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  1. Yeah, that sounds right. Thanks for YOUR clarification on this.
  2. According to one website Vasquez is SAID to have committed to Ohio State but that same website also mentioned that there is nothing which verifies that to be accurate. I'm thinking it's likely wishful thinking on the part of an Ohio State fan.
  3. 106 lbs - Andre Gonzales - Poway H.S. - 2020 Junior - Uncommitted 113 lbs - Richard Figueroa - Selma H.S. - 2020 Junior - Arizona State verbal commit 120 lbs - Tristan Lujan - Selma H.S. - 2020 Senior - Michigan State verbal commit 126 lbs - Maximo Renteria - Buchanan H.S. - 2020 Junior - Illinois verbal commit 132 lbs - Aaron Nagoa - Esperanza H.S. - 2020 Senior - Minnesota verbal commit 138 lbs - Alex Ramirez - Rowland H.S. - 2020 Junior - Uncommitted 145 lbs - Jesse Vasquez - Excelsior Charter H.S. - 2020 Senior - Uncommitted (4 time CA State champion) 152 lbs - Chase Saldate - Gilroy H.S. - 2020 Senior) - Michigan State signee 160 lbs - Andrew Sparks - Calvary Chapel H.S. - 2020 Senior - Uncommitted 170 lbs - Giano Petrucelli - Clovis H.S. - 2020 Senior - Air Force signee 182 lbs - Nathan Haas - St. John Bosco H.S. - 2020 Senior - Nebraska signee 195 lbs - Guillermo Escobedo - Los Altos H.S. - 2020 Senior - Wyoming verbal 220 lbs - Brandon Leon - Roosevelt H.S. - 2020 Senior - Uncommitted 285 lbs - Josiah Hall - Bakersfield H.S. - 2020 Senior - Little Rock verbal commit
  4. I would be more surprised is Cal Poly had gotten a CA State champ to commit or sign with them. I don't mean that as a "slam" it's just that this year's class for Cal Poly is probably the best recruiting class I can recall for them since a long time ago. Most of their new recruits the last few years have either not placed or placed no higher than 5th at the CA State tournament. Also the Seniors in CA who win a State championship in wrestling (or multiple State championships) go to the bigger wrestling programs. I believe their are 2020 CA wrestlers who have either signed or committed to Nebraska, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, North Carolina, etc., etc., etc. Cal Poly has had some very poor recruiting years of late. It's been a long time since the days of Darrell Vasquez, Chase Pami, Boris & Filip Novachkov, etc.
  5. I included Gioffre a few days ago in the thread I started here about the 13 Cal Poly recruits. And he had also been listed on the Open Mat list of commits for Cal Poly for quite a while.
  6. Here is the best video I've found of "Sparkie's" 7-1 win over Cael Valencia in the 2020 California State championship match at 160 lbs. I saw another video but if I referred to that other video as very poor that would be a compliment to it IMO. It did have very nice shots of the floor and the ceiling tho. I thought maybe Stanford was in charge of shooting that other video. (J/K). https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Andrew+Sparks+wrestling+video&&view=detail&mid=931B49A9763CC8604713931B49A9763CC8604713&&FORM=VDRVRV It appeared to me that Cael Valencia simply had no effective response to any of Sparks' attacks. Sparks was very clearly the better wrestler.
  7. Yes, I am aware of that, however that does not stop schools from offering scholarships right now. In the last week or so (as a Boise State grad and fan) I've seen roughly two dozen high school football players who Boise State has offered scholarships THIS WEEK.
  8. Sparks won the 160 lbs weight class at the 2020 California State tournament and he defeated Cael Valencia 7-1 in the championship match. Yet I don't see him listed anywhere as having committed to any college. Valencia was ranked # 1 in the State of California before Sparks beat him 7-1. Anyone know what his story is? Here's a link to a story on him: https://www.ocregister.com/2020/03/02/orange-county-boys-athlete-of-the-week-andrew-sparks-calvary-chapel/ It seems to me this kid is worthy of a wrestling scholarship SOMEWHERE.
