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  1. You beat me to it by 2 hours. I just checked the Oregon State webpage and they - apparently - have just recently posted their lineup for 2020-2021. https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling/roster/2020-21?&sort=position
  2. From the Fresno Bee article on this: "The Bulldogs’ wrestling program, which had been dropped in 2006 in a cost-cutting move, returned to the mat for the 2018 season. It quickly developed top-level wrestlers, but its operating costs were nearly double what was projected when the sport was reinstated." "Fresno State spent $1.12 million on wrestling in 2019, the most of the three sports that were eliminated." "The wrestling program also has been under investigation by the university and the NCAA for rules violations after a report that a stripper or strippers performed at a party that included recruits on official visits." "And, while the Valley is a hotbed for prep wrestling, that did not translate into ticket sales for meets at the Save Mart Center, even if Fresno State was ranked in the Top 10 in the nation in attendance." "It generated $118,252 in ticket revenue in 2018, but only $79,645 in 2019, according to the financial report Fresno State submitted to the NCAA." Read more here: https://www.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/article246504080.html#storylink=cpy
  3. Need to see a source for this. I see nothing on the website for the Fresno paper on this.
  4. Ahh, ok, that explains that - I was thinking he competed in FS. However that still doesn't refute my assertion that just because he was competing at that weight doesn't mean he was AT that weight. He could easily have been at 185 lb (or less).
  5. I think you may have made a minor error here. Flo Wrestling listed the weight class for the Senior Nationals as 86 kg (not 87). Just because he competed at 189 lbs for that event does not mean he weighs that much. The next lower weight class was 74 kgs (162 lbs) so he very well could have been somewhere in-between that weight range, i.e., 174 to 185 or thereabouts. Maybe he weighs just over 180 lbs right now. He could easily drop a few lbs and compete at 174 lbs for the 2020-2021 season WHENEVER THAT SEASON BEGINS.
  6. Glad to see you have proven yourself to be a nitwit who should never be heard from again. You'll make a great and well deserved addition to my IGNORE list. Well done on that nitwit.
  7. CORRECTION - I earlier wrote that Alex Felix went 10-10 last season for SF State at 133 lbs. I was wrong as he competed at 141 lbs for SF State last season. Yet the updated Cal Poly roster has him at 133 lbs for 2020-2021. Alex Felix 141 Record: 10-10/5-5 Nov. 7, 2019 Nov. 16, 2019 Nov. 17, 2019 Nov. 24, 2019 Nov. 24, 2019 Nov. 24, 2019 Nov. 24, 2019 Nov. 24, 2019 Dec. 6, 2019 Dec. 6, 2019 Dec. 6, 2019 Dec. 7, 2019 Dec. 7 2019 Dec. 17, 2019 Dec. 18, 2019 Jan. 4, 2020 Jan. 4, 2020 Jan. 4, 2020 Jan. 10, 2020 Jan. 10, 2020 W L L L W W W L W L L L L W W W W L W L MD 15-6 vs. Steven Kroesen (Vanguard) 6-3 vs. Jake Ryan (Cal Poly) TF 16-1 (5:00) vs. #13 Real Woods 6-5 vs. Eric Reyes (Menlo) Injury Default vs. Clai Quintanilla (Fresno State) 3-1 vs. Adam Velasquez (California Baptist) 5-1 vs. Lorenzo De La Cruz (California Baptist) 8-4 vs. Noah Blakely-Beanes (Cal State Bakersfield) 4-2 vs. Clayton Currier (MSU-Northern) Fall (1:23) vs. Christan Balagso (Providence) 8-3 vs. Randy McDonald (Simon Fraser) 9-5 vs. Christian Mesa (Providence) Medical Forfeit vs. Matthew Meshcke (Dickinson State) 10-9 vs. Matt Peterson (Southern Oregon) MD 11-1 vs. Silas LaGroue (Simpson) MD 9-1 vs. Patrick Garcia III (Simpson) 3-2 vs. Devin Everk (Menlo) Injury Default vs. Mason Boutain (SF State) 5-2 vs. Joe Taylor (#T19 Chadron State) Injury Default vs. #3 Noah Hermosillo (#11 Adams State)
