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  1. If one were to give each team points based on these 1 thru 6 places you'd have the following (lowest point total being best) 1. Stanford - 11 points 2. Oregon State - 13 points 3. CS Bakersfield - 15 points 4. Arizona State - 17 points 5. Little Rock - 21 points 6. Cal Poly - 28 points Of course this is only half of the weight classes.
  2. Just MY opinion - and likely nobody else's but here goes for the first five weight classes (I'll do the other five later) 125 lbs. 1. ASU - Brandon Courtney (RS SO) 2. OSU - Brandon Kaylor (RS FR) - Lost 14-8 to Courtney 3. STA - Jackson DiSario (True FR) - Lost 8-7 to Kaylor 4. LR - Jayden Carson (True FR) - Lost by TF to Courtney 5. CSB - Alejandro Hernandez-Figueroa (RS JR) - Lost 14-2 to DiSario 6. CP - Benny Martinez (True SO) - Lost by Tech Fall to Di Sario (15-0) 133 lbs. 1. OSU - Devan Turner (RS JR) 2. STA - Gabriel Townsell (RS SR) - Lost 10-4 in SV OT to Turner 3. CSB - Chance Rich (RS FR) - Lost 5-3 to Turner and lost 6-4 to Townsell 4. LT - Paul Bianchi (RS JR) - Beat Kramer 8-6 5. ASU - Joshua Kramer (RS SR) - Lost 8-6 to Bianchi 6. CP - Cole Reyes (True FR) or Trae Vasquez (RS FR) 141 lbs 1. STA - Real Woods (RS FR) 2. OSU - Grant Willits (RS SO) - Lost 9-1 to Woods 3. CSB - Angelo Martinoni (RS FR) - Lost 12-2 to Willits 4. LR - Connor Ward (FR FR) - Beat Crooks 8-7 5. ASU - Cory Crooks (RS JR) or Navonte Demison (RS SO) - Crooks lost 8-7 to Ward. Demison lost 8-2 to Willits 6. CP - Wyatt Cornelison (RS SO) - Lost 10-4 to Willits 149 lbs 1. CSB - Russell Rohlfing (RS SR) 2. OSU - Lane Stigall (RS SO) - Lost 13-5 to Rohlfing 3. STA - Requir van der Merwe (RS JR) - Lost 8-2 to Stigall 4. LT - Tyler Brennan (True FR) - Lost 9-1 to Rohlfing 5. ASU - Josh Maruca (RS SR) - Lost 4-2 to Brennan 6. CP - Joshy Cortez (RS SR) 157 lbs 1. ASU Jacori Teemer (RS FR) 2. STA Tyler Eischens (RS FR) - Lost by Tech Fall to Teemer 3. CSB - Wyatt Gerl (SR) - Lost 3-2 to Eischens 4. CP Brawley Lamer (RS SO) - Lost 7-1 to Eischens 5. LR Jose Champagne (RS JR) 6. OSU Logan Meek (RS FR) - Lost by Fall to Eischens and Gerl
  3. Well, if anyone is a masochist, or just a glutton for punishment, they can watch another episode of the AWFUL "Stanford Live Stream" on Thursday at 2 p.m. PT when the drunken monkey camera operator and no audio at all, etc., will once again return to bore and frustrate viewer repeatedly. When Little Rock wrestles at Stanford. I think I'll pass. Maybe I can go outside and watch my grass grow at that time - it would have to be more entertaining than "Stanford Live Stream".
  4. We don't agree often (it seems) but on this we are in complete agreement. They get a SOLID F on their wrestling webcasts IMO. Stanford is supposed to be one of the very best Universities in the U.S. yet they can't figure out how to webcast a wrestling match. Which is odd as just a few years ago they USED to have current wrestlers on the team (who weren't going to wrestle that day) do the announcing and USED to have pretty decent webcasts of their home wrestling matches. NO AUDIO - NO ANNOUNCERS - NO SCOREBOARD - DRUNKEN MONKEY OPERATING THE CAMERA - BUFFERING VIDEO PROBLEMS - ME NO WATCHEE NO MORE
  5. I tried to watch that Stanford dual yesterday but when it became apparent that they once again were not going to have any audio at all I chose to stop trying to watch. My curiosity got the better of me a little over an hour later tho so I tried to watch it again. That's when I saw the person in control of the camera doing what you referenced here. The match - I believe - was at 184 lbs (started at 125 lbs) and whoever had the camera kept moving from the coaches on one side of the mat over to the coaches on the other side of the mat while basically ignoring completely what was going on on the wrestling mat. Maybe it was a film student who has no concept of FOCUSING ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT.