  9. This list of new recruits for Cal Poly for next season came from "The Open Mat" and their commit list for various schools - which you can see here: The Open Mat commitment list for 2020-2021
  10. There are a few of the 13 new recruits for Cal Poly who I think have some real potential. Particularly Adam Jacob (133/141) and J. T. Stinson (174 lbs) and Tyler Gianakopulos (197/285) ================ Brenden Johnson of Del Oro H.S. in California (133 lbs) Johnson placed 8th at the 2019 CA State tournament at 132 lbs - He did not compete at the 2020 CA State tournament ================ Adam Jacob of East Pennsboro H.S. in Pennsylvania (133/141 lbs) Jacob placed 4th at the 2020 Pennsylvania State wrestling tournament at 132 lbs (He also competed at 138 lbs occasionally) and 6th at the 2019 Pennsylvania State wrestling tournament at 113 lbs (he also competed at 120 lbs that year but was at 113 for State) ================ Joshua Medina of Servite High School in California (141 lbs) Medina placed 6th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 138 lbs and he placed 7th at 132 lbs as a Junior in 2019. ================ Logan Gioffre of Buchanan H.S. in California (149 lbs) Gioffre place 4th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 145 lbs. He defeated Elijah Blake (see next Cal Poly recruit) 2-1 in the 2020 CA State tournament consolation semi-finals. Gioffre did not place at the 2019 or 2018 CA State tournament. ================ Elijah Blake of Del Oro High School in California (149 lbs) Blake placed 5th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 145 lbs. He also placed 7th at 138 pounds at the 2019 CA State tournament and 7th at 132 lbs at the 2018 CA State tournament.. ================ Noah Cortez of Dinuba High School in California (157 lbs) Placed 6th at 2020 CA State tournament at 152 lbs. He also placed 8th at 145 pounds at the 2018 CA State tournament. Cortez qualified for the 2019 CA State tournament but went 1-2 at same. ================ William Kloster of Lemoore High School in California (165 lbs) Kloster placed 8th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 160 lbs and he also placed 8th at the 2019 CA state tournament also at 160 lbs. ================ JT Stinson of East Nicolaus High School in California (174 lbs) Stinson placed 3rd at the 2020 CA State tournament at 170 lbs. Stinson also placed 5th at the CA State tournament in 2019 at 152 lbs and 7th at the 2018 CA State tournament at 152 lbs. Stinson also qualified for the 2017 CA State tournament at 132 lbs, as a 9th grader, but did not place. ================ Jarad Priest of Bakersfield High School in California (174 lbs) Priest placed 6th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 170 lbs and he also placed 7th at the 2019 CA State tournament at 170 lbs ================ Tyler Avila of Porterville H.S. in California (184 lbs) Avila placed 7th at 182 lbs at the 2020 CA State tournament. He did not compete at the 2019 CA State tournament. ================ Tyler Gianakopulos of Clovis High School in California (197/285) Gianakopulos placed 2nd at the 2020 CA State tournament at 195 lbs and he also placed 5th at the 2019 CA State tournament at 182 lbs and 7th at the 2018 CA State tournament at 170 lbs. ================ Josh Harkey of Dana Hills High School in California (197/285) Harkey placed 5th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 195 lbs. He qualified for the 2019 CA State tournament but did not place at 182 lbs. ================ Trevor Tinker of Northview H.S. in California (197/285) Tinker placed 6th at the 2020 CA State tournament at 195 lbs. He lost 3-2 to Harkey (See above) in the 5th place match at the 2020 CA State tournament. Tinker qualified for the 2019 CA State tournament at 182 lbs but did not place (he went 1-2). ================
  11. If I wanted to read about this virus (again) I'd go to ANOTHER website. I come to THIS website to read about WRESTLING.
