a friend who was given some scholarship money as a basketball manager for that exact reason.  He was a starter in HS who had zero offers even for D3 basketball and his job was to hammer the D1 girls starters in scrimmages. 
    But I will say this is a stupid thread and Women's sports need to be enjoyed and celebrated for what they are rather than knocked for what they aren't.  Men's sprinters would get destroyed by mediocre horses but we still celebrate Usain Bolt for being the best in his sport and we put no asterisks on him because he is only the fastest human.  Let women be great without either pretending they are as good as men or pretending they are not good because they aren't as good as men.  
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    vsnej reacted to fudge_tunnel in So what's the deal with your screen name?   
    Mine, obviously, refers to the transcending limitations of the human condition....
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