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  1. I would have to disagree that he beat Griffith soundly. He scored six (of his 7) points solely because Griffith foolishly attempted to step over Valencia when Valencia had a whizzer in. That is why Valencia got the six points that led to Griffith's loss. I seriously doubt Griffith will ever make that foolish mistake again. Did Valencia win that match? Absolutely. Did Valencia win it because of something he did...........kind of to some extent.........but mostly because Griffith made a bone-headed move.
  2. No problems whatsoever. I watched the finals on Vidgo - which has all six of the PAC 12 channels. The 2021 PAC 12 wresting finals were on the PAC 12 Oregon Channel last night. Since Oregon State was the host. https://www.vidgo.com/#english|1 Only problem I had is they NEVER - not once - showed the riding time clock on any of the matches. But that had nothing to do with Vidgo.
  3. More like fake news HERE. The Stanford twitter account has not posted anything since July 7th of last year. The Save Stanford Wrestling twitter account has nothing on Real Woods (lately) other than a post which says: Hey @pac12 , it’s about to get Real!
  4. I look forward to hearing the details on this Jason. Thanks for the update. I thought Eischens had a real chance of winning a PAC 12 title at 174 lbs. Shame to read (here) that he's (apparently) been screwed out of a chance to do that.
  5. https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  6. And also on the Little Rock wrestling site https://lrtrojans.com/documents/2021/2/25/Pac_12_brackets_updated.pdf
  7. And on the Cal Poly wrestling site as well https://gopoly.com/documents/2021/2/27//Pac_12Brackets2.pdf?id=7388
  8. The exact same updated bracket - showing Elijah "Clever" as Stanford's wrestler at 174 lbs is now on the Stanford wrestling website: https://admin.gostanford.com/documents/2021/2/25/Pac_12_brackets_updated.pdf
  9. At 174 lbs Tyler Eischens is apparently OUT and being replaced by someone named Elijah Clever (according to this updated bracket found on the PAC 12 Wrestling webpage) https://xs.pac-12.com/2021-02/Pac 12 Wrestling Champs brackets updated 2-27-21.pdf The only person on the Stanford roster with a name that is similar is Elijah CLEAVER and he went 1-3 this season at 149 lbs as a True Freshman. I'm GUESSING this is some kind of an error by someone. However this updated bracket does indeed have Stanford's Real Woods at 141 lbs vs. CSUB's Martinoni in the first round.
  10. You're apparently very easily confounded then. How sad for you.
  11. Absolutely NOT..............I didn't see his post here. But we will all have to wait till tomorrow to see if that is IN FACT what has occurred. Also I tried very hard to emphasize that that was "my GUESS"
  12. Sounds as if tomorrow is going to be VERY interesting (to say the least). I have no idea what this means but my GUESS would be Stanford would continue with Arroyo at 141 and IF Real Woods is IN FACT competing tomorrow he would be at 149 lbs, Jaden Abas moves up to 157 lbs and Requir van der Merwe is OUT (injury perhaps - he had lots of injury problems last season).
  13. https://admin.gostanford.com/documents/2021/2/25/Pac_12_brackets_updated.pdf
  14. My picks: 125 - Courtney - Arizona State 133 - McGee - Arizona State 141 - Willits - Oregon State 149 - Lamer - Cal Poly 157 - Teemer - Arizona State 165 - Griffith - Stanford 174 - Truax - Cal Poly 184 - Belshay - Arizona State 197 - Norfleet - Arizona State 285 - Schultz - Arizona State
  15. An updated seeding list for each weight class will be available on Friday.
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