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  1. Winnemucca? Oh I guess you are referring to the town that I refer to as LOSE-A-MUCHA
  2. Lots of unhappy folks in the PAC 12 - especially towards the nitwit who they chose as their commissioner. https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/john_canzano/2020/07/canzano-pac-12-presidents-and-chancellors-put-the-squeeze-on-conference-headquarters.html
  3. What you fail to take into account here is that EVERY team in the conference would have the option of having one (or two) of these three team duals. Also I did mention that they could add a non-conference dual to have at least two duals per team.
  4. What you fail to take into account here is that EVERY team in the conference would have the option of having one (or two) of these three team duals. Also I did mention that they could add a non-conference dual to have at least two duals per team.
  5. You and I MAY be referring to two different things here. When I referred (above) to CONFERENCE three team duals what I was referring to was School A hosts the dual. Schools B and C compete against School A but do NOT dual against one another at School A. Say each school does that once or twice per season. That gives them two matches and only use one of the NCAA limited dates to do so. I'm thinking you were referring to all three schools having a dual on the same day against the other two teams. If they bring in another (non-conference) school and have them dual all three schools all the better as then all schools involved would have at least two matches in one day.
  6. I have been a proponent of three team duals (in conference) for a long time. To me it makes a LOT of sense to do that. Don't know about 4 team duals tho. Just because I am a Boise State fan (and therefore a Mtn. West fan) I'll throw another log on this fire and suggest that MAYBE the Mountain West Conference could be convinced to add wrestling as a Conference sport. Three of the current Mtn. West schools have a wrestling team (Air Force, Fresno State and Wyoming). IF the PAC 12 were to fold up their wrestling "tent" that MIGHT be an alternative to the MPSF - IF the Mtn West could be talked into doing that. However, that having been said, the long-time Mtn. West Commissioner doesn't seem open to any new ideas similar to that. The term "stick in the mud" applies pretty well to Craig Thompson. I have a question for those who are knowledgeable about Big 12 Conference wrestling. Am I correct in my assumption that the Big 12 wrestling conference championships are ALWAYS held in Tulsa, Oklahoma? If so - WHY? To me that seems like a good reason to NOT be affiliated with the Big 12 for wrestling.
  7. https://twitter.com/ASUWrestling/status/1283235565219901440
  8. Excellent recap and summation here Idaho. I agree that there needs to be a Western conference that is centered around the schools with wrestling programs in the PAC 12 and their affiliated schools who are in the West, i..e, not Little Rock, as well as the Mtn West schools (Fresno State, Wyoming & Air Force) and possibly Utah Valley, N.Colo. and Cal Baptist. But that's going to be a tough sell IMO. The years when those schools were basically independents in the WWC were pretty rough years for those programs. It will be difficult for them to leave the Big 12 to go back to something similar to what they were in back then. The MPSF might well be the solution for all of this.
  9. By way of comparison Oregon sponsors 7 men's sports and 11 women's sports for a total of 18 sports overall. Boise State was sponsoring that same number (7 & 11) until they (ridiculously) chose to drop the brand new men's baseball team and the women's swimming & diving teams earlier this month.
  10. Stanford is dropping the following men's and women's sports AFTER the 2020-2021 school year: Men's Sports Men's Rowing Men's Volleyball Men's Wrestling Women's Sports Field Hockey Women's Sailing Squash Synchronized Swimming Lightweight Rowing Co-Ed sport Co-ed Sailing Yet they are keeping these Men's and Women's sports: Men's gymnastics, Women's Beach Volleyball, Women's Gymnastics, Women's Lacrosse, Women's Rowing and Women's Water Polo. ONE of those five women's sports SHOULD have been cut instead of cutting the wrestling team. Particularly either Beach Volleyball or Rowing.
  11. Yes, they have no problem with the minimum. They had a ridiculous number of sports sponsored at Stanford (and still do). According to the Stanford athletics website they sponsor 16 men's sports and 20 women's sports. Eliminating 11 of those sports would bring the number down to 25 I believe. I can understand why they felt the need to eliminate some sports - truly I do - however cutting the wrestling program is NOT one of the sports they should even be thinking of cutting. Especially since Stanford won their very first PAC 10/PAC 12 wrestling championship just one year ago (2019).
