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  1. Evan Wick is currently in his SIXTH year of post high-school wrestling. He graduated H.S. in 2016. His first collegiate season was the 2016-2017 season when he was redshirted at Wisconsin. He then competed collegiately as a RS Freshman for Wisconsin during the 2017-2018 season and as a RS Sophomore during the 2018-2019 season (and competed at the NCAA tournament in both of those two seasons). Then in 2020 - when the NCAA championships were cancelled he did qualify for the NCAA tournament despite being injured at the Big Ten tournament. And that 2020 season is not counted against eligibility due to COVID. In 2021 Wick utilized an Olympic Redshirt and did not compete in college wrestling. So, despite the fact that he is listed on the Cal Poly roster as a RS "Senior" he is, in fact, a RS Junior this season, and he very well could return for 2023 IF HE CHOOSES TO DO SO. Having said that he was one of FOUR Cal Poly Senior wrestlers mentioned in Cal Poly's website article on their 2022 Senior wrestling day. Yet Wick is the only "Senior" on their team roster.
  2. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. No argument about that. But I don't see Figueroa beating out Courtney. My GUESS at the ASU lineup for 2023 would be: 125 - Brandon Courtney & Richard Figueroa 133 - Michael McGee 141 - Vasqez & Ramos 149 - Kyle Parco 157 - Jacori Teemer 165 - Kendall Norfleet & Max Wilner 174 - Cael Valencia 184 - Unclear at this point. Could be someone from the Transfer Portal perhaps. 197 - Kordell Norfleet 285 - Cohlton Schultz
  3. You may be right about losing just Anthony but if I'm not mistaken some of the guys on the ASU team who are listed this year as RS Juniors will have graduated by the time next season gets here (or have already graduated). So whether they will choose to return for 2023 remains to be seen at this point. Guys like Brandon Courtney, Michael McGee, Kordell Norfleet. This season is Brandon Courtney's 5th collegiate wrestling year. 2017-2018 was his True Freshman year (when he was redshirted). The same applies to Michael McGee and Kordell Norfleet - both are in their 5th year of collegiate wrestling. As to who replaces Anthony next season at ASU my GUESS would be the younger Norfleet, i.e., Kendall Norfleet. Who placed 3rd yesterday at the Iowa Last Chance tournament at 165 lbs.
  4. I thought Griffith vs Wick part two looked very similar to part one, i.e., just a replay. It was close early but as the match played out Wick was simply the better wrestler. My question about Wick is - because the 2020 season is not counted as a year of eligibility - does that mean Wick can return in 2023 for a SEVENTH season?
  5. Schultz is listed on the preview on the ASU wrestling website preview as the ASU starter at 285 lbs. But my GUESS is it will depend on where they start the dual with Lehigh and whether or not they will need him at 285 lbs. If they start at 125 lbs then they could opt for Porter and not risk injury to Schultz. Same for Norfleet at 197 lbs I imagine.
