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  1. Very limited matches this week as this is the last week of the regular season for wrestling in the PAC 12. Two teams won't be competing at all this week (Little Rock and Stanford). FRIDAY - FEBRUARY 21, 2020 ARIZONA STATE AT Lehigh in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - 5 p.m. MT - VIDEO available via the Leigh and ASU wrestling schedule websites CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - vs. Cal Baptist - 8 p.m. MT - No video - Live Stats only SATURDAY - FEBRUARY 22, 2020 CAL POLY AT OREGON STATE - 2 p.m. MT - Video available via the Oregon State wrestling schedule website (PAC 12 Streaming) SUNDAY - FEBRUARY 23, 2020 ARIZONA STATE AT North Carlina - Noon MT - Video available via the ASU wrestling schedule website (WATCH ESPN) or the North Carolina wrestling schedule website (ACC NX) After this very limited week of PAC 12 wrestling it's the PAC 12 Championship on March 7th at Stanford. Limited TV coverage is available via the PAC 12 Network.
  2. Two matched are already over and yet STILL no video online.
  3. TrackWrestling is showing the first match is already 1/2 way thru the first period yet there IS NO VIDEO............hey wait is STANFORD in charge of this?
  4. IF the match ever gets started (supposed to start 6 minutes ago now) you can track it online on Track Wrestling here: https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons/MainFrame.jsp?TIM=1581883039648&twSessionId=squkxvqsjn&loadBalanced=true
  5. Can be watched here: https://gorunners.com/watch/?Live=4&type=Live
  6. 125 - No contest (at all) 133 - Nice to see Kramer win again 141 - Solid win by Crooks 149 - Maruca just BARELY won that match 157 - Disappointed that Teemer didn't win by more here - I fully expected him to do just that. 165 - Ditto for Shields (should have won by more) 174 - I think it took AV about 30 seconds to win by Fall here 184 - Nice to see Clayton win by fall in place of Zahid 197 - The feature match of the dual. It was a terrific match to watch but it was VERY clear that Norfleet is the better wrestler (over Lane). Lane looked helpless at times.
  7. I don't know enough about North Dakota State to know if they had any starters out of their lineup but looking at these results it's clear that Stanford was without their starter at 133 lbs (Townsell) and at 174 lbs (Hill/Karmon) and van der Merwe had to forfeit due to (another) injury at 149 lbs. I'm also wondering why they went with Rasmussen at hwy rather than Showunmi but maybe that's just me.
  8. If my memory serves me (and it usually does NOT) I seem to recall that Zahid was injured (they took injury time for about a minute) in either the match he had at Little Rock or the match at Missouri. I can't remember which one but he grabbed one of his arms in very obvious pain. The trainers did a little of this and a little of that and he returned like a tornado. So I'm thinking it must have been during the match vs. Little Rock. Oh........and the home town fans BOOED him (apparently "thinking" that the # 1 guy in the country was "faking" an injury). And you're right about his match at Missouri. He and Norfleet both looked less than their best in that dual.
  9. I didn't even bother to TRY to watch that dual last night. And according to the results it appears like Stanford used their 2nd, 3rd or 4th string guys last night (other than Requir van der Merwe at 149) and forfeited at 125 lbs and still won handily.
  10. No mention of exactly WHY he won't be in the lineup for this weekend's duals vs Cal Poly and CS Bakersfield but apparently he won't be competing this weekend for Arizona State: https://thesundevils.com/news/2020/2/13/no-3-asuwrestling-travels-to-west-coast-for-pac-12-competition.aspx
  11. I figured that was the case. I'll never subscribe to Flo ever again. I did subscribe when it first started and when I cancelled it they continued to bill me every month despite my cancelling the service. I had to cancel my debit card because they just continued to (illegally) deduct the same amount every month.
  12. I don't see anything at that link in the way of PAC 12 rankings. However I do not - and will never again - subscribe to Flo.