  12. 3x N.J. state champ, NCAA star confused, hopeful after Stanford drops wrestling https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/07/3x-nj-state-champ-ncaa-star-confused-hopeful-after-stanford-drops-wrestling.html
  13. Where is the proof of this? Never mind...........found it: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6757046-real-woods-enters-the-transfer-portal?fbclid=IwAR38ynZorY9wWzDT9yviFbMykADagIRLJQPoQZAxVm_1O4BZEtmQ-NaosNc
  14. I write that headline here as it's been a full week since the news broke that Peter Lipari of Rider & Rutgers is transferring to Arizona State. Yet when I checked Pinfall Recruiting's list of Arizona State's commitments (and transfers) there is no mention of Lipari. Even worse is the Open Mat's woeful list of wrestling transfers - which looks like it hasn't been updated in quite some time now. https://www.pinfallrecruiting.com/commits/commits-male/?commit_filter[]=Arizona+State&filter_submit=Filter https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/2020-ncaa-transfer-tracking-page/77351
  15. So the PAC 12 drags it's feet till almost literally the last minute and then FINALLY adds Little Rock to avoid having their NCAA tournament eligibility dropped. And NOW Stanford - with a 28 BILLION dollar endowment in hand - chooses to drop wrestling (and 10 other sports). So the PAC 12 is going to need yet another school with the sport of wrestling after 2021. Wonder how long they will drag their feet this next time. All of the following Stanford wrestlers (since this appears to be an absolutely final decision by Stanford) should enter the transfer portal TODAY: 125 lbs - Jackson DiSario - 2020-21 True So. - Ranked # 22 at 125 lbs by WrestleStat (From McDonough, GA) 141 lbs - Real Woods - 2020-21 RS So. - Ranked # 7 at 141 lbs by WrestleStat (From Albuquerque, NM) 141 lbs - Fabian Santillan - 2020-21 True So. - Ranked # 28 by WrestleStat (From Aurora, CO) 149 lbs - Jaden Abas - 2021 RS FR - Ranked # 15 by WS (From San Diego, CA) 157 lbs - Tyler Eischens - 2021 RS SO - Ranked # 31 by WS (From Anoka, MN) 165 lbs - Shane Griffith - 2021 RS SO - Ranked # 4 by WS (From Westwood NJ) Personally if they are going to transfer I'd like to see Woods, Abas and Griffith (at the very least) transfer to Arizona State. That would mean the following lineup for Arizona State next season 125 - Brandon Courtney (RS JR) - Ranked # 13 133 - Michael McGee (RS JR) - Ranked # 7 141 - Real Woods (RS SO) - Ranked # 7 149 - Jaden Abas (RS FR) - Ranked # 15 157 - Jacori Teemer (RS SO) Ranked # 9 165 - Shane Griffith (RS SO) - Ranked # 4 174 - Anthony Valencia (RS SR) - Ranked # 7 184 - Cade Belshay (RS JR) - Ranked # 37 197 - Kordell Norfleet (RS JR) - Ranked # 11 285 - Cohlton Schultz (RS FR) - Ranked # 48
  16. Compare those ratings (or Rankings for the sad cringer types among us) to WrestleStat's rankings: 125 lbs # 13 - Brandon Courtney - Arizona State # 22 - Jackson DiSario - Stanford # 27 - Brandon Kaylor - Oregon State 133 lbs # 7 - Michael McGee - Arizona State # 19 - Devan Turner - Oregon State 141 lbs # 7 - Real Woods - Stanford # 17 - Grant Willits - Oregon State 149 lbs # 15 - Jaden Abas - Stanford 157 lbs # 9 - Jacori Teemer - Arizona State # __ - Hunter Willits - Oregon State (not ranked by WS) # 29 - Tyler Eischens - Stanford 165 lbs # 4 - Shane Griffith - Stanford # 7 - Anthony Valencia - Arizona State # 28 - Bernie Truax - Cal Poly 174 lbs NONE 184 lbs # __ - Josh Loomer - CS Bakersfield (not ranked by WS) # 28 - Colt Doyle - Oregon State 197 lbs # 11 - Kordell Norfleet - Arizona State # 16 - Nathan Traxler - Stanford # __ - Dom Ducharme - CS Bakersfield (not ranked by WS) 285 lbs # __ - Cohlton Schultz - Arizona State (not ranked by WS