  12. I can't recall any J.C. wrestler who has ever competed for Arizona State. So I looked at all of the wrestling team rosters on the ASU website - going back to 2011-2012. And I saw only one J.C. guy. He was listed on the 2011-2012 ASU roster. That being P.J. Starnes of Harper College in Illinois. He was listed as a Junior on the 2011-2012 ASU roster but he was not listed on their 2012-2013 roster. So he apparently didn't last at ASU. I would think they would be looking at guys on the transfer portal rather than J.C. guys but you could be right. I know Oregon State goes the J.C. route regularly but I just couldn't recall any J.C. guys who did well at Arizona State in the past. Maybe they have had them - I just don't recall any J.C. guys for ASU who did well at the D-1 level. P.S. The J.C. national champs at 149 and 165 lbs were both Freshmen. Namely Jake Beeson of Pratt College at 149 lbs and Isaiah Crosby of Iowa Western. So it would seem unlikely they would be leaving their J.C. after one year. https://www.njcaa.org/sports/wrest/2019-20/national_championship/index
  13. Arizona State had 5 Seniors on their wrestling team for the 2019-2020 season yet as far as I can tell they have ZERO new recruits coming to their program for the 2020-2021 season. Is that or is that not accurate? I would think that at the very least they would be exploring the Transfer Portal to bring in transfers from other D-1 Schools - especially for 133 lbs, 141 lbs, 149 lbs and 165 lbs. Particularly those last two weight classes of 149 and 165 lbs. Has there been ANY word on who they are bringing into their wrestling program for 2021? P.S. I'm just assuming that wrestling will not be granted any more eligibility by the NCAA due to this virus B.S. as they had only one week left in their entire season.
  14. Had to wade all the way thru that very lengthy article to find this: " Among the names expected to be contacted by Oregon State about its head coaching position are Terry Brands, associate head coach at Iowa; Zack Esposito, associate head coach, Oklahoma State; Kevin Ward, head coach, Army, and Cary Kolat, head coach, Campbell." I'm shocked that former Oregon State assistant coach and now Fresno State head coach Troy Steiner wasn't mentioned. However this article also mentioned that they would be interviewing EIGHT candidates and only four are named here.
  15. POSSIBLE PAC 12 STARTERS FOR 2020-2021 SEASON 125 LBS - Rankings listed below are from WrestleStat - And this assumes Brandon Courtney of Arizona State moves up to 133 lbs next season. Which is interesting as a comparison of a possible match of Courtney vs. the 2020 PAC 12 champ at 133 lbs (Devan Turner of Oregon State) has Courtney winning that match 7-6 yet Courtney's presumed replacement at 125 lbs (Nick Raimo) is projected to lose to Oregon State's Brandon Kaylor 8-7. STANFORD - # 26 Jackson DiSario - 2021 True Sophomore (21-9)- 2020 PAC 12 runner-up DiSario beat Kaylor of OSU 10-3 at the 2020 PAC 12 tournament DiSario beat Lorenzo of CP 10-6 in Nov. 2019 (Roadrunner Open) DiSario lost 4-2 vs. Flores of CSB in Nov. 2019 (Roadrunner Open) ++++++++++++ OREGON STATE - # 31 Brandon Kaylor - 2021 RS Sophomore (20-6) - 3rd at 2020 PAC 12 tournament Kaylor beat Carson of Little Rock 10-5 in 2020 PAC 12 Cons. Semi-final Kaylor lost 10-3 vs. DiSario of Stanford in 2020 PAC 12 Champ. Semi-final ++++++++++++ ARIZONA STATE - # 46 Nick Raimo - 2021 RS Freshman (14-2) ++++++++++++ CAL POLY - # 57 Antonio Lorenzo - 2021 RS Freshman (17-5) - Cal Poly's starter for 2019-2020, Benny Martinez is ranked # 170 so Lorenzo, who RS'd, would appear to be the choice for CP for 2020. Lorenzo lost 10-6 vs. DiSario of Stanford in Nov. 2019 (Roadrunner Open) Lorenzo beat Flores of CSB 6-4 in early November 2019 (Menlo Open) ++++++++++++ CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - # 97 Eddie Flores - 2021 RS Sophomore (9-5) - CSUB's starter for 2019-2020 was # 133 ranked Alex Hernandez-Figueroa so - like CP - i would seem Flores would be the choice for CSUB at 125 lbs for 2020-2021 Flores beat DiSario of Stanford 4-2 in Nov. 2019 (Roadrunner Open) Flores lost 6-4 in early Nov. 2019 vs. Lorenzo of CP (Menlo Open) ++++++++++++ LITTLE ROCK - # 117 Jaydn Carson - 2021 True Sophomore (12-11) - Placed 5th at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 125 lbs Carson lost 10-5 vs. Kaylor of OSU at 2020 PAC 12 tournament (Cons. Semi-finals) ++++++++++++ ==================================================
  16. You are 100 percent correct that it is "BS" and "100% political". It's yet another false panic brought on by ------------ do I REALLY have to say it? FACT is as many as 650,000 people die worldwide from the yearly seasonal flu.................this Wuhan virus so far is responsible for 36 deaths in the United States. FAR more people have died this year from the yearly flu .................FAR MORE. Yet the media has everyone in a panic. And the fools among us are all outdoing themselves trying to battle something that is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. This virus is just like THOUSANDS of viruses that have come before it. It will run it's course and die out. Viruses like this have been around since the dawn of time. But I'm sure I've taken up way to much of everyone's time here so I'll let the fools among us get back to their media induced PANIC. That being the individuals who STILL believe the BS the media pushes on them every single day.
