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  1. According to the latest article on the Arizona State wrestling webpage only Cal Poly will be at Arizona State tomorrow (Thursday). https://thesundevils.com/news/2021/2/9/-7-wrestling-welcomes-cal-poly-to-tempe.aspx
  2. Griffith actually wrestled four matches last Sunday. He won by Decision (9-2) over Olquin of Oregon State in the dual vs. OSU He won by MD (14-3) over Koy Wilkinson of Utah Valley in the 2nd dual He also won two matches in the "Extra" matches Sunday by MD (12-1) over Tommy Strassenburg of Oregon State and by MD (10-2) over Aaron Olmos of Oregon State All of those 4 matches were at 165 lbs And he competed earlier this season in 1 match at 174 lbs. So he has competed 5 times this season and assuming he's healthy for the PAC 12 tournament on Feb. 28th he will compete at least two more matches. Griffith went 28-0 last season and is 5-0 so far this season so from 2019 to 2021 he is 33-0. He did lose two matches while he redshirted in 2018-2019 but also had 24 wins while he redshirted. So his 3 year total is 57-2. One of his two losses was a 6-4 loss to # 1 ranked Vincenzo Joseph of Penn State.
  3. I've seen nothing that indicates Griffith is headed to Michigan myself. Could he end up at Michigan? Sure. But he could easily end up elsewhere. Whoever said Abas is headed to Fresno doesn't sound very bright as Fresno won't have a wrestling program after this (wretched) season - just like Stanford. Woods has already said he wants to go to a school with similar academic status as Stanford - which DOES include all of the Ivy League schools that have wrestling programs.
  4. Hence the title I used for this thread Stanford's last dual matches today I think those two duals on Sunday literally WERE Stanford's last dual wrestling matches. The only question that remains is where do all of the talented Stanford wrestlers go to compete for 2021-2022? # 4 ranked (WS) Shane Griffith (RS Soph. this year) # 7 ranked (WS) Real Woods (RS Soph. this year) # 19 ranked (WS) Jaden Abas (RS FR this year) To name just a few
  5. At 141 lbs the next best in the PAC 12 would be Grant Willits of Oregon State. Woods beat Willits twice last season and both matches were MD losses for Wilits. At 149 lbs the best - according to WrestleStat - is his Stanford teammate Jaden Abas and Legend Lamer of Cal Poly.
  6. THURSDAY February 11, 2021 Cal Poly @ Arizona State - 11 a.m. MT - Can be watched online via ASU Live Stream 2 CSU Bakersfield @ Arizona State - 2 p.m. MT - Can be watched online via ASU Live Stream 2 (IF CSU Bakersfield is competing again) Cal Poly vs. CSU Bakersifled @ Tempe, AZ - TBA (IF CSUB is competing again) IF Oregon State were interested in making up their dual vs Arizona State they could join Arizona State, Cal Poly and CSUB (if CSUB shows up) and/or replace CSUB if they don't show. SUNDAY February 14, 2011 Arizona State vs. Northern Iowa @ Ames, Iowa - 10 a.m. MT Oregon State vs. Oklahoma - 11 a.m. PT (Noon MT) @ Fresno, CA. Arizona State vs. Iowa State @ Ames, Iowa - 12:30 a.m. MT - Can be watched online here -https://www.espn.com/watch/ Oregon State vs. Fresno State - 3 p.m. PT (4 p.m. MT) @ Fresno CA. - TV Flosports
  7. I don't see any way Real Woods wrestles (at all) this season. He didn't compete in either of the two duals yesterday or any of the 16 extra matches either.
