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  1. I find it odd that Arizona State's Cohlton Schultz is NOT listed in the new rankings at 285 lbs. Especially since he's 2-0. https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/starters
  2. Guess it depends on how you look at it. The match between N. Colorado and Cal Baptist WAS scheduled for next Monday at Cal Poly. That match WAS cancelled by Northern Colorado. And then later (just yesterday apparently) rescheduled for tomorrow to take place in Orem, Utah. Why there? Who knows? Cal Baptist's schedule has (at this point in time) not been updated to reflect that change. They still show the match vs. N. Colorado for next Monday at 1 p.m. at Cal Poly S.L.O. https://cbulancers.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  3. They also cancelled on Cal Baptist
  4. Yes, I understand what you are trying to say here. I'm simply saying that I saw one of the ref's counting the exposure time and I saw him raise and lower his arm three times. There was no audio on what I watched so I assumed he was counting exposure time. But I could not hear him counting it off.
  5. According to Oklahoma's wrestling schedule it will also be on Fox Sports Oklahoma (whatever that is) https://soonersports.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  6. CAL POLY SAN LUIS OBISPO has finally released their wrestling schedule for 2021 https://gopoly.com/sports/wrestling/schedule Stanford and CS Bakersfield still have not released their 2021 wrestling schedule.
  7. FRIDAY - January 8, 2021 Arizona State @ Oklahoma - Norman, OK - 6 p.m. MT - On FOX Sports Arizona Plus https://thesundevils.com/sports/wrestling/schedule SATURDAY - January 9, 2021 Fresno State @ Stanford - 7 p.m. PT SUNDAY - January 10, 2021 Little Rock vs. Oklahoma State, Chattanooga and Oregon State - Stillwater, OK - 4 team dual matches (NOTE - The Oklahoma State wrestling schedule has their dual vs Little Rock listed as taking place one week later on January 17, 2021. The Oregon State, Chattanooga and Little Rock wrestling schedules all list Little Rock as competing in this 4 way dual meet on Jan. 10, 2021. Oregon State vs. Oklahoma State, Chattanooga and Little Rock - Stillwater, OK - 4 team dual matches MONDAY - January 11, 2021 Northern Colorado @ Cal Poly - 7 p.m. PT It's difficult to say for sure if the above is completely accurate as three of the six wrestling programs in the PAC 12 still have not released their 2021 schedules. That being Stanford, Cal Poly and Cal State Bakersfield. What events are listed here are from school wrestling schedules and from TrackWrestling. Cal State Bakersfield is the most frustrating as TrackWrestling shows CSUB as having a dual next weekend with Northern Colorado - yet Northern Colorado's wrestling schedule show them as having a dual vs. Cal Poly and vs Cal Baptist on the 11th. They have no mention of a dual with CSUB this coming weekend. CSUB's next event - according to Track Wrestling - isn't until February 3, 2021 vs. Cal Poly.
  8. I can respond with one word...........................TYPO
  9. I don't think that's even debatable. You could see the one ref counting the exposure and I saw him count ONE - TWO - THREE
  10. Willits just got completely robbed at 157 lbs. First he had a takedown - that was called a TD by the ref - taken away from him and then at the end he was awarded a 3 pt near fall and that too was taken from him. TOTAL HOSE JOB by the officials.
  11. Well you have to keep in mind that this match was scheduled to start at 8 A.M. Oregon time.
  12. And now Oregon State's # 30 ranked Lane Stigall is being dominated by the guy from NDSU who placed 8th last season at the Big 12 tournament.
  13. Well, yeah, then there's the fact that he just dominated the # 7 ranked guy in the country - as a TRUE Freshman
  14. WOW - NDSU's true FR Kellyn March just dominated the highest ranked wrestler on the Oregon State wrestling team (Devan Turner # 7 ranked). March was a 4 time SD State champ who went 199-2 in HS.. March beats Turner by MD (14-5)
  15. Now it seems that you have to PAY for these matches. Unless you go to the BEK Sports website. https://www.bek.tv/schedule#/ So far there does not appear to be any AUDIO - just video only
  16. With the projected lineups for Oregon State and North Dakota State the WrestleStat dual comparison projects Oregon State to beat ND State 23-10 today.
  17. If you want to pay FLO to watch them that's up to you. I prefer to watch it free rather than pay to watch it.
  18. Projected team lineups for today's matches https://gobison.com/news/2020/12/31/wrestling-ndsu-hosts-oregon-state-no-10-missouri-sunday-in-season-opener.aspx
  19. For only $10 per month you can't go wrong with it. As a PAC 12 wrestling afficionado (big word alert) I waited till Dec. 28th to sign up for it because the PAC 12 championships are scheduled for Feb. 27th. That way I will only pay $20 total for two months of Vidgo. Other sports networks that are included are the ACC Network, the SEC Network and the NFL Network.
  20. Begins today at 8 a.m. MT with Oregon State vs. North Dakota State 2nd match is South Dakota State vs. Missouri (10 a.m. MT) 3rd match is South Dakota State vs. Oregon State (12 noon MT) 4th match is Missouri vs North Dakota State (12 noon MT) 5th match is Missouri vs Oregon State (2 p.m. MT) South Dakota State and North Dakota State will not go up against each other today as they have a dual scheduled for one week from today (Jan. 10) According to the North Dakota wrestling schedule webpage all of these matches can be watched online today https://gobison.com/sports/wrestling/schedule/2020-21
  21. The most noticeably absent ASU guys IMO were 1. Trey Munoz 2. Nick Raimo 3. Josiah Kline 4. Cleveland Belton 5. Austin Clayton P.S. Chad Porter clearly does not belong at 285 lbs.
  22. I tried to watch the first two rounds of the "other 19" matches (wrestling on two mats) but it was difficult to follow either match and the announcers rarely gave any scores after the first two matches. Did you watch all 19 of the other matches?
  23. Schultz wins 2-0 at 285 lbs. Final score of the dual meet is ASU 39 - Little Rock 3 Announcers said they will take a 30 minute break and then be back for "about 19" more matches.
  24. Norfleet also wins by FALL at 197 lbs over Dylan Johnson. ASU now leads 36-3
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