  17. AV moving up to 184 lbs next season is a possibility I suppose but frankly I just don't see it happening. He's been at 165 lbs most of his career at ASU. He just moved up to 174 lbs very recently. Plus ASU has Cade Belshay (RS Junior next season) who placed 3rd at this year's PAC 12 tournament as well as Austin Clayton (RS Junior next season) and Zane Coleman (RS Freshman next season) at 184 lbs. I just don't see the need for him to move up to 184 lbs for his sixth year at ASU. I could easily see the ASU lineup for 2020-2021 being the following tho: 125 - Brandon Courtney - RS Junior (2020 PAC 12 Champ at 125) OR Nick Raimo - RS Freshman (14-2 as a RS in 2020) 133 - Josiah Kline - RS Junior (2019 ASU Starter at 133) OR Brandon Courtney - RS Junior (2020 PAC 12 Champ at 125) 141 - Julian Chlebove - RS Freshman OR Josiah Kline - RS Junior (2019 ASU Starter at 133) 149 - Cory Crooks - RS Senior (ASU Starter at 141 lbs in 2020) OR Navonte Demison - RS Junior OR Dillon Ulrey - RS Senior 157 - Jacori Teemer - RS Sophomore (2020 PAC 12 Champ at 157 lbs) 165 - Trey Munoz - RS Freshman OR an as yet unmamed transfer addition to ASU for 2021 174 - Anthony Valencia - RS Senior (2020 PAC 12 Champ at 174 lbs) 184 - Cade Belshay - RS Junior (3rd at 2020 PAC 12 tournament at 184 lbs) 197 - Kordell Norfleet - RS Junior or 4th year Senior? (2020 PAC 12 Champ at 197 lbs) 285 - Cohlton Schultz - RS Freshman
  18. I agree Courtney moving up to 133 lbs is a very real possibility. I don't agree so much on Munoz at 174 lbs and Anthony V moving up to 184. But it's also a possibility. The problem with that is Arizona State has nobody at 165 lbs that I know of to date. Maybe they have a transfer coming in for next season I'm just not aware of but somebody has to compete for them next season at 165 lbs. And yes Schultz will almost certainly be taking over at 285 next season for ASU but I wasn't listing everyone here. I was simply listing those who competed at the 2020 PAC 12 tournament who are likely returning next season. And I mentioned possible/likely replacements for some of those returning starters here.
  19. In other words 8 of the 10 PAC 12 champions this year were underclassmen. The two who were Seniors in 2020 were Tanner Hall (285 lbs) of Arizona State and Russell Rohlfing (149 lbs) of CS Bakersfield.