  8. Stanford vs. Oregon State probable lineup 125 lbs - Jackson DiSario (True SO) - Stanford vs. Brandon Kaylor (RS SO) - Oregon State Last time these two met was at the 2020 PAC 12 tournament where DiSario won 10-3' 133 lbs - Jason Miranda (True FR) - Stanford vs. Devan Turner (RS SR) - Oregon State Only 1 common opponent is Chance Rich of CSUB - Miranda beat Rich by FALL (6:01) and Turner has beaten Rich 3 times by Decision (5-3, 2-0 and 3-1 in SV OT) 141 lbs - Luciano Arroyo (True SO) - Stanford vs. Grant Willits (RS JR) - Oregon State Six common opponents. Most recent is Lawrence Saenz of Cal Poly. Willits beat Saenz 12-5 and Arroyo lost 11-2 to Saenz 149 lbs - Jaden Abas (RS FR) - Stanford vs. Lane Stigall (RS JR)- Oregon State 12 common opponents - Most recent is Marko Hunter of South Dakota State. Abas beat Hunter 7-4 and Stigall lost 3-1 to Hunter. 157 lbs - Requir van der Merwe (RS SR) - Stanford vs. Hunter Willits (RS JR) - Oregon State 4 common opponents - Most recent is Brawley Lamer of Cal Poly. Merwe beat Lamer by MD (13-5) and Willits beat Lamer by MD (10-2) 165 lbs - Shane Griffith (RS SO) - Stanford vs. Aaron Olmos (RS JR) - Oregon State These two wrestled about 1 year ago and Griffith won by FALL (6:23) over Olmos 174 lbs - Tyler Eichens (RS SO) - Stanford vs. Colton Beisley (RS JR) - Oregon State 2 common opponents - 1 being Bernie Truax of Cal Poly. Eischens beat Truax by FALL (3:24) and Beisley lost to Truax by FALL (1:05) 184 lbs - Jared Hill (RS SR) - Stanford vs. Ryan Reyes (True SO) - Oregon State 2 common opponents - Reyes won vs both of the common opponents and Hill lost to both. 197lbs - Haydn Maley (RS JR) - Stanford vs. J. J. Dixon (RS SO) - Oregon State 1 common opponent - Trevor Tinker of Cal Poly. Maley beat Tinker 8-5 and Dixon beat Tinker 8-6 285 lbs - Nathan Traxler (RS SR) - Stanford vs. Brian Barnes (RS JR) Oregon State 2 common opponents. Most recent is Gabriel Beyer of Little Rock. Traxler beat Beyer 3-1 and Barnes lost by FALL (1:40) to Beyer As I see these matches Stanford is favored in five of the ten weight classes. Oregon State is favored in two of ten and the other 3 (125 and 157 and 197) are tossups.
  9. Thanks - I saw that but it says they (the ones with the red X) are "not eligible". I have to wonder why all of them are not eligible.
  10. Please provide a url link (or a screenshot) of where you see that on TW - if you would please.
  11. Stanford has two duals today vs. Oregon State (2 p.m. PT) and Utah Valley (4 p.m.) and they would have at least 2 matches at the PAC 12 tournament. So it is possible for them to both get to 4 matches. However Woods would have to compete in both duals today (and at least 1 for Griffith).
  12. I have to wonder if Real Woods is going to (finally) be in the lineup for Stanford. Also have to wonder if Shane Griffith will be in the lineup as well.
  13. Stanford vs. Oregon State @ Corvallis, OR - 2 p.m. PT (3 p.m. MT) - Can be watched online here - https://pac-12.com/live/oregon-state-university Stanford vs. Utah Valley @ Corvallis, OR - 4 p.m. PT (5 p.m. MT) - Live State via TrackWrestling here - https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons/MainFrame.jsp?TIM=1612704747193&twSessionId=lalbgzsldw&loadBalanced=true
  14. Arizona State was without two starters in that dual vs. Wyoming yesterday. Namely # 12 ranked Jacori Teemer at 157 lbs and # 15 ranked Trey Munoz at 174 lbs. And Wyoming got 12 of their 15 total team points as a result of those two being absent from ASU's lineup.
