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    vsnej reacted to Gambatte in So what's the deal with your screen name?   
    Gambatte! Give your best. Even against insurmountable odds, give your all. A Japanese phrase I picked up training with Chuo University in 1973. Has multiple levels of meaning and grew out of the Samurai tradition.
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    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in So what's the deal with your screen name?   
    We read a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer in freshman english. Gimpel The Fool. Luckily I ended up with the first 4 letters. (Mostly known as Gimp)
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    vsnej reacted to gimpeltf in So what's the deal with your screen name?   
    That name eclipses all the others!
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    vsnej reacted to gutfirst in So what's the deal with your screen name?   
    Back in the day you were only allowed 1 gut unless you scored 2 or more after. You could gut or lift. We trained to gut first, lift second.
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    vsnej reacted to redblades in Hahn to SDSU   
    Nice article in the Cornell Daily Sun:
    “He’s been an intricate part of Cornell wrestling’s success story for the last 12 years,” said head coach Rob Koll. “Our loss is SDSU’s gain!”
    “Damion’s an amazing coach, and an awesome person,” Diakomihalis told The Sun. “He’s been in the program for my whole wrestling career, and it’s sad to see him go but this is an amazing opportunity for him and he’s going to do great things at SDSU.”
    “Only bad thing about being surrounded by talented and successful people is that they often move on to face bigger challenges,” Max [Dean] wrote on Instagram. “I have been so blessed to get to learn under [Hahn] not only as a wrestler but also as a man.”
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    vsnej reacted to MSU158 in 133lb transfer....   
    I am sorry, but you seem to only have a webster's dictionary understanding of autism. My cousin has a 11 year old that is autistic. Out of respect we listened to her educate us on how to deal with him and we witnessed his development, or lack thereof, from birth until now.
    autism doesn't effect everyone the same, obviously. But, I call DeSanto on the good side of the spectrum by the simple fact he can even wrestle, let alone get as far as he has. It isn't aspergers, where he can't help saying incorrect things. It is a SOCIAL INTERACTION disorder. It effects all aspects of processing how to deal with other people and the situations they create.
    Simply put, autism effects his ability to RESPOND in the way many feel is "correct". When you call him violent, remember he isn't running around trying to hurt people. He just doesn't know how to process when things go "wrong" and to him that can easily happen when he loses control of a match and gets behind. He hasn't appeared to be able to process that and It seems that pressure has resulted in what many are complaining about now.
    Now, I get that many wouldn't want to deal with the baggage. I just think the baggage has been mischaracterised.
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    vsnej got a reaction from nyum in The Penn State Killer   
    Casey Cunningham with the assist
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    vsnej reacted to Tofurky in Lock Haven   
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    vsnej reacted to cornercoach in EMU President Axed Wrestling Program @ Northern State, South Dakota   
    .... wife has a hyphenated last name- red flag.....
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    vsnej reacted to BigApple in Why have so few schools won a wrestling D-I team title?   
    Wrestling is a technique and personality sport. One individual can make a major impact.
    Ed Gallagher gave OSU a huge lead technically by applying engineering principles to the human skeleton. He got his wrestlers coaching positions at Perry, Ponca City, Blackwell, and Cushing to develop a feeder program for OSU.
    Art Griffith first developed "counter wrestling" as a style. He figured he couldn't beat Gallagher's disciples using the same style. So Tulsa Central because of the huge talent base became the best high school wrestling team perhaps ever in the U.S. When Griffith took over OSU he completely changed it's style of wrestling.
    Port Robertson who was coached by Paul Keen, who was a Gallagher disciple believed in pinning. John Devine the Perry coach had wrestled for Gallagher had a falling out with Griffith when he was told his wrestlers would need to change their style to wrestle at OSU. Port and Devine formed a close relationship which created the great pipeline from Perry to OU, making OU a powerhouse.
    Harold Nichols got in the ground floor of hosting large wrestling camps in the summer. He hired many OSU and OU former wrestlers as clinicians. This began the wholesale export of the then advanced techniques from Oklahoma to Iowa. Nichols stockpiled the best high school wreskers in the upper midwest. Thus, the first dominant outside of Oklahoma was created.
    Gary Kurdleneier and Dan Gable transformed college wrestling by doing the following.
    1. Having post collegiate wrestlers at every weight class as workout partners.
    2. Gable implemented strength training in wrestling which had never been done before on a wholesale basis.
    Although wrestling is a team sport, the score is derived from each individual scores. So a team with 4-5 outstanding wrestlers can win the NCAA title. iowa under Gable was the exception, it usually had 8-10 outstanding wrestlers.
    Kids idolize the outstanding athletes at the next level in their sport. Wrestling is the only one where the great college wrestlers windup as head coaches at a major program. These major programs have the recruiting network at the in-state high schools, extra funding by alumni, large crowds. All these things make it hard to break into the upper echelon.
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    vsnej reacted to WildTurkey44 in Separated at birth?   
    That's exactly what I was thinking when. I saw Rasheed interviewed on Espn. It's like he is the grown up version of Dustin. Almost spot on! Lmao
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    vsnej reacted to sgallan in NCAA FINALS   
    I am pretty sure his attitude is like Zahid's last year. It was a match i got beat. Both of these guys have long carers after they get out of college. They were easily the class of the weights. Neither duck any challenges. Wrestling in the US is about the challenge not the specific tournaments. I am of the opinion that this is why we are back to our hey days of the 80's and mid 90's.
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    vsnej got a reaction from gallison in Billy Baldwin   
    ...on the flip-side, David Taylor has been excellent on ESPN 
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    vsnej got a reaction from NJDan in Billy Baldwin   
    ...on the flip-side, David Taylor has been excellent on ESPN 
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    vsnej got a reaction from scribe in Session 5 thread   
    McFadden/Marstellar - good match, nice win by Chance
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    vsnej got a reaction from scribe in Session 5 thread   
    Lock Haven moves ahead of Lehigh
    what a difference a day makes...
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    vsnej reacted to pamela in Session 4 Thread   
    Did James Green have to wear red anklebands though?
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    vsnej reacted to LoStNuMbEr in Session 4 Thread   
    Chad Red should never be allowed to wear green anklebands
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    vsnej reacted to pamela in Session 4 Thread   
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    vsnej got a reaction from Lammergeier in Session Three Thread   
    Way to go Delvecchio !
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    vsnej reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Kudos to ESPN ... but is Marsteller really a daddy?   
    Don't be ridiculous you guys.  Bo doesn't have any kids in college.  They're not even in kindergarten yet.
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    vsnej reacted to GoNotQuietly in Tsirtsis   
    Him coming back to AA would be every bit as impressive as his national title.  Great kid.
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    vsnej got a reaction from Eagle26 in Session Two Thread   
    Lock Haven !
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    vsnej got a reaction from pjm46 in Session Two Thread   
    Lock Haven !
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    vsnej reacted to RoadrunnerPride in First Session Thread   
    Fear the turtle lol
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