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  1. And they also have delayed the start of a number of Olympic sports in the M.A.C. I have to wonder if this will carry-over to the schools in the M.A.C. with wrestling teams. Those M.A.C. wrestling programs are: Buffalo, Central Michigan, Kent State, Northern Illinois, Ohio, and affiliate members Missouri (since 2013) and SIU Edwardsville (since 2018). https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2020/08/08/mid-american-conference-cancels-fall-football-season/3326139001/
  2. Trying to argue or discuss anything with someone who is on a mission to prove how utterly clueless they are is - in a nutshell - a waste of time & energy. So I, for one, won't bother to do so.
  3. Then your understanding is lacking. From an online discussion on this from last January: "QUESTION - Do Ivy Leagues accept transfer students?" "ANSWER - YES, YOU CAN GET INTO AN IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE, like Harvard, Princeton, or Yale…by transferring. ... In other words, if you need that spelled out — it's easier to get in to the Ivy League, and the Ivy League's top schools (Princeton, Harvard, Yale) as a transfer student."
  4. Sounded like Real Woods is wanting to transfer to an Ivy League school and that's why he entered the transfer portal when he did as there are certain Ivy League rules regarding transfers that entered into that decision.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fGoB0werTE Including Jackson DiSario, his father, Nick Stemmet, Judah Duhm, Gabe Dinette and Real Woods.
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/karenweaver/2020/07/19/can-2020-get-any-crazier-now-theres-word-of-a-college-football-boycott/#5f55e52521bf Additionally there is a lot of "rumbling" that U.S.C. is seriously considering leaving the PAC 12 for the Big 12.
  7. Moved up 22 lbs from Junior year to Senior year? From 160 to 182 lbs. Yikes. Have to wonder what they've been feeding that boy.
  8. Winnemucca? Oh I guess you are referring to the town that I refer to as LOSE-A-MUCHA
  9. Lots of unhappy folks in the PAC 12 - especially towards the nitwit who they chose as their commissioner. https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/john_canzano/2020/07/canzano-pac-12-presidents-and-chancellors-put-the-squeeze-on-conference-headquarters.html
  10. What you fail to take into account here is that EVERY team in the conference would have the option of having one (or two) of these three team duals. Also I did mention that they could add a non-conference dual to have at least two duals per team.
  11. What you fail to take into account here is that EVERY team in the conference would have the option of having one (or two) of these three team duals. Also I did mention that they could add a non-conference dual to have at least two duals per team.
  12. You and I MAY be referring to two different things here. When I referred (above) to CONFERENCE three team duals what I was referring to was School A hosts the dual. Schools B and C compete against School A but do NOT dual against one another at School A. Say each school does that once or twice per season. That gives them two matches and only use one of the NCAA limited dates to do so. I'm thinking you were referring to all three schools having a dual on the same day against the other two teams. If they bring in another (non-conference) school and have them dual all three schools all the better as then all schools involved would have at least two matches in one day.
  13. I have been a proponent of three team duals (in conference) for a long time. To me it makes a LOT of sense to do that. Don't know about 4 team duals tho. Just because I am a Boise State fan (and therefore a Mtn. West fan) I'll throw another log on this fire and suggest that MAYBE the Mountain West Conference could be convinced to add wrestling as a Conference sport. Three of the current Mtn. West schools have a wrestling team (Air Force, Fresno State and Wyoming). IF the PAC 12 were to fold up their wrestling "tent" that MIGHT be an alternative to the MPSF - IF the Mtn West could be talked into doing that. However, that having been said, the long-time Mtn. West Commissioner doesn't seem open to any new ideas similar to that. The term "stick in the mud" applies pretty well to Craig Thompson. I have a question for those who are knowledgeable about Big 12 Conference wrestling. Am I correct in my assumption that the Big 12 wrestling conference championships are ALWAYS held in Tulsa, Oklahoma? If so - WHY? To me that seems like a good reason to NOT be affiliated with the Big 12 for wrestling.
  14. https://twitter.com/ASUWrestling/status/1283235565219901440
  15. Excellent recap and summation here Idaho. I agree that there needs to be a Western conference that is centered around the schools with wrestling programs in the PAC 12 and their affiliated schools who are in the West, i..e, not Little Rock, as well as the Mtn West schools (Fresno State, Wyoming & Air Force) and possibly Utah Valley, N.Colo. and Cal Baptist. But that's going to be a tough sell IMO. The years when those schools were basically independents in the WWC were pretty rough years for those programs. It will be difficult for them to leave the Big 12 to go back to something similar to what they were in back then. The MPSF might well be the solution for all of this.
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