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  1. I saw nothing like that on the ASU wrestling facebook page however I did see this message that was posted 19 hours ago: "Patrick Thompson Maybe I've seen too many Marvel movies where the post-credit scene gives away something about the next movie, but I'm gonna guess that Norfleet is wrestling Friday!!!!"
  2. Could it be? Sure.............it could also be that ASU wins five of the ten matches.
  3. I just checked the Arizona State wrestling webpage and they have weekly wrestling notes for ASU. I noticed that this week's notes included the following "Probable Lineup" for the match against Penn State tomorrow: Probable Lineup 125: Brandon Courtney 133: #11 Josh Kramer 141: Cory Crooks149: #21 Josh Maruca 157 Jacori Teemer 165: #5 Josh Shields 174: #8 Anthony Valencia 184: #1 Zahid Valencia 197: Cade Belshay HWT: #5 Tanner Hall https://thesundevils.com/documents/2019/11/20/Penn_State_release.pdf
  4. I was under the impression he was redshirted last season - as he only wrestled 10 times and all of those matches were in Nov or Dec of 2018
  5. Personally I see three projected match-ups in this dual where Arizona State could "upset" their Penn State opponent. Will all three of those happen? Doubtful at best - but possible nonetheless. I wish I could watch it but like 90 percent of the U.S. population I do not have access to the PAC 12 network. I will be switching to Sling TV in December - after utilizing YouTubeTV for the football season (Sept thru Nov.) and Sling TV - as I understand it - does still have the 6 PAC 12 channels. Sling has had the PAC 12 channels in the past but I thought they had dropped them this year - then I checked and it APPEARS they still have the PAC 12 channels.
  6. It has now been roughly 11 months since the last time Kordell Norfleet wrestled for Arizona State..................WTH???? Why hasn't he returned to their starting lineup yet?
  7. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2019 Oregon State AT George Mason in Fairfax, VA - 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET) FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2019 Penn State AT Arizona State - Tempe, AZ - 7 p.m. MT (Can be seen on the PAC 12 Network to the very few people who have access to that) Cal State Bakersfield home dual vs Buffalo - Bakersfield, CA. - 7 p.m. PT SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2019 Stanford home dual vs Columbia - Stanford, CA - 11 a.m. PT Cal Poly home dual vs Buffalo - San Luis Obispo, CA - Noon PT - Video of this match is available via the Cal Poly wrestling website Oregon State at the NAVY Classic tournament - Annapolis, MD - All Day SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Cal Poly, Cal State Bakersfield and Stanford - At the Roadrunner Open in Fresno, CA. - All Day Little Rock home dual vs. Division III University of the Ozarks - 2 p.m. CT
  8. Thanks for the tip but I'm always leery of doing things like what you suggested here. No point in risking getting one's computer infected.
  9. I don't know if others can not access the Cal Poly wrestling website - I posted another message about that a few days ago as I keep getting warning messages telling me that site is not a secure website. Someone needs to inform those who maintain that website for Cal Poly that there very definitely IS a problem. Having said that I found the results for Cal Poly's dual vs. SFSU yesterday on WrestleStat as follows: Cal Poly over San Francisco State 29 - 15 Event Date: 11/16/19 Video Weight Cal Poly Wrestler San Francisco State Wrestler Result/ Prediction 125 #174 Benjamin Martinez Tony Margiotta W FALL 6:27 133 #149 Jose Fernandez Nathan Cervantez L FALL 1:37 141 #204 Jake Ryan Alex Felix W DEC 6 - 3 149 #64 Joshua Cortez Mason Boutain L SV-1 6 - 4 157 #102 Brawley Lamer Maxamillian Schneider L DEC 14 - 9 165 #109 Bernie Truax Kurtis Clem W TF5 17 - 0 7:00 174 #142 Nathan Tausch Tyee Ducharme W FALL 6:06 184 #155 Trent Tracy Justin Pichedwatana L DEC 5 - 2 197 #16 Thomas Lane John Chetwynd W FALL 1:17 285 #98 Samuel Aguilar Justin Ramos W DEC 10 - 3
  10. I'm not at all familiar with North Carolina so I appreciate your input on this. However Stanford MAY have had as many as four starters not in the lineup yesterday. But it could well be that it was only two starters out for Stanford yesterday if Addison and Showunmi continue to be the starters for Stanford 184 and 285. P.S. I wish I had thought of the name you chose here. Well done on the "Antritroll" choice. I couldn't agree more on that.
  11. With at LEAST two starters not in their lineup yesterday the Stanford Cardinal defeated North Carolina 21-11 - and there were a couple of surprising upsets as well. At 157 lbs Stanford's unranked starter, Tyler Eischens, upset # 16 ranked A. C. Headlee 4-3. And at heavyweight Stanford's unranked David Showunmi upset # 20 ranked Andrew Gunning. https://gostanford.com/news/2019/11/16/wrestling-cardinal-knocks-off-tar-heels.aspx I wrote "at LEAST two starters" because Stanford had true Freshman Jackson DiSario at 125 lbs rather than Gabe Townsell and at 149 lbs Stanford had Steven Abbate rather than Requir van der Merwe. However I'm unclear if Stanford's starters yesterday at 184 lbs (True Freshman Nick Addison) and 285 lbs (RS Senior David Showunmi) will be the starters this season at those two weight classes. I had thought Stanford's starters at those two weight classes this season would be Judah Duhm (184 lbs) and Haydn Maley (285 lbs).
  12. No offense intended but you seem to be laboring under a misconception. I have no connection to Stanford wrestling. I am a Boise State graduate - but since the former school President at Boise State flat out LIED and then closed down the Boise State wrestling program with ZERO notice I am now a "fan" of the remaining wrestling programs in the PAC 12. I have no favorites in that regard but I will cheer for all of the PAC 12 wrestling programs, from Arizona State to Stanford to Oregon State to Cal State Bakersfield to Cal Poly and now Little Rock. That having been said this year's recruiting class for Stanford (IN MY OPINION - SINCE YOU ASKED FOR IT) is nowhere near as good a recruiting class as Stanford had the two previous years. Particularly last year's recruiting class for Stanford. But maybe their newest recruits will prove me wrong.
  13. As far as I can tell it won't be available to watch online. Here is a link to the probable lineups for both teams. https://admin.gostanford.com/documents/2019/11/15/UNC.pdf
  14. I get the following warning: Warning Potential Security Risk Ahead.xht
  15. https://gostanford.com/news/2019/11/13/wrestling-stanford-inks-six.aspx
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