  13. Back to the IF one gave each team points for each spot they occupy in this 1 thru 6 ranking of mine for all ten weight classes you would have the following: 1. Arizona State - 23 points 2. Stanford - 24 points 3. Cal State Bakersfield - 31 points 4. Oregon State - 34 points 5. Cal Poly - 47 points 6. Little Rock - 51 points
  14. Stanford's camera guy for all home wrestling matches
  15. Getting on to the five upper weight classes now: 165 lbs 1. STA - Shane Griffith (RS FR) 2. ASU - Josh Shields (RS SR) - Shields lost 5-3 in SV OT # 2 to Griffith 3. CSB - Jacob Thalin (RS SR) - Thalin lost 13-4 to Griffth and beat Olmos 7-5 4. CP - Bernie Truax (RS FR) - Truax lost 16-2 to Griffith 5. OSU - Aaron Olmos (RS SO) - Olmos lost 7-5 to Thalin and lost by FALL to both Shields and Griffith and beat Edgar 10-6 6. LR - Will Edgar (True FR) - Edgar lost 10-6 to Olmos 174 lbs 1. ASU - Anthony Valencia (RS JR) - AV beat Hill by MD (12-4) 2. STA - Foster Karmon (RS SO) OR Jared Hill (RS JR) - Karmon beat both Annis (16-0) and Urias (8-3) - Hill beat McKinney (3-2) and Tausch (8-5) 3. CSB - Josh Annis (RS SR) OR Albert Urias (RS FR) 4. OSU - Jackson McKinney (RS FR) - McKinney lost by FALL to Urias (6:14) 5. CP - Nathan Tausch (True SO) - Tausch lost 8-5 to Hill 6. LR - Tristan Tadeo (True FR) - Tadeo lost by FALL to AV 184 lbs 1. ASU - Zahid Valencia (RS SR) - No need to explain this 2. CP - Trent Tracy (True FR) - Tracy beat Addison 8-0 3. CSB - Josh Loomer (RS SO) - Loomer beat Addison 7-5 and beat Doyle 12-4 4. OSU - Colt Doyle (RS JR) - Doyle lost 12-4 to Loomer and beat Addison twice (9-3 and by FALL) 5. STA - Nick Addison (True FR) - Addison lost twice to Doyle and lost 7-5 to Loomer and lost 8-0 to Tracy 6. LR - Matt Muller (True FR) - Muller lost by FALL to ZV 197 lbs 1. ASU - Kordell Norfleet (RS SO? RS JR?) 2. STA - Nathan Traxler (RS JR) - Traxler lost 6-4 in SV OT # 2 to Norfleet 3. CP - Thomas Lane (RS SR) - Lane has wrestled Traxler 3 times and has lost all three (6-4, 5-4 and 9-3) 4. OSU - J.J. Dixon (RS FR) - Dixon lost 9-6 vs. Norfleet and lost 5-2 vs Traxler 5. CSB - Dom Ducharme (RS JR) 6. LR - Dylan Johnson (JR) 285 lbs 1. ASU - Tanner Hall (Grad Student) - Hall beat Grant 9-2 and beat Showunmi 4-2 2. CSB - Jarrod Snyder (RS JR) - Snyder beat Showunmi 6-5 however he also lost by fall in 22 seconds to Rasmussen 3. STA - David Showunmi (RS SR) - Showunmi beat Grant 6-1 OR Trevor Rasmussen (RS SR) OR Haydn Maley (RS SO) 4. OSU - Jamarcus Grant (RS JR) - Grant lost 6-1 to Showunmi, and lost 9-2 to Hall and lost 9-6 to Snyder 5. CP - Sam Aguilar (RS SO) - Aguilar lost by MD (10-2) to Maley 6. LR - Gunner Cash (JR) - He hasn't competed since Dec. 8, 2019
  16. True but even with those three weight classes for ASU being not too great ASU still has two of the top guys at the five lower weight classes (Courtney at 125 and Teemer at 157). Oregon State, Stanford and CSUB split the other three lower weight classes. And as most everyone knows ASU's strength this year is their five upper weight classes.
  17. I have no way of knowing since I'm not (at all) connected to Stanford wrestling but my GUESS would be they moved Townsell up to 133 lbs out of NEED - as the guys they had at 133 lbs (Kier and Young) had yielded very little in the way of results. Young hasn't competed since November of 2019 (and he didn't get injured in competition). Fact is they are better off with DiSario at 125 and Townsell at 133 .
  18. If one were to give each team points based on these 1 thru 6 places you'd have the following (lowest point total being best) 1. Stanford - 11 points 2. Oregon State - 13 points 3. CS Bakersfield - 15 points 4. Arizona State - 17 points 5. Little Rock - 21 points 6. Cal Poly - 28 points Of course this is only half of the weight classes.