  17. The Open Mat's ratings for 2021 as of 7-06-2020 https://news.theopenmat.com/college-rankings/ncaa-di-college-wrestling-early-preseason-rankings-individual-team-july-6th-2020/78413 125 lbs # 9 - Brandon Courtney - Arizona State # 26 - Jackson DiSario - Stanford # 27 - Brandon Kaylor - Oregon state 133 lbs # 8 - Michael McGee - Arizona State # 9 - Devan Turner - Oregon State 141 lbs # 5 - Real Woods - Stanford # 21 - Grant Willits - Oregon State 149 lbs # 12 - Jaden Abas - Stanford 157 lbs # 7 - Jacori Teemer - Arizona State # 25 - Hunter Willits - Oregon State # 27 - Tyler Eischens - Stanford 165 lbs # 3 - Shane Griffith - Stanford # 23 - Bernie Truax - Cal Poly 174 lbs # 8 - Anthony Valencia - Arizona State * Last I heard AV is going to be at 165 lbs 184 lbs # 25 - Josh Loomer - CSU Bakersfield # 28 - Colt Doyle - Oregon State 197 lbs # 7 - Kordell Norfleet - Arizona State # 10 - Nathan Traxler - Stanford # 33 - Dom Ducharme - CSU Bakersfield 285 lbs # 14 - Cohlton Schultz - Arizona State
  18. I used WrestleStat's database to do a comparison on how Lipari and Crooks would theoretically do (according to WrestleStat) vs. the projected starters for the other PAC 12 teams for 2021. This is what I came up with: LIPARI vs. Projected PAC 12 starters at 149 lbs for the 2021 season: vs. Jaden Abas (Stanford) - Abas wins 8-4 vs Lipari vs. Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) - van der Merwe wins 6-4 vs. Lipari vs. Lane Stigall (Oregon State) - Stigall wins 8-7 vs. Lipari vs. Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) - Brennan wins 7-6 vs Lipari vs. Legend Lamer (Cal Poly) - Lipari wins 7-5 vs. Lamer vs. Josh Brown (CS Bakersfield) - Lipari wins 9-4 vs. Brown CROOKS vs. Projected PAC 12 starters at 149 lbs for the 2021 season: vs. Jaden Abas (Stanford) - Abas wins 8-4 vs. Crooks vs. Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) - van der Merwe wins 9-3 vs Crooks vs. Lane Stigall (Oregon State) - Stigall wins 9-4 vs. Crooks vs. Tyler Brennan (Little Rock) - Brennan wins 8-4 vs Crooks vs. Legend Lamer (Cal Poly) - Lamer wins 7-6 vs Crooks vs. Josh Brown (CS Bakersfield) - Brown wins 8-7 vs Crooks However it should be noted that WrestleStat still has Crooks listed at 141 lbs - well after ASU's head coach made it very clear that Crooks would be moving up to 149 lbs in that Zoom conference call they had last month. So that MAY be why Crooks was not projected to win any of these theoretical match-ups at 149 lbs. But based on these projected outcomes (thanks to WrestleStat) it appears that Lipari would be very competitive against all of the PAC 12 projected starters other than one of the two possible starters for Stanford, i.e., Jaden Abas.
  19. Consider this from Arizona State's standpoint. Prior to getting Lipari as a transfer Arizona State was likely going to go with Cory Crooks at 149 lbs - moving up from 141 lbs the last few seasons (according to Zeke Jones) OR going with one of two true freshman, i.e., Jesse Vasquez or Ricky Roberto. Lipari, at the very least, gives ASU some depth at 149 lbs - especially if the incoming freshmen are going to be redshirted this season. And why wouldn't they be redshirted with Crooks and Lipari both in their last season of eligibility this coming season?
  20. BOTTOM LINE is .....................Boise State's idiotic management dropped the very successful (historically) wrestling team to add a baseball team which played a grand total of 14 games at a cost that absolutely will be far, far, far, more than the Boise State wrestling team was losing annually. All because the now former Boise State school President, Bob Kustra, wanted to bring Baseball back at Boise State.