  6. WOW...........tough crowd...............I thought for sure that this would get SOME response " and what appears to be a drunken monkey working the camera"
  7. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2020 Little Rock AT Stanford - 3 p.m. MT (2 p.m. PT) - Video (if you can stand watching video of a wrestling match with no audio, no announcers, no scoreboard, and what appears to be a drunken monkey working the camera) on Stanford Live Stream - https://pac-12.com/live/stanford-university-2 FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2020 Cal State Bakersfield AT Cal Poly - 8 p.m. MT (7 p.m. PT) - Video here - https://bigwest.org/watch/default.aspx?Live=2344&path=calpoly Cal Baptist AT Oregon State - 7 p.m. MT (6 p.m. PT) - Video here - https://pac-12.com/wrestling/event/2020/02/14/california-baptist-oregon-state SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2020 Arizona State AT Cal Poly - 8 p.m. MT (7 p.m. PT) - Video here - https://bigwest.org/watch/default.aspx?Live=2345&path=calpoly Stanford AT North Dakota State - 1 p.m. MT - Video here - https://gobison.com/watch/?Live=3549&type=Live Little Rock AT Oregon State - 2 p.m. MT - No video or live stats available (as far as I can tell). This will be Little Rock's final wrestling event (3 weeks before the PAC 12 tournament) SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2020 Arizona State AT Cal State Bakersfield - Listed start time as 12 noon PT (1 p.m. MT) on the CSUB schedule but 2 p.m. MT (1 p.m. PT) on the ASU schedule - No video - Live Stats on TrackWrestling Stanford AT South Dakota State - 5 p.m. MT - Video available on Flo Wrestling -http:// https://www.flowrestling.org/signup?redirect=%2Flive%2F16909-2020-stanford-vs-south-dakota-state-ncaa-wrestling&utm_campaign=80207stanfordvsouth&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=participatingschools&utm_content=participatingschools&utm_term=SDSU&rtid=80207&coverage_id=6570909
  8. I watched the ASU at Missouri dual and the match between Koelling and Norfleet upset was just that - an upset. I have watched lots of Norfleet's matches and frankly he just wasn't all there in that match. Not trying to detract from Koelling at all (he deserved to win that match) but Norfleet just looked unenthusiastic at the very least and disinterested at worst. Basically he wrestled that match with FAR less energy than I've seen from him in previous matches.
  9. I TRIED to watch it online as Stanford listed there would be video available of their dual with Cal State Bakersfield yesterday afternoon. However when I TRIED to watch it I immediately felt very foolish about complaining yesterday about Cal State Bakersfield video of their home dual the day before. Stanford's "video" was FAR worse. So bad in fact that I quit trying to watch after about 10 minutes. # 1. There was NO AUDIO (other than static noise if you turned the volume up) # 2. With no audio there also was no commentary on the matches so you had no idea who was wrestling. # 3. It was great that they had the camera position above the action however when the person holding the camera is moving around it really kind of defeats the purpose. # 4. There was no scoreboard inserted into the video (as CSUB and Little Rock both did) # 5. In the short time I did watch yesterday the video was REPEATEDLY stopping (buffering???). And my internet service gets well over 140 mbs so that absolutely should not be occurring - EVER. I give Stanford's video yesterday a very well deserved F................as in A, B, C, D, F Little Rock gets an A and Cal State Bakersfield gets a B......................but Stanford...................YOU FAILED COMPLETELY yesterday. I thought Stanford was the home of very bright individuals. Clearly that's not the case when it comes to online video. I see that Stanford has another dual today at 2 p.m. PT vs. Oregon State and it too is listed as having video available with the very same "Stanford Live Stream" they had yesterday. I'd like to watch that match today but if it's going to be as awful as it was yesterday I'll pass.