  6. If you didn't watch the Cal State Bakersfield @ Stanford dual last night you missed a good one. The dual wasn't decided until the final match. The deciding points were won by Real Woods at 141 lbs with his MD win over # 27 ranked Angelo Martinoni of CSUB. Stanford was trailing 17-16 before that final match last night. The final team score was Stanford 20 - CSUB 17. And the only Stanford starter who wasn't in the lineup last night was Logan Ashton at 125 lbs - who the announcers on the video last night said he was seen at the match on crutches. If he's on crutches right now it seems hard to believe he will be able to wrestle for Stanford at the PAC 12 tournament 23 days from now. But stranger things have occurred. Some of the things I saw during this match last night. Chundi looked better last night than what I saw of him earlier this season. He lost again but he didn't get Majored or Teched or pinned. So that was a win for Stanford. Chance Rich was very clearly better than Jackson DiSario - the 9-4 score is a bit deceiving. It wasn't that close. Maybe DiSario should have stayed at 125 lbs instead of moving up to 133 this season, i.e., DiSario at 125 lbs (backed up by Ashton) with Miranda at 133 lbs, etc. At 157 lbs Darracott squeaked by Brock Rogers. Very close match. Griffith was Griffith (dominant). Eischens looked out of shape and was gassed all thru the third period versus Urias. The match barely made it to overtime and Urias very quickly got the Takedown on Eischens to win that match. Hansen and Sieder dominated their Stanford opponents. Very impressed by both of them. No. 17 Stanford 20, CSU Bakersfield 17 Weight Matchup Result 125 Eddie Flores (CSUB) dec. Suhas Chundi (STAN) 8-3 133 #23 Chance Rich dec. #31 Jackson DiSario (STAN) 9-4 141 #5 Real Woods (STAN) maj. dec. #27 Angelo Martinoni (CSUB) 14-3 149 #12 Jaden Abas (STAN) maj. dec. Josh Brown (CSUB) 16-5 157 Charlie Darracott (STAN) dec. Brock Rogers (CSUB) 9-7 165 #3 Shane Griffith (STAN) fall Auggie Garcia (CSUB) F2:38 174 Albert Urias (CSUB) dec. #29 Tyler Eischens (STAN) 10-8 (SV) 184 Jacob Hansen (CSUB) maj. dec. Nick Addison (STAN) 10-2 197 Nick Stemmet (STAN) dec. Josh Loomer (CSUB) 8-3 285 Jacob Sieder (CSUB) maj. dec. Peter Ming (STAN) 14-4
  7. THURSDAY - FEBRUARY 10, 2022 Cal State Bakersfield @ Stanford - 5 p.m. P.T. (6 p.m. M.T) - Available on PAC 12 Insider (see Stanford or CSUB wrestling schedule webpage for link) FRIDAY - FEBRUARY 11, 2022 Little Rock @ North Dakota State - 7 p.m. C.T. - Can be watched via the North Dakota wrestling schedule webpage SATURDAY - FEBRUARY 12, 2022 Missouri @ Arizona State - 6 p.m. M.T. - Can be watched via the PAC 12 Insider (see Arizona State's wrestling schedule webpage) SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 13, 2022 Air Force @ Cal Poly - 2 p.m. P.T. Cal State Bakersfield @ Cal Poly - 4 p.m. P.T. Little Rock @ South Dakota State - 2 p.m. C.T. (Can we watched via the South Dakota State wrestling schedule webpage)
  8. Powell was on the ASU roster last month. But you appear to be correct. He is no longer on the ASU wrestling team roster. No idea what happened but maybe he just entered the Transfer Portal and is looking to go elsewhere. As to what you wrote about Courtney...........if I understood what you wrote above you believe that Courtney - the 2021 NCAA runner-up at 125 lbs - is no match for Figueroa or McGee????? I'm guess I'm just not seeing the logic in that. McGee I can see, somewhat, why you would say that, but not Figueroa (who hasn't wrestled at all as far as I can tell). Put eight more pounds on Courtney and have him go up against McGee...........it would be an interesting match. Not sure who would win it tho.
  9. And Cal Poly is favored in both of those two matches. BTW - Arizona State has now (as of today) wrestled and beaten Cal Poly, Oregon State and Stanford. And of those three wrestling teams it was Cal Poly that had the closest team score when they lost to Arizona State: Jan. 24 - Cal Poly lost 20-18 to Arizona State Jan. 30 - Oregon State lost 20-17 to Arizona State Feb. 4 - Stanford lost 25-15 to Arizona State (with a Forfeit at 125 lbs)
  10. And now the announcers tell us ASU wins at 125 by forfeit
  11. According to the ASU twitter page Ramos and Ashton are both in the lineups at 141 and 125 respectively for ASU and Stanford.
