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  1. Yeah, all he did last season was place 4th as a Freshman at the 2021 NCAA tournament - with a 5-2 record at the NCAA tournament. With both losses to Iowa's Cassioppi (4-1 and 5-0). With his 5 NCAA tournament wins coming vs # 13 Harris of Oklahoma State (MD 9-0), # 15 Andrews of Wyoming (by DQ), # 16 Traxler of Stanford (by FALL in 0:44), #8 Kerkvliet of Penn State (14-8) and #10 Gremmel of Iowa State (3-1 in SV OT #1 )
  2. I heard the former ASU wrestler announcer (Kraus) say that Cael Valencia is going to be redshirted this season. That's probably the best thing to do but I have to wonder how bad things have to become for ASU at 174 lbs before they change their mind about that decision. If Coleman is the answer then....................(I won't finish that thought). Too bad for ASU that Trey Munoz chose to transfer to Oregon State after last season. ASU - team wise - would have been MUCH better off last night with Munoz at 174 lbs. Kordell Norfleet - to me - looks like the passion he USED to have for wrestling is no longer there. He just simply does not look like the guy he used to be in years past.
  3. The two new rule changes for NCAA wrestling overtime are the following: 1. Sudden Death overtime # 1 is now 2 minutes in length as opposed to 1 minute 2. If the score is tied at the end of ANY overtime period then the winner will be decided by riding time. If one wrestler has just ONE second more riding time than his opponent that one second of riding time will determine the winner of that match. Personally I'm all for the change from 1 minute to 2 minutes. But I'm against deciding an overtime match by as little as one second of riding time.
  4. FRIDAY November 19, 2021 - Utah Valley vs. Cal State Bakersfield - 6 p.m. P. T. - Riverside, CA - LIVE STREAM - https://www.instagram.com/uvuwre/?hl=en FRIDAY November 19, 2021 - Oklahoma vs. Arizona State - 7 p.m. M.T. - Tempe, AZ - LIVE STREAM - https://pac-12.com/sport/wrestling SATURDAY November 20, 2021 - San Francisco State vs. Cal Poly S.L.O. (NOT an official dual) - Nine matches will be contested in seven weight classes. The bouts are considered Extra Countable Matches and no team scores will be kept. The matches will be contested outdoors. 3 p.m. P. T. SATURDAY November 20, 2021 - Stanford vs. Cornell - 3:30 p.m. P.T. - Ithaca, N.Y. Whoever is in charge of press releases at Stanford is apparently comatose as nothing has been released about this match on the Stanford wrestling website. SUNDAY November 21, 2021 - Cal Poly S.L.O. non-starters will be competing at the Roadrunner Open all day at Bakersfield, CA. SUNDAY November 21, 2021 - Stanford vs. Binghamton - 8 a.m. P.T. (11 a.m. E.T.) Vestal, N.Y.
  5. Referring to me as "the lead technical authority on everything PAC 12" is about as accurate as saying Joe Biden is competent and sound of mind.
  6. Why is it that Cornell transfer to Arizona State, Jonathan Fagen, has not been competing so far this season? Injury or something else?
  7. What the whiny little 3rd grader types fail to realize is Stanford did ZERO recruiting for 2022-2023 last season because they were told that last season would be their last season. But since the coaching change and the 180 degree about face by the twits in charge at Stanford it's to the new coach's credit that he was able to bring in six new recruits for Stanford. And much like in football and basketball just because a HS athlete verbally commits to a school does NOT mean that that is the school they will be signing with on LOI day.
