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  1. The bottom line of this interview is if it can happen at Stanford it can happen ANYWHERE else as well. And other D-1 wrestling programs should be acting pro-actively NOW and work to start their own self-endowment funding programs to combat this..................NOW.
  2. Borrelli mentioned that currently the fund-raising efforts has raised nearly 11 million dollars. However the goal is 19 million JUST to keep the men's wrestling team funded in perpetuity. And that they also want to fund a women's wrestling program to satisfy the gender-equity B.S. If you click on the link above and DOWNLOAD the interview A. It takes a while to download it (couple minutes) and B. Do yourself a favor and skip about the first half hour.
  3. I'm just going by what was mentioned on the Arizona State news article - 65 kilograms = 143.3 lbs 65 -- Jesse Vasquez (unattached) Round of 64 – Jesse Vasquez VFA Wyatt Turnquist (Wolves Wrestling Club), 4-2 Round of 32 –Jesse Vasquez VSU Daniel Meeker (Dubuque Wrestling Club), 10-0, 0:47 Round of 16 – Jesse Vasquez VSU Michael Burnett (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 11-0 Quarterfinals – Joshua Edmond (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) VFA Jesse Vasquez, 10-5 Consolation – Legend Lamer (Central Coast RTC) VPO1 Jesse Vasquez, 15-14 65 -- Julian Chlebove (unattached) Round of 64 - Julian Chlebove VPO1 Jackson Dean (Pennsylvania RTC), 11-11 Round of 32 - Julian Chlebove VPO1 Danny Fongaro (New York City RTC), 13-7 Round of 16 - Joshua Edmond (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) VSU1 Julian Chlebove, 14-4 Consolation 16 #2 - Kyler Romero (unattached) VPO1 Julian Chlebove, 17-14
  4. Vasquez competed two weeks ago at 143 lbs. Seems more likely he would compete for the starting spot at 141 lbs. IF he is not going to be redshirted. Rather than move all the way up to 157 lbs. Lapari and Crooks both competed at 141 lbs last season so again it seems unlikely either one of them would move up two weight classes - from 141 lbs to 157 lbs. But anything is possible I suppose. I just don't see anyone on the ASU roster who could replace Teemer at 157 lbs. As to who would win between Munoz and Belshay - I guess that's why they have the wrestle-offs. Right?
  5. I thought the same thing myself, i.e., that Teemer might move up to 165, Valencia at 174, etc. But then who would they have at 157 lbs? Also that would mean Belshay and Munoz battle it out for the starting spot at 184 lbs and according to WrestleStat's rankings that favors Belshay.
  6. Some of the ten weight classes for Arizona State seem to be obvious but some are not. Here is MY GUESS and that's ALL that this is right now: 125 lbs - Brandon Courtney - RS Junior - 2020 PAC 12 champ at 125 lbs 133 lbs - Michael McGee - RS Junior - Transfer from Old Dominion OR Nick Raimo - RS Freshman 141 lbs - Josiah Kline - RS Junior - Arizona State's starter at 133 lbs for 2019 season 149 lbs - Peter Lipari - RS Senior - Transfer from Rider - Competed at 141 lbs last season for Rider OR Cory Crooks - RS Senior 157 lbs - Jacori Teemer - RS Sophomore - 2020 PAC 12 champ at 157 lbs 165 lbs - Anthony Valenca - RS Senior - Three time PAC 12 champion (2020, 2018 & 2017) 174 lbs - ??? Previously I thought Trey Munoz would be here however he recently competed at 191.4 lbs. 184 lbs - Cade Belshay - RS Junior 197 lbs - Kordell Norfleet - RS Junior - Two time PAC 12 champion (2020 & 2018) 285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz - RS Freshman
  7. Things I noticed on these partial schedules: 1. Arizona State starts out on New Year's Day at home vs. Little Rock and then scheduled six straight road matches before finishing at home with 4 home duals. 2. Cal Poly has no dual scheduled with Oregon State 3. CSUB has no duals scheduled with Little Rock OR Oregon State 4. Little Rock has no duals scheduled with CSUB or Oregon State 5. Oregon State has no duals scheduled with Cal Poly, CSUB or Little Rock (only ASU and Stanford) and only has 4 duals scheduled at all. 6. Stanford and Arizona State are the only PAC 12 wrestling schools who have scheduled matches against all of the other PAC 12 wrestling programs.
