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  1. Maruca and Hall (and Crooks) did not compete in the dual vs. Campbell. That having been said I believe the "half" of a lineup he was referring to here was the top half of the lineup (or more like 60 percent of the lineup actually) 157 - Teemer - Unranked but should be 165 - Sheilds - Ranked # 6 by Intermat 174 - A. Valencia - Ranked # 10 by Intermat 184 - Z. Valencia - Ranked # 1 by Intermat 197 - Norfleet - Unranked but absolutely SHOULD be 285 - Hall - Ranked # 7 by Intermat And at 125 lbs they have a solid competitor in Brandon Courtney (ranked # 13 by Intermat)
  2. At 285 lbs ASU's Cade Belshay lost 7-1 to Campbell's Jere Heino Arizona State beats Campbell 21-18
  3. At 197 ASU's Kordell Norfleet by MD (15-4) over Campbell's Chris Kober
  4. At 184 lbs ASU's Zahid Valencia beat Campbell's Andrew Morgan by MD (18-7) and ASU re-takes the lead in the match 17-15 over Campbell
  5. At 174 lbs ASU's Anthony Valencia beat Campbell's Austin Murphy by MD (17-5)
  6. Yes - thanks for the tip - I did find it after all.
  7. At 165 lbs Joshua Kramer wins 5-4 in OT over Campbell's Quinten Perez
  8. I don't do Facebook. Left that well over a decade ago.
  9. At 157 lbs ASU's Jacori Teemer over Campbell's Matt Dallara 8-3 Campbell leads ASU 15 to 6 (or 7).
  10. At 149 lbs Campbell's Jason Kraisser over ASU's Dillon Ulrey by FALL (3:41). Campbell now leads ASU 15 to 3 (or 4).
  11. At 141 lbs Campbell's Joshua Heil beats ASU's Navonte Demison 6-1. Campbell leads ASU 9 to 3 or 9 to 4.
  12. At 133 lbs Joshua Kramer loses by FALL (5:48) to Campbell's Noah Gosner. Campbell now leads either 6-4 or 6-3.
  13. At 125 lbs ASU's Brandon Courtney beat Campbell's Korbin Meink by MD (16-8 with 2 minutes of riding time) - Track Wrestling didn't register the riding time point and shows it as only a win by Dec. BUT unless I'm mistaken ASU leads 4-0 over Campbell (even tho Track Wrestling has it 3-0 ASU). I COULD be wrong on this tho.
  14. It's on Track Wrestling - go to either the Campbell or the Iowa Statewebsite and you can get to it from there
  15. Campbell won six of the ten matches including one win by Fall and one Major Dec.
  16. Navonte Demison has been the starter for ASU of late - I have to think Cory Crooks must be injured. But they are both about the same level of talent. 141 lbs is clearly ASU's weakest spot in their lineup this season. BTW Iowa State is currently losing to Campbell Univ. 16-14 with two matches to go and they are also down 1-0 at 197 lbs at the start of the 3rd period. At 197 lbs Iowa State lost 3-1 and now trails Campbell 19-14 with only the heavyweight match left to go.
  17. Final score was Arizona State 43 - Harvard 3 The one win for Harvard was at 133 lbs with Jaffe over Kramer (9-5) ASU wins by Fall were Dillon Ulrey at 149 lbs, Anthony Valencia at 174 lbs, Zahid Valencia at 184 lbs and Kordell Norfleet at 197 lbs. Also Navonte Demison won by TF at 141 lbs.
  18. I saw the prices they had on the ASU website for this and said to myself...............if I lived in that area I absolutely would not attend solely due to the price gouging ticket prices to that event. I frankly hope very few fans pay their outrageous prices. Maybe they will get the message............but it's doubtful.
  19. Doubtful the roof will be open IMO.........high temp forecast for tomorrow in Phoenix is only 63 degrees.
  20. WrestleStat's projection of dual between Arizona State and Harvard and Campbell and Iowa State Arizona State vs. Harvard projection by WrestleStat Arizona State vs. Campbell projection by WrestleStat Arizona State vs. Iowa State projection by WrestleStat
  21. First Ever NCAA wrestling duals at a Major League Baseball park The four teams involved are of course Arizona State as well as # 11 ranked Iowa State, Campbell and Harvard
  22. I did rewatch it and IMO what happened in the 3rd period of Zahid's match is irrelevant..........because Zahid had Hoffman pinned in the 1st period. I can't believe the refs - who overall did a very good job - didn't slap the mat in the first period of that match. HOFFMAN WAS PINNED.........but it wasn't called.
  23. I'd do that IF I had a cable provider. Gave up cable about 10 years ago.
  24. Well done sir..................well done. I tip my cap to you..................salute!!
  25. I've seen several people here - one of whom is you - who made reference to re-watching this dual (ASU vs. Ohio State). Can you enlighten the rest of us and share WHERE we might watch this dual again? Thanks
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