  20. 2020-2021 PAC 12 RETURNING PLACE WINNERS FROM 2020 PAC 12 TOURNAMENT 125 lbs 1. Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) - 2021 RS Junior 2. Jackson DiSario (Stanford) - 2021 True Sophomore 3. Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Sophomore 4. Alex Hernandez-Figueroa (CS Bakersfield) - 2021 RS Senior - However he may be replaced by 2021 RS Sophomore Eddie Flores (who redshirted in 2020) 5. Jaydn Carson (Little Rock) - 2021 True Sophomore 6. Benny Martinez (Cal Poly) - 2021 True Junior - Will likely be replaced by Antonio Lorenzo - 2021 RS Freshman who went 17-5 while being RS'd 133 lbs 1. Devan Turner (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Senior 2. Paul Bianchi (Little Rock) - 2021 RS Senior 4. Chance Rich (CS Bakersfield) - 2021 RS Sophomore 5. Cole Reyes (Cal Poly) 2021 True Sophomore 141 lbs 1. Real Woods (Stanford) - 2021 RS Sophomore 2. Grant Willits (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Junior 3. Cory Crooks (Arizona State) - 20201 RS SR - He may be replaced by RS Freshman Julian Chlebove 4. Conner Ward (Little Rock) - 2021 RS Sophomore 5. Angelo Martinoni (CS Bakersfield) - 2021 RS Sophomore 6. Jake Ryan (Cal Poly) - 2021 RS Sophomore 149 lbs 2. Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) - 2021 RS Senior - He may be replaced by RS Freshman Jaden Abas. 5. Lane Stigall (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Junior 6. Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) - 2021 True Sophomore 157 lbs 1. Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) - 2021 RS Sophomore 2. Tyler Eischens (Stanford) - 2021 RS Sophomore 4. Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly) - 2021 RS Junior 5. Jose Champagne (Little Rock) - 2021 RS Senior 6. Logan Meek (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Sophomore - However he will likely be replaced by 2021 RS Junior Hunter Willits. 165 lbs 1. Shane Griffith (Stanford) - 2021 RS Sophomore 3. Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) - 2021 RS Sophomore 5. Aaron Olmos (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Junior 6. Will Edgar (Little Rock) - 2021 True Sophomore 174 lbs 1. Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) - 2021 RS Senior 2. Jared Hill (Stanford) - 2021 RS Senior 3. Jackson McKinney (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Sophomore 4. Dylan Miracle (Cal Poly) - 2021 RS Junior 5. Albert Urias (CS Bakersfield) - 2021 RS Sophomore 6. Tristan Tadeo (Little Rock) - 2021 True Sophomore 184 lbs 1. Josh Loomer (CS Bakersfield) - 2021 RS Junior 2. Colt Doyle (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Senior 3. Cade Belshay (Arizona State) - 2021 RS Junior 4. Foster Karmon (Stanford) - 2021 RS Sophomore - He will likely be replaced by RS Junior Judah Duhm (who RS'd in 2020) 5. Matt Muller (Little Rock) - 2021 True Sophomore 6. Trent Tracy (Cal Poly) - 2021 True Sophomore - He may be replaced by RS Senior Matt Wilhelm 197 lbs 1. Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) - 2021 RS Junior or True Senior? 2. Nathan Traxler (Stanford) - 2021 RS Senior 4. J. J. Dixon (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Sophomore 5. Dylan Johnson (Little Rock) - 2021 RS Senior 285 lbs 3. Jarrod Snyder (CS Bakersfield) - 2021 RS Seniior 4. Sam Aguilar (Cal Poly) - 2021 RS Junior 5. Jamarcus Grant (Oregon State) - 2021 RS Senior
  21. Not trying to offend here but what you wrote here is a bit ridiculous. Especially in light of the fact that Zalesky brought Oregon State FIVE STRAIGHT Pac 12 wrestling championships (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016) and seven PAC 12 wrestling championships since 2006. One of which was in his 2nd year at Oregon State (2007) and the other was in 2010. His wrestling teams at Oregon State have been "flat" for the last three or four years. But to say it's been "flat the whole time" is absurd. It is also no coincidence that they went "flat" after Troy Steiner left the Oregon State program to take the head coaching job at Fresno State after the 2016 season. It's also no coincidence that 2016 was the last time Oregon State won the PAC 12 in wrestling.
  22. Absolutely the right decision. I would have to believe that Fresno State's head coach, Troy Steiner, would be the # 1 candidate.
  23. There could have been two other true second matches - at 133 lbs Bianchi vs. Kramer and at 174 lbs Hill vs. McKinney. However those two weight classes had only one allotment so there was no point in having them wrestle off - other than pride.
  24. Links to mat 1 and mat 2 are now up (again) Mat One Mat Two
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