  8. According to what's listed on Track Wrestling at least: ARIZONA STATE 01/01/2021 - Little Rock, AR @ Arizona State, AZ 01/15/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Northern Iowa, IA 01/17/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Iowa State, IA 01/22/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Pittsburgh, PA 01/29/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Fresno State, CA 01/31/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Oregon State, OR 02/05/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Stanford, CA 02/07/2021 - CSU Bakersfield, CA @ Arizona State, AZ 02/13/2021 - Missouri, MO @ Arizona State, AZ 02/14/2021 - Cal Poly, CA @ Arizona State, AZ 02/19/2021 - Lehigh, PA @ Arizona State, AZ CAL POLY SAN LUIS OBISPO 01/07/2021 - Fresno State, CA @ Cal Poly, CA 01/10/2021 - Northern Colorado, CO @ Cal Poly, CA 01/15/2021 - California Baptist, CA @ Cal Poly, CA 01/23/2021 - Little Rock, AR @ Cal Poly, CA 02/12/2021 - Cal Poly, CA @ CSU Bakersfield, CA 02/14/2021 - Cal Poly, CA @ Arizona State, AZ 02/18/2021 - Cal Poly, CA @ Stanford, CA CAL STATE UNIVERSITY AT BAKERSFIELD 01/11/2021 - Northern Colorado, CO @ CSU Bakersfield, CA 02/07/2021 - CSU Bakersfield, CA @ Arizona State, AZ 02/12/2021 - Cal Poly, CA @ CSU Bakersfield, CA 02/14/2021 - Stanford, CA @ CSU Bakersfield, CA 02/19/2021 - Fresno State, CA @ CSU Bakersfield, CA 02/20/2021 - California Baptist, CA @ CSU Bakersfield, CA UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK 01/01/2021 - Little Rock, AR @ Arizona State, AZ 01/22/2021 - Little Rock, AR vs California Baptist, CA 01/23/2021 - Little Rock, AR @ Cal Poly, CA 01/30/2021 - Little Rock, AR @ Oklahoma, OK 01/31/2021 - Stanford, CA @ Little Rock, AR 02/12/2021 - Little Rock, AR @ South Dakota State, SD OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 01/22/2021 - Oregon State, OR @ Northern Colorado, CO 01/31/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Oregon State, OR 02/07/2021 - Stanford, CA @ Oregon State, OR 02/21/2021 - Oregon State, OR @ Fresno State STANFORD UNIVERSITY 01/16/2021 - California Baptist, CA @ Stanford, CA 01/17/2021 - Fresno State, CA @ Stanford, CA 01/31/2021 - Stanford, CA @ Little Rock, AR 02/05/2021 - Arizona State, AZ @ Stanford, CA 02/07/2021 - Stanford, CA @ Oregon State, OR 02/12/2021 - Oklahoma, OK @ Stanford, CA 02/14/2021 - Stanford, CA @ CSU Bakersfield, CA 02/18/2021 - Cal Poly, CA @ Stanford, CA
  9. IF you are correct then they need to update their website.
  10. Participating teams listed here: https://cklvwrestle.com/participating-teams/ However this is listed as participating teams for 2021 (not 2020).
  11. According to their website this tournament is still scheduled for December 4th and 5th 2020. Is this accurate or just false information on their website? https://cklvwrestle.com/schedule/ That's less than 2 weeks away now.
  12. I went to my account here and then clicked on Attachments and I got this message: "You have used 499.08 kB of your 500 kB attachment limit." There were a total of only 14 photo attachments (that's the LIMIT????? Only 14 ???). I looked for a way to try to delete these 14 attachments but did not see ANY way to do that.
  13. https://gorunners.com/news/2020/11/17/four-sign-with-csub-wrestling.aspx
  14. It does not matter how I try to add a photo here - I've tried every way possible - and I always get this ridiculous message EVERY time. And very clearly I am NOT the only one here who keeps getting this message (over, and over, and over, and over, and over).
  15. Every time I try to add a photo to a message here I get this ridiculous message: "You can only upload a total of 0MB" with the additional note "Please contact us for assistance".
  16. Looks like Cade Belshay earned the best finish today - among the ASU wrestlers - by placing 4th at 86 kgs (189.6 lbs) Kordell Norfleet and Cory Crooks both placed 5th and Jacori Teemer placed 6th (at their respective weight classes).
  17. 1 Agree 2. Disagree 3. Agree but wonder why you are comparing these two. WrestleStat projects a head to head match between those two would end with Norfleet winning by FALL.
  18. At both the Under 23 Nationals and at the United World Wrestling Junior Nationals. So far these current Arizona State wrestlers have a combined record of 19 wins and 3 losses (that doesn't include the two wins by former ASU wrestler Josh Kramer). Under 23 Nationals Brandon Courtney - 57 kgs = 125.66 lbs Cory Crooks - 70 kgs = 154.3 lbs Jacori Teemer - 74 kgs = 163.1 lbs Cade Belshay - 86 kbs = 189.6 lbs Kordell Norfleet - 92 kgs = 202.8 lbs United World Wrestling Junior Nationals Cleveland Belton - 61 kgs = 134.5 lbs Julian Chlebove - 65 kgs = 143.3 lbs Jesse Vasquez - 65 kgs = 143.3 lbs - NOTE that Vasquez is competing at 143 lbs (just 2 lbs from 141 lbs) https://thesundevils.com/news/2020/11/14/wrestling-seven-sun-devil-wrestlers-advance-to-uwwj-and-u23-quarterfinals.aspx
  19. Isaac Salas - St. John Bosco HS La Mirada, CA. - 2020 CA State runner-up at 138 lbs Johnathon Viveros - Kingsburg H.S. Kingsburg, CA. - 7th at 2020 CA State tournament at 138 lbs Jacob Hansen - Moorpark J.C. Simi Valley, CA. - 2019 CCCAA champion at 165 lbs These three are the only new signees for CSUB mentioned on the CSUB Wrestling Twitter feed.
  20. If someone had told me 10 or even 20 years ago that Cal State Bakersfield and Cal Poly S.L.O. would both have wrestling programs after Boise State and Stanford ended their wrestling programs I would have thought that person was nuts.
  21. I'm old fashioned. I don't consider - these days - anyone who has verbally committed as 100 percent certain that they will in fact sign on the dotted line come signing day. Too many - especially in football - seem to think of the word commitment as meaning more like MAYBE. These nine have SIGNED to wrestle for Oregon State.
  22. Rocco Contino, wrestling, Virginia Raymond Lopez, wrestling, West Point George Ruiz, wrestling, Navy Maximo Renteria, wrestling, Illinois Carlos Negrete Jr., wrestling, North Dakota State Read more here: https://www.fresnobee.com/sports/high-school/article247110362.html#storylink=cpy
  23. https://osubeavers.com/news/2020/11/11/wrestling-signs-nine.aspx
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