  8. According to the recently updated Cal Poly wrestling team roster the following APPEARS to be their lineup: 125 lbs Antonio Lorenzo - RS Freshman - 17-5 last season while redshirting at 125 lbs Jack Lenox - RS Freshman - 9-7 last season at 125 lbs 133 lbs Alex Felix - RS Sophomore - Transfer from San Francisco State & Ohio State - 10-10 last season at 133 lbs Benny Martinez - RS Sophomore - Last season's starter at 125 lbs (6th at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 125 lbs) Adam Jacob - True Freshman Elijah Blake - True Freshman Joshua Medina - True Freshman 141 lbs Jake Ryan - RS Freshman - 6-8 last season at 141 lbs (6th at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 141 lbs - so why is he listed as a RS Freshman?) Wyatt Cornelison - RS Sophomore - 16-10 last season at 141 lbs Ricky Torres - RS Freshman - 3-4 last season at 141 lbs Trae Vasquez - RS Freshman - 4-5 last season at 133 lbs 149 lbs Legend Lamer - RS Freshman - 7-4 last season at 149 lbs & 5-1 last season at 157 lbs Logan Gioffre - True Freshman Noah Cortez - True Freshman 157 lbs Brawley Lamer - RS Sophomore - 12-13 last season at 157 lbs (4th at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 157 lbs) Joe LaRosa - RS Sophomore - DNC last season Max Anderson - RS Freshman - 10-10 last season at 157 lbs Daniel Vizcarra - RS Freshman - 16-7 last season at 149 lbs Kendall LaRosa - True Freshman Andrew Forman - True Freshman 165 lbs Dylan Miracle - RS Sophomore - 7-7 last season at 165 lbs & 2-5 last season at 174 lbs (Fourth at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 174 lbs) Jarad Priest - True Freshman 174 lbs Nathan Tausch - RS Sophomore - 1-9 last season at 174 lbs Bernie Truax - RS Freshman - Last season's starter at 165 lbs (3rd at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 165 lbs) Max Aguire - RS Freshman - 4-1 last season at 174 lbs - 1-0 at 184 lbs William Kloster - True Freshman 184 lbs Trent Tracy - RS Freshman - 6-12 last season at 184 lbs (6th at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 184 lbs) Tyler Gianakopulos - True Freshman Tyler Avila - True Freshman 197 lbs Trevor Tinker - True Freshman Josh Harkey - True Freshman Reagan Dahle - True Freshman 285 lbs Sam Aguilar - RS Sophomore - 8-12 last season at 285 lbs (4th at 2020 PAC 12 tournament) Lucas Cook - True Freshman
  9. I noticed on Cal Poly's recently updated wrestling roster that their projected starter at 133 lbs, i.e., Cole Reyes, is NOT listed on the roster. Yet a transfer from San Francisco State (who initially wrestled for Ohio State) is listed on the roster at 133 lbs. That being Alex Felix. Felix went 10-10 last season at SF State until being injured last January (which ended his season). https://gopoly.com/sports/wrestling/roster/alex-felix/6889
  10. https://gopoly.com/sports/wrestling/roster/2020-21?&sort=weight So now the ONLY PAC-12 team to have NOT done so is Oregon State.
  11. I see the defenders of mistakes are out in force on this one. If I come across something that is BLATANTLY wrong I will continue to call it out. If that's a problem for the defenders of all that is wrong - then it is exactly that.....................THEIR PROBLEM.
  12. I noticed on the WrestleStat listing for the wrestlers on Cal Poly's team for the upcoming season that WrestleStat has Kendall LaRosa listed at 125 lbs (# 144 at 125 lbs). But considering the fact that Kendall LaRosa competed the last two seasons at 160 lbs that would be QUITE the drop in weight for him to get all the way down to 125 lbs. Also his older brother is on Cal Poly's wrestling team and he competes at 174 lbs. The last time Kendall LaRosa wrestled within 20 lbs of 125 lbs was three years ago when he competed at 145 lbs. https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/13/cal-poly/profile
  13. According to this article Navonte Demison is also moving up from 141 lbs to 149 lbs. https://www.bakersfield.com/sports/bvarsity/navonte-demison-hopes-changes-in-diet-mechanics-will-lead-to-more-success-at-asu/article_cfba040e-0355-11eb-964c-476395deaf96.html
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