  10. Chlevobe competed this month at the Edinboro Open at 141 lbs - where he went 3-1.
  11. If you wish to believe that then have at it. But out here in the West it's fairly well known that BYU wasn't even considered by the PAC 12 (when the PAC 12 brought in Utah and Colorado) in large part because it is a religious school. Plus they are the single most arrogant school on the planet as far as I'm concerned and by that I mean not only the administration of the "school" itself but also the fan base. I recall when the American Athletic Conference was considering bringing in B.Y.U. along with Boise State and the reps for B.Y.U. showed up and made a bunch of ridiculously absurd demands and the A.A.C. basically responded with "Thanks for stopping by and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out".
  12. So was Cory Crooks.......they both returned to the lineup yesterday and both lost.
  13. I tried to watch the Oregon State at CSUB dual last night but I only got half way thru it and then my internet service decide it was time to QUIT. But I did watch the first five matches and wa into their 10 minute halftime break where it was tied 10-10 after the first five matches before the internet died. The video on the gorunners website was "choppy" and frankly poor. CSUB has had a wrestling program for HOW LONG NOW? Little Rock's first year and they put CSUB to shame yesterday. Like night and day (the difference between the two).
  14. I watched that dual yesterday and came away impressed by Little Rock. Not just on the mat but also off the mat as well. I foolishly predicted ASU would win that dual 48-0. But I was glad to be wrong on that - however I fully did expect ASU to win by FALL from 174 lbs on yesterday vs. Little Rock (and they did - other than a Forfeit by LR at heavy). Little Rock's guys at 133 and 141 and 149 all looked solid vs. the # 5 ranked team in the country. What impressed me the most tho was Little Rock's video coverage of the dual yesterday. A. They had a camera angle from up high so the refs and other people were not always blocking the shot and B. Little Rock had the brains to include a full insert of the scoreboard including riding time, current match score, clock of the match, etc., etc., etc., and they even posted the team score after each match. I can't say the same about Cal State Bakersfield last night. This is Little Rock's very first year and they were VERY MUCH superior in their video efforts to CSUB. Nice win by CSUB last night over Oregon State as well. CSUB won 26-16 and Oregon State only got 16 points due to a Medical Forfeit by Dom Ducharme at 197 lbs after only 20 seconds. Bakersfield is clearly the 3rd best team in the PAC 12 this season (Arizona State, Stanford, CSUB, Oregon State)
  15. I have Kline at 133 because he was the starter for ASU at 133 last season but he is - as I understand it - being redshirted since he had a RS year to utilize - plus Kramer was a RS Senior this season. So I fully expect Kline to be the ASU starter next season at 133 lbs. BUT...........I certainly HAVE been wrong before. I could see Kline possibly moving up to 141 but not 149 - unless he's been working on doing that this season. Also, between Courtney and Raimo, I'd say Courtney has the better build for 133. I could see Courtney moving up to 133 with Raimo at 125 but not the other way around. But thanks for your input.
  16. I have my own thoughts on what the Arizona State lineup will be for next season but I'd like to hear from Arizona State fans on their thoughts about their projected lineup for 2020-2021. The following is what I put together on this - corrections are welcome: 125 - Brandon Courtney - RS JR - Nick Raimo - RS FR 133 - Josiah Kline - RS JR - Cleveland Belton - RS FR 141 - Cory Crooks - RS SR - Navonte Demison - RS JR - Julian Chlebove - RS FR 149 - Dillon Ulrey - RS SR (listed as a Senior on Wrestlestat - but listed as a RS JR on ASU roster) - Ethan Pickren - RS FR 157 - Jacori Teemer - RS SO - Hunter Balk - RS FR 165 - Alex Torres - RS SO - Ryan Moltz - RS SO 174 - Anthony Valencia - RS SR - Trey Munoz - RS FR 184 - Austin Clayton - RS JR - Zane Coleman - RS FR 197 - Kordell Norfleet - RS JR (or SR?) - Cade Belshay - RS JR - Chad Porter - RS JR - Jacob Good - RS FR 285 - Cohlton Schultz - RS FR - Brady Gilliland-Daniel - RS JR
  17. You'll have to take your questions up with the NCAA. Here is a link to a 2017 article on InterMat which mentions the 4 year transition period for Cal Baptist: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/17442 P.S....................NCAA............STUPID....................yeah that fits
  18. Cal Baptist is now a Division I school (formerly Division II) and has a 4 year transition period before they are eligible for post-season wrestling eligibility. Which means they will be a full Division I wrestling school in the 2022-2023 season, i.e., basically about two and a half years from now. My question is will they be added to the PAC 12 conference between now and 2022? I know the PAC 12 is resistant to adding private religious schools (see B.Y.U. in football) but adding an ASSOCIATE school for a sport such as wrestling is - to my way of seeing it - a horse of another color so to speak. Personally I'd love to see them add Cal Baptist to the PAC 12 as that would then give the PAC 12 seven wrestling programs. Hopefully some day they can get back up to 8 teams. It certainly, IMO, makes a LOT more sense than their decision to add Little Rock last summer.