  19. Just MY opinion - and likely nobody else's but here goes for the first five weight classes (I'll do the other five later) 125 lbs. 1. ASU - Brandon Courtney (RS SO) 2. OSU - Brandon Kaylor (RS FR) - Lost 14-8 to Courtney 3. STA - Jackson DiSario (True FR) - Lost 8-7 to Kaylor 4. LR - Jayden Carson (True FR) - Lost by TF to Courtney 5. CSB - Alejandro Hernandez-Figueroa (RS JR) - Lost 14-2 to DiSario 6. CP - Benny Martinez (True SO) - Lost by Tech Fall to Di Sario (15-0) 133 lbs. 1. OSU - Devan Turner (RS JR) 2. STA - Gabriel Townsell (RS SR) - Lost 10-4 in SV OT to Turner 3. CSB - Chance Rich (RS FR) - Lost 5-3 to Turner and lost 6-4 to Townsell 4. LT - Paul Bianchi (RS JR) - Beat Kramer 8-6 5. ASU - Joshua Kramer (RS SR) - Lost 8-6 to Bianchi 6. CP - Cole Reyes (True FR) or Trae Vasquez (RS FR) 141 lbs 1. STA - Real Woods (RS FR) 2. OSU - Grant Willits (RS SO) - Lost 9-1 to Woods 3. CSB - Angelo Martinoni (RS FR) - Lost 12-2 to Willits 4. LR - Connor Ward (FR FR) - Beat Crooks 8-7 5. ASU - Cory Crooks (RS JR) or Navonte Demison (RS SO) - Crooks lost 8-7 to Ward. Demison lost 8-2 to Willits 6. CP - Wyatt Cornelison (RS SO) - Lost 10-4 to Willits 149 lbs 1. CSB - Russell Rohlfing (RS SR) 2. OSU - Lane Stigall (RS SO) - Lost 13-5 to Rohlfing 3. STA - Requir van der Merwe (RS JR) - Lost 8-2 to Stigall 4. LT - Tyler Brennan (True FR) - Lost 9-1 to Rohlfing 5. ASU - Josh Maruca (RS SR) - Lost 4-2 to Brennan 6. CP - Joshy Cortez (RS SR) 157 lbs 1. ASU Jacori Teemer (RS FR) 2. STA Tyler Eischens (RS FR) - Lost by Tech Fall to Teemer 3. CSB - Wyatt Gerl (SR) - Lost 3-2 to Eischens 4. CP Brawley Lamer (RS SO) - Lost 7-1 to Eischens 5. LR Jose Champagne (RS JR) 6. OSU Logan Meek (RS FR) - Lost by Fall to Eischens and Gerl
  20. Well, if anyone is a masochist, or just a glutton for punishment, they can watch another episode of the AWFUL "Stanford Live Stream" on Thursday at 2 p.m. PT when the drunken monkey camera operator and no audio at all, etc., will once again return to bore and frustrate viewer repeatedly. When Little Rock wrestles at Stanford. I think I'll pass. Maybe I can go outside and watch my grass grow at that time - it would have to be more entertaining than "Stanford Live Stream".
  21. We don't agree often (it seems) but on this we are in complete agreement. They get a SOLID F on their wrestling webcasts IMO. Stanford is supposed to be one of the very best Universities in the U.S. yet they can't figure out how to webcast a wrestling match. Which is odd as just a few years ago they USED to have current wrestlers on the team (who weren't going to wrestle that day) do the announcing and USED to have pretty decent webcasts of their home wrestling matches. NO AUDIO - NO ANNOUNCERS - NO SCOREBOARD - DRUNKEN MONKEY OPERATING THE CAMERA - BUFFERING VIDEO PROBLEMS - ME NO WATCHEE NO MORE
  22. I tried to watch that Stanford dual yesterday but when it became apparent that they once again were not going to have any audio at all I chose to stop trying to watch. My curiosity got the better of me a little over an hour later tho so I tried to watch it again. That's when I saw the person in control of the camera doing what you referenced here. The match - I believe - was at 184 lbs (started at 125 lbs) and whoever had the camera kept moving from the coaches on one side of the mat over to the coaches on the other side of the mat while basically ignoring completely what was going on on the wrestling mat. Maybe it was a film student who has no concept of FOCUSING ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT.
  23. WOW...........tough crowd...............I thought for sure that this would get SOME response " and what appears to be a drunken monkey working the camera"
  24. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2020 Little Rock AT Stanford - 3 p.m. MT (2 p.m. PT) - Video (if you can stand watching video of a wrestling match with no audio, no announcers, no scoreboard, and what appears to be a drunken monkey working the camera) on Stanford Live Stream - https://pac-12.com/live/stanford-university-2 FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2020 Cal State Bakersfield AT Cal Poly - 8 p.m. MT (7 p.m. PT) - Video here - https://bigwest.org/watch/default.aspx?Live=2344&path=calpoly Cal Baptist AT Oregon State - 7 p.m. MT (6 p.m. PT) - Video here - https://pac-12.com/wrestling/event/2020/02/14/california-baptist-oregon-state SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2020 Arizona State AT Cal Poly - 8 p.m. MT (7 p.m. PT) - Video here - https://bigwest.org/watch/default.aspx?Live=2345&path=calpoly Stanford AT North Dakota State - 1 p.m. MT - Video here - https://gobison.com/watch/?Live=3549&type=Live Little Rock AT Oregon State - 2 p.m. MT - No video or live stats available (as far as I can tell). This will be Little Rock's final wrestling event (3 weeks before the PAC 12 tournament) SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2020 Arizona State AT Cal State Bakersfield - Listed start time as 12 noon PT (1 p.m. MT) on the CSUB schedule but 2 p.m. MT (1 p.m. PT) on the ASU schedule - No video - Live Stats on TrackWrestling Stanford AT South Dakota State - 5 p.m. MT - Video available on Flo Wrestling -http:// https://www.flowrestling.org/signup?redirect=%2Flive%2F16909-2020-stanford-vs-south-dakota-state-ncaa-wrestling&utm_campaign=80207stanfordvsouth&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=participatingschools&utm_content=participatingschools&utm_term=SDSU&rtid=80207&coverage_id=6570909
  25. I watched the ASU at Missouri dual and the match between Koelling and Norfleet upset was just that - an upset. I have watched lots of Norfleet's matches and frankly he just wasn't all there in that match. Not trying to detract from Koelling at all (he deserved to win that match) but Norfleet just looked unenthusiastic at the very least and disinterested at worst. Basically he wrestled that match with FAR less energy than I've seen from him in previous matches.
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