  21. WrestleStat already has him on the Arizona State roster AT 149 lbs. I can see why ASU would want to add him to their team for next season at 149 lbs as that will give them a chance to redshirt Jesse Vasquez. But his stats last season at 141 lbs are not very impressive. He went 12-7 and went 1-2 at the 2020 MAC championships at 141 lbs. However it appears as if Lipari must have been granted a 6th year of eligibility at some point as his WrestleStat profile shows he first competed in college in 2016 while redshirting. Did not compete at all in 2017. Then competed in 2018,2019 and 2020. Did he miss all of the 2017 season due to injury or what? Also he was listed on Rider's team roster for 2020 as a RS Senior.
  22. As a two-time graduate of Boise State this just makes me cringe. The lying two-faced BASTARD that is now the FORMER school President (Robert Kustra) said on multiple occasions when he was the Boise State school President that "wrestling will NOT be eliminated" at Boise State. Then right before he retires he eliminates the wrestling program (with a new head coach and new staff in their very first year at Boise State) just months before he is set to leave BSU. He did this SPECIFICALLY to bring back Baseball at Boise State and they hadn't had a baseball team at Boise State since the 1970's (when I was going to college there). In 2020 they bring back the baseball team - which did very well for a first year program - but end the season after only 14 games because of the INSANITY that is the Chinese Wuhan Virus. And NOW they are dropping the Baseball program. Someone NEEDS to make a movie about this travesty that is Boise State. If chimpanzees were in charge at Boise State they absolutely could not do a worse job than what's been going on at Boise State the last five years. They keep sending me cards (just got a birthday card yesterday from BSU) always asking me to send money. I always return them with this reply "Sorry but I do not support SOCIALIST organizations".
  23. Which PAC 12 team has more RETURNING NCAA qualifiers for 2021?
  24. The answer is Stanford. Stanford has 7 returning wrestlers who have qualified for the NCAA tournament in their NCAA wrestling careers: 125 lbs - Jackson DiSario - 2020 NCAA qualifier - 2021 True Sophomore 141 lbs - Real Woods - 2020 NCAA Qualifier - 2021 RS Sophomore 149 lbs - Requir van der Merwe - 2019 NCAA Qualifier - 2021 RS Senior 157 lbs - Tyler Eischens - 2019 NCAA Qualifier - 2021 RS Sophomore 165 lbs - Shane Griffith - 2020 NCAA Qualifier - 2021 RS Sophomore 197 lbs - Nathan Traxler - Three time NCAA Qualifier (2020-2019-2018) - 2021 RS Senior 285 lbs - Haydn Maley - 2019 NCAA Qualifier - 2021 RS Junior Arizona State has 5 returning wrestlers who have qualified for the NCAA tournament - Anthony Valencia (3 times), Kordell Norfleet (2 times), Michael McGee (2 times), Brandon Courtney (2020) and Jacori Teemer (2020).
  25. IF they both do - in fact - sign with ASU then it's interesting (to me at least) to look ahead to what the ASU lineup might be for the 2022 season: 125 lbs - Brandon Courtney - RS Senior for 2022 season - Tristan Mascarenas - RS Freshman - Richard Figueroa - True Freshman - Carter Dibert - True Freshman 133 lbs - Michael McGee - RS Senior for 2022 - Nick Raimo - RS Sophomore - Cleveland Belton - RS Sophomore - Lou Fincher - RS Freshman 141 lbs - Julian Chlebove - RS Sophomore - Josiah Kline - RS Senior - Navonte Demison - RS Senior 149 lbs - Jesse Vasquez - RS Freshman OR True Sophomore - Ricky Roberto - RS Freshman 157 lbs - Jacori Teemer - RS Junior - Hunter Balk - RS Sophomore 165 lbs - Cael Valencia - True Freshman - Max Wilner - True Freshman 174 lbs - Trey Munoz - RS Sophomore - Josh Nummer - RS Sophomore 184 lbs - Cade Belshay - RS Senior - Austin Clayton - RS Senior - Zane Coleman - RS Sophomore 197 lbs - Kordell Norfleet - RS Senior - Chad Porter - RS Senior - Jacob Good - RS Sophomore 285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz - RS Sophomore - David Palosika - RS Freshman or True Sophomore
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