  19. Wrestlestat is projecting Arizona State to beat Little Rock 38-3.................I took a look at each projected match in that dual and I'd say the score will be more like 48 to nothing. I also noticed in the CS Bakersfield vs. Stanford dual WrestleStat listed Stanford's Brandon Kier as the starter at 133 lbs when it was Gabe Townsell at 133 lbs in their last dual vs. Arizona State - and Townsell won by FALL vs. Arizona State. So I'd expect to see Townsell at 133 lbs for Stanford for what is left of this season.
  20. Yep, it's opening weekend for Boise State softball this week as well. The Bronco Softball team's 1st game of the season is tomorrow at 10 a.m. (vs. St. Mary's) at the NORCAL Kickoff at Davis, CA. No video available for their first game tho - just live stats. I played co-ed city league softball many summers and I also was an umpire for both Softball and Baseball for several years. The kids were great - it was the parents that made it not worth it. Most parents were great - but there was ALWAYS (it seemed) that one gigantic jackass at every game whose life was pathetically totally dependent on the success/failure of their child. I never felt any pity for those parents - but I did pity their children.
  21. FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2020 Arizona State AT Little Rock - 5:30 p.m. MT - Video available here: https://lrtrojans.com/watch/?Live=370&type=Live Oregon State AT Cal State Univ. at Bakersfield - 7 p.m. PT - Video available here: https://pac-12.com/wrestling/event/2020/02/07/oregon-state-csu-bakersfield SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8, 2020 Cal State Univ. at Bakersfield AT Stanford - 3 p.m. PT - Video available here: https://pac-12.com/live/stanford-university SUNDAY FEBRUARY 9, 2020 Arizona State AT Missouri - 12 p.m. MT - Video available on ESPN 3 here: https://www.espn.com/watch/ Cal Poly AT Northern Colorado - 7 p.m. MT - Video available on FloWrestling Oregon State AT Stanford - 2 p.m. PT - Video available here: https://pac-12.com/live/stanford-university I find it odd that there are four PAC 12 vs. PAC 12 wrestling duals this weekend yet NONE of them will be televised on any of the six PAC 12 channels.
  22. Hey.............I AM a fan of WrestleStat - have been since I first became away of it. So to try to paint this as me not liking or understanding WrestleStat is as absurd as their current ranking method. An example of a ranking system that is not absurd in the extreme is the latest Intermat rankings at 165 lbs where Shane Griffith is now ranked # 4 (up from 7 last week) and Josh Shields dropped from # 4 last week down to # 8 this week. GO FIGURE. https://intermatwrestle.com/rankings/college/165?
  23. One example - Shane Griffith defeated # 4 ranked Joshua Shields last Friday night in double overtime. Yet Griffith was moved DOWN one spot on the WrestleStat rankings to # 6 this week - and Sheilds remains ranked # 4. Someone has to explain the logic of this to me. I will never understand how that can be the case. Griffith is now 22-0 and Sheilds in 15-4 and Griffith has a win over Sheilds yet Sheilds is somehow ranked two spots ahead of Griffith......................simply MIND-BOGGLING. https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/starters
  24. Nice weekly feature andegre. I for one appreciate your doing this.
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