  12. Friday's probable lineups: Cal Poly (2-1, 1-1) 125 — No. 30 Antonio Lorenzo (12-6), Redshirt Freshman, Antelope, Calif. 133 — Abe Hinrichsen (14-11), Freshman, Washington, Ill. 141 — No. 31 Lawrence Saenz (9-3), Redshirt Sophomore, Vacaville, Calif. 149 — No. 17 Legend Lamer (9-3), Redshirt Freshman, Corvallis, Ore. 157 — Brawley Lamer (8-9), Redshirt Junior, Corvallis, Ore. 165 — No. 1 Evan Wick (12-0), Redshirt Senior, San Marino, Calif. 174 — No. 8 Adam Kemp (12-2), Redshirt Sophomore, Palantine, Ill. 184 — No. 5 Bernie Truax (9-1), Redshirt Sophomore, Oceanside, Calif. 197 — Trent Tracy (10-7), Sophomore, Buttonwillow, Calif. 285 — Samuel Aguilar (7-5), Redshirt Junior, Apple Valley, Calif. Oregon State (5-3, 1-1) 125 -- No. 16 Brandon Kaylor (15-3), Redshirt Sophomore, Bonney Lake, Wash. 133 -- No. 12 Devan Turner (16-5), Redshirt Senior, Dixon, Calif. 141 -- No. 14 Grant Willits (19-4), Redshirt Junior, Pueblo, Colo. 149 -- No. 28 Cory Crooks (10-6), Graduate, Anthem, Ariz. 157 -- No. 15 Hunter Willits (9-5), Redshirt Junior, Pueblo, Colo. or Lane Stigall (6-6), Redshirt Junior, Aurora, Ore. 165 -- Matthew Olguin (8-8), Redshirt Freshman, Fresno, Calif. or Mason Reiniche (6-5), Freshman, Soddy Daisy, Tenn. 174 -- No. 27 Aaron "Mateo" Olmos (12-7), Redshirt Junior, Imperial Beach, Calif. 184 -- No. 12 Trey Munoz (14-2), Redshirt Freshman, Mission Viejo, Calif. 197 -- Ryan Reyes (7-7), Sophomore, Fresno, Calif. 285 -- No. 9 Gary Traub (16-4), Senior, Cincinnati, Ohio The WrestleStat dual comparison projects Oregon State to win this dual match 18-13. Yet one upset could result in Cal Poly winning this dual match. And that upset might just occur at 197 lbs with 7-7 Ryan Reyes vs 10-7 Trent Tracy. The results of two of the most recent opponents for these two are as follows: Trent Tracy won by Tech Fall over Little Rock's Brooks Sacharczyk (16-0 in 7 minutes) on Jan. 30, 2022 Ryan Reyes won 16-14 over Little Rock's Brooks Sacharczyk on Jan. 14, 2022 and Trent Tracy lost 5-2 to Arizona State's Kordell Norfleet on Jan. 24, 2022 Ryan Reyes lost by MD (14-2) to Kordell Norfleet on Jan. 30., 2022
  13. Logan Ashton is also listed as the probable starter for Stanford at 125 lbs however he hasn't competed since January 1st.
  14. Well, I'm assuming that whoever put that "history" together was probably too young to remember the 1980's (unlike myself). And you know young people - they all think the world began when they were born and anything that happened prior to that is irrelevant. According to the history of PAC8/PAC 10/PAC 12 wrestling found here ---- https://static.pac-12.com/sports/wrestling/pdf/WRESTLING.pdf The Stanford wrestling program was one of the first five PAC 8 teams to have a wrestling program when wrestling first started in that conference in 1963 - along with Washington, Washington State, UCLA and California. However the PAC 8 actually wasn't created until the summer of 1964 and it was actually known as the AAWU (the Athletic Association of Western Universities) in 1963. Arizona State first began competing in wrestling in the PAC 10 conference 16 years later in 1979 (along with Arizona). Arizona and ASU had been members of the Western Athletic Conference prior to 1979 - when they both joined the newly created PAC 10 (which was created in 1978). Arizona State and Stanford have been in the same conference and competing in wrestling since 1979. So how can the author of this "history" say they started wrestling against each other in 2005 (26 years after 1979)?
  15. Interesting fact regarding the Arizona State vs. Stanford series in wrestling. Stanford has won 5 of the last 7 duals between ASU and Stanford. At least that is according to this history of these two wrestling teams found on the Stanford wrestling website: https://gostanford.com/sports/wrestling/opponent-history/arizona-state-university/3086 Also, for reasons unknown to me (again according to the Stanford website) these two teams first faced off against each other in wrestling as recently as 2005. I would have thought that it would have happened long before that.
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