  8. If you use WrestleStat to predict this dual Stanford's starting lineup is listed there as follows: 125 - Logan Ashton 133 - Jackson DiSario 141 - Real Woods (not if he's not competing till January) - One online projected lineup for this dual I saw had Jason Miranda listed as the Stanford starter at 141 lbs 149 - Jaden Abas 157 - Charlie Darracott 165 - Shane Griffith 174 - Tyler Eischens 184 - Judah Duhm (he hasn't competed since 2019 - so I remain skeptical about this) 197 - Nick Stemmet 285 - Peter Ming
  9. Here is a link to a preview on Oklahoma State vs Stanford dual on Flo - which contains a few errors: Oklahoma State vs. Stanford preview link
  10. According to one poster here (whose name I can't recall) Woods won't be competing until January due to some sort of semester limit rule at Stanford. Or at least that is my understanding of what was said here several weeks ago now. I find that pretty odd as he didn't compete last season until very late in the spring. And he's a RS Junior this season, i.e., his fourth year at Stanford. Since he was redshirted as a true freshman and he missed almost all of last season that would mean he has officially competed for Stanford for a total of only 3 (regular) semesters to date (not counting the two RS semesters).
  11. 125 lbs - Wyatt Richter - Cleveland, Ohio 125/133 lbs - Nico Provo - Stratford, Connecticut 149/157 lbs - Daniel Cardenas - Arvada, Colorado 157 lbs - Hunter Garvin - Iowa City, Iowa 184/197 lbs - Luke Duthie - Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 184/197 lbs - Jack Darrah - St. Louis, Missouri
  12. Nobody was fired..................................after the ridiculous idiocy that went on at Stanford earlier this year..........................NOBODY WAS FIRED (but SOMEONE should have been).
  13. And the start time for the dual between CSUB and Michigan has been changed from 2 p.m. C. T. to 1 p.m. C.T. Yet this dual is now listed on CSUB's schedule as starting at 10 a.m. P.T.
  14. And now the Sunday Nov. 14 dual between Oregon State and Sacred Heart has been removed from the Oregon State schedule - sometime in the last two days it seems.
  15. Friday November 12 - Little Rock vs Wisconsin - 7 p.m. CT - at Lacrosse, WI Saturday November 13 - Oregon State vs. Penn State - 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET - Manheim, PA Saturday November 13 - Oklahoma State vs Stanford - 2 p.m. PT - Palo Alto, CA. - TV/Stanford Live Stream - https://pac-12.com/live/stanford-university Sunday November 14 - Arizona State at the Mountaineer Open tournament in Boone, N.C. Sunday November 14 - Cal State Bakersfield vs. Michigan - Noon PT / 2 p.m. CT - Ann Arbor, MI Sunday November 14 - Oregon State at Journeymen/Defense Soap Collegiate Classic tournament - Begins at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET - Manheim, PA. Sunday November 14 - Oregon State vs Sacred Heart - time tbd - Manheim, PA. - This is listed on the Oregon State wrestling schedule but NOT listed on Sacred Heart's wrestling schedule
  16. Well, according to WrestleStat, Stanford's starter at 184 lbs this season is Judah Duhm. I'll believe that when I see it as he hasn't competed at all (collegiately) the last two seasons. WrestleStat also has DiSario as Stanford's starter at 125 lbs. But seeing as how he competed yesterday at 133 lbs and won the tournament (beating Miranda) I'll choose to believe that when I see it as well. My GUESS would be DiSario is weary of having to maintain at 125 lbs and has chosen to move up to 133 lbs - but THAT IS A GUESS on my part.