  15. 165 lbs - Arizona State's # 4 ranked Anthony Valencia wins 12-7 over Wyoming's # 22 ranked Cole Moody - Final team score - Arizona State 29 - Wyoming 15
  16. 157 lbs - Wyoming's Jacob Wright wins by FORFEIT - Team Score Arizona State 26 - Wyoming 15
  17. 149 lbs - Arizona State's Cory Crooks over Wyoming's Jaron Jensen by MD (19-9) - Team Score Arizona State 26 - Wyoming 9
  18. 141 lbs - Arizona State's # 25 ranked Peter Lipari wins 6-3 over Wyoming's unranked Chase Zollman Team Score - Arizona State 22 - Wyoming 9
  19. 133 lbs - Arizona State's # 9 ranked Michael McGee wins over # 15 ranked Job Greenwood of Wyoming 8-3 - Team Score ASU 19 - WYO 9
  20. 174 lbs - ASU's Austin Clayton was pinned by Wyoming's # 9 ranked Hayden Hastings - Team Score Wyoming 6 - Arizona State 0 184 lbs - Wyoming's # 18 ranked Tate Samuelson was taken to overtime before winning 2-1 over unranked Cade Belshay of ASU - Team Score Wyoming 9 - Arizona State 0 197 lbs - # 4 ranked Kordell Norfleet of Arizona State wins by FALL over # 15 ranked Stephen Buchanan of Wyoming (who beat the # 1 ranked guy at 197 lbs earlier today) - Team Score Wyoming 9 - Arizona State 6 285 lbs - # 7 ranked Cohlton Schultz of Arizona State wins by FALL over unranked Brooks Baker of Wyoming - Team score Arizona State 12 - Wyoming 9 125 lbs - # 3 ranked Brandon Courtney of Arizona State wins by MD (12-2) over Brendon Garcia of Wyoming - Team score after 5 matches - Arizona State 16 - Wyoming 9
  21. WV's unranked Sullivan upsets Wyoming's # 16 ranked Job Greenwood 4-1. Team score is now Wyoming 12 - West Virginia 9
  22. Team score is now Wyoming 12 - West Virginia 6 after WVU's 7-3 win at 125 lbs.
  23. Wyoming is leading this dual vs WVU 12-3 at this point. After 4 matches.
  24. West Virginia's # 1 ranked Noah Adams got beat this morning by Wyoming's # 14 ranked Stephen Buchanan. Buchanan earned 2 takedowns in the last 30 seconds of this match to win it 8-7 over # 1 ranked Adams. Adams' 39 match winning streak is ended as a result of this loss this morning.
  25. According to the Wyoming press release on tomorrow's dual between Arizona State and Wyoming this is the probable lineup: No.25 Wyoming vs No.8 Arizona State 125- Brendon Garcia (3-9) vs No.3 Brandon Courtney (4-0) 133- No.15 Job Greenwood (7-2) vs No.9 Michael McGee (3-0) 141- Chase Zollmann (5-2) vs No.25 Peter Lipari (1-1) OR Julian Chlebove (2-3) 149- Jaron Jensen (0-5) vs Cory Crooks (2-1) OR Jesse Vasquez (1-0) 157- No.17 Jacob Wright (7-2) vs No.12 Jacori Teemer (1-0) OR Alex Torres (0-0) 165- No.22 Cole Moody (10-1) vs No.4 Anthony Valencia (3-0) 174- No.9 Hayden Hastings (6-1) vs No.10 Trey Munoz (1-0) OR Zane Coleman (2-1) 184- No.18 Tate Samuelson vs Cade Belshay (2-1) 197- No.14 Stephen Buchanan vs No.4 Kordell Norfleet (3-0) OR Austin Clayton (0-0) 285- N0.13 Brian Andrews (4-3) vs No.7 Colton Schultz So, according to this, Wyoming is heavily favored at only 1 of the 10 weight classes (184 lbs)
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