  17. I know it's unwise to try to predict a team's lineup based on their results of their first competition of the season................BUT..................based on Stanford's results yesterday at the Menlo Open tournament it APPEARS that Stanford's lineup MAY BE the following for the 2021-2022 season. It also appears that Stanford's starter at 125 lbs for the last two years, Jackson DiSario, has moved up to 133 lbs and Fabian Santillan and Dawson Sihavong have both moved up from 149 lbs to 157 lbs. Rankings below are from WrestleStat and the records listed below are from last season: 125 lbs # 94 (at 133 lbs) Logan Ashton – RS Sophomore (1-3 at 133 lbs) - He medically forfeited his last two matches at 125 lbs yesteday at the Menlo Open # 266 – Suhas Chundi – True Sophomore (0-7) NOTE - Stanford commit (and former Cornell commit) Nico Provo took 1st place yesterday at the Menlo Open at 125 lbs - but it appears he won't be competing for Stanford until the fall of 2022. Or at least that's what I've read online. 133 lb # 38 (at 125 lbs) Jackson DiSario - True Junior (7-5) - 2020 & 2021 PAC 12 runner-up at 125 lbs - Two-time NCAA Qualifier at 125 lbs - DiSario beat Miranda 3-2 in the championship match at 133 lbs yesterday at the Menlo Open # 47 - Jason Miranda - True Sophomore (6-4) - Placed 5th at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 133 lbs. # 84 – Kyle Rowan – RS Freshman (2-3) 141 lbs # 8 - Real Woods - RS Junior (6-3) - 2020 PAC 12 champion at 141 lbs - 2021 PAC 12 runner-up at 141 lbs - Two-time NCAA qualifier at 141 lbs. According to one person here on this forum Woods won't be competing this season until January. # 109 – Luciano Arroyo – Junior (3-5) # ___ - Anthony Le – RS Senior (0-0) 149 lbs # 14 - Jaden Abas - RS Sophomore (13-4) - 2021 PAC 12 champion at 149 lbs - 2021 NCAA All-American at 149 lbs (7th place) - Abas placed 1st yesterday at 149 lbs at the Menlo Open # 157 – Elijah Cleaver – True Sophomore (1-3) 157 lbs # 88 - Charlie Darracott – True Sophomore (6-1 at 157 lbs) - Placed 1st at 157 lbs yesterday at the Menlo Open # 56 (at 149 lbs) – Fabian Santillan – RS Sophomore (2-2 at 149 lbs) - Placed 4th at 157 lbs yesterday at the Menlo Open # 134 (at 149 lbs) – Dawson Sihavong – RS Sophomore (1-4 at 149 lbs) - Did not place yesterday at the Menlo Open 165 lbs # 2 - Shane Griffith - RS Junior (12-1 at 165 lbs) - 2021 NCAA Champion at 165 lbs - Placed 1st yesterday at the Menlo Open at 165 lbs 174 lbs # 34 - Tyler Eischens - RS Junior (2-2 at 174 lbs) - Placed 1st yesterday at 174 lbs at the Menlo Open # 103 (at 184 lbs) – Colbey Harlan – RS Junior (0-0) – Hasn't competed since 2019 184 lbs # ___ - Ethan Woods – RS Senior (2-4) - Placed 3rd yesterday at 184 lbs at the Menlo Open # 93 – Nick Addison – Junior (1-3) - Won his first match yesterday by FALL and Injury Defaulted 37 seconds into his second match yesterday at the Menlo Open # 59 – Judah Duhm – RS Senior (0-0) – Hasn't competed since 2019 197 lbs # 35 - Nick Stemmett - True Sophomore (7-4) - 3rd at 2021 PAC 12 tournament at 197 lbs - Placed 1st yesterday at the Menlo Open at 197 lbs # 104 – Marshall Kools – RS Freshman (1-0) - Placed 3rd yesterday at 197 lbs at the Menlo Open 285 lbs # 45 – Peter Ming – RS Freshman (5-1) - Placed 1st yesterday at 285 lbs at the Menlo Open # 102 – Seamus O'Malley – True Junior (1-3) - Placed 3rd yesterday at 285 lbs at the Menlo Open
  18. Stanford's Peter Ming took 1st place at 285 lbs by a score of 4-1. Stanford won seven of the ten weight classes at this year's Menlo Open tournament. And a Stanford commit, Nico Provo, took 1st place at 125 lbs.
  19. Stanford's Tyler Eischens took 1st place at 174 lbs by a score of 5-2 in the finals
  20. Stanford's Charlie Darracott took 1st place at 157 lbs by a score of 7-4
  21. Stanford's Nick Stemmet took 1st place at 197 lbs by a score of 9-3
  22. Stanford's Shane Griffith won by Tech Fall in his championship match at 165 lbs (21-2)
  23. Stanford's Jaden Abas took 1st place at 149 lbs - He also won by FALL in the finals in 1:10
  24. Stanford commit Nico Provo took 1st place at 125 lbs - He won by FALL in 2:46
  25. Jason Miranda and Jackson DiSario met in the finals at 133 lbs at the Menlo Open. DiSario beat Miranda 3-2
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