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  1. I'd do that IF I had a cable provider. Gave up cable about 10 years ago.
  2. Well done sir..................well done. I tip my cap to you..................salute!!
  3. I've seen several people here - one of whom is you - who made reference to re-watching this dual (ASU vs. Ohio State). Can you enlighten the rest of us and share WHERE we might watch this dual again? Thanks
  4. Disappointment ? Yes.............but I fail to see what Maruca had to do with that. Did you believe Maruca was going to beat Sasso? Seriously??? I certainly did not believe that was going to happen. What I DID believe possible was Kramer winning at 133 lbs against either one of the two Ohio State guys. I thought his loss at 133 lbs set the tone for the rest of the dual. IF Kramer had won his match then ASU would have only been down 8-6 after the first four matches - instead of being down 11-3 after those first four matches.
  5. IMO Arizona State lost that dual in the 2nd match, i.e., when RS Senior Joshua Kramer lost to the Ohio State freshman 5-3. And the loss was clinched when Anthony Valencia lost his match at 174 lbs. Anthony - once again - looked VERY unimpressive and basically uninterested in competing. It's not the first time I've seen him wrestle like that. Probably won't be the last time either. Then there's the matter of Zahid................I truly have to wonder what he was thinking in the 3rd period. OR IF HE WAS THINKING AT ALL. He must have known that he needed either a win by fall or at the very least a tech fall (which would have tied the dual with two matches to go). Yet he CHOSE to ride his opponent for basically 3/4 of that third period - scoring no points at all - before he finally let him up and took him down again to get to a 14 point lead. REALLY POOR JUDGEMENT ON ZAHID'S PART last night.........just plain STUPID. So he ends up ONLY getting a Major Decision win and leaves ASU 1 point SHORT of tying the dual at 14. I can understand that he wanted to get the pin to go ahead by one point but IMO he SHOULD have worked to get the TF first - then try for the pin.
  6. I thought A.V. might very well lose to Romero. Saw that coming just by looking at their results against common opponents. Particularly vs. Skatzka last month - Valencia lost 10-1 and Romero lost 1-0 vs. Skatzka. Yet the WrestleStat projection for that 174 lb match was A. Valencia beating Romero by an 11-3 Major Decision Whatever that algorithm is that they are using at WrestleState it is SERIOUSLY flawed.
  7. I don't get the two people here who think that is even remotely possible. WHY ON EARTH would Arizona State coaches have Zahid move up one weight class (13 lbs) to take on the # 1 ranked guy in the country at that weight class? It LITERALLY makes NO SENSE. Give up nearly guaranteed bonus points (if not a pin) at 184 lbs to risk a loss at both 184 lbs AND 197 lbs????? Who on earth would be dumb enough to do that? Any coach who would even consider that should be fired A.S.A.P.
  8. That is definitely a shocker. I did a dual comparison on that match yesterday prior to the actual match and WrestleState projected Michigan to win that dual 33-3. WrestleStat dual comparison of Oregon State vs. Michigan
  9. Don't see that happening especially since the last time Moore and Stewart faced off the score was 5-3 Moore. That was just about 1 month ago.
  10. According to the ASU story on tomorrow afternoon's dual there are the matchups to watch MATCHUPS TO WATCH 125: #14 Brandon Courtney vs. #21 Malik Heinselman 149: #6 Sammy Sasso vs. #22 Josh Maruca 165: #4 Josh Shields vs. #9 Ethan Smith 174: #8 Anthony Valencia vs. #12 Caleb Romero 197: #1 Kollin Moore vs. #18 Kordell Norfleet I'd add 133 lbs with Joshua Kramer (# 66 on WS) vs. either Dylan Koontz (# 80 on WS) or Jordan Decatur (# 107 on WS) as well as 157 lbs with Jacori Teemer (# 22 on WS) vs. Elijah Cleary (# 43 on WS) But then again I think all of these matchups will be fun to watch tomorrow. Arizona State travels to Columbus, Ohio, to take on Ohio State
  11. What part of the very first sentence in this thread did you not understand? " WrestleStat dual comparison projects Arizona State wins this dual 22-13"
  12. WrestleStat has Pletcher ranked # 4 - and those were the rankings I referred to here earlier.
  13. Stanford wins three of their four finals match. The only loss was at 197 lbs where Nathan Traxler, who was one of the two Stanford wrestlers who WresteState projected to win their finals match, ended up being pinned in the first period.
  14. I don't mean any offense to the guys Stanford currently has at 157 lbs this season but I think either one of these two would be better at 157 lbs than who they have there now. Even tho Eischens does pretty well there. What the heck happened to Dominick Mandarino? I thought he would be at 157 lbs for Stanford this season but he's no longer on their roster. As to van der Merwe looks like he medically forfeited the Consolation Semi-Final and the 5th place match at the Scuffle. He won the Consolation Quarter-Final match 10-1 so I have to wonder if he is injured or just didn't want to bother with the final two matches. Too bad they don't have a similar option for 133 lbs this season.
  15. I'm always troubled when someone says I'm making sense to them. JK
  16. Stanford has FOUR guys in the finals. 141 lbs - Real Woods - RS Freshman 149 lbs - Jaden Abas - True Freshman 165 lbs - Shane Griffith - RS Freshman 197 lbs - Nathan Traxler - RS Junior According to WrestleStat two of those four are projected to win against their opponent in the finals and the other two are projected to lose to their opponent by ONE point. Which tells me that Stanford COULD win all four of those weight classes. Given the fact that Stanford has Require van der Merwe and Jaden Abas at 149 lbs perhaps one of those two should be moved up to 157 lbs. Just a thought.
  17. Each of these two teams has a # 1 ranked wrestler. # 1 ranked Zahid Valencia at 184 lbs for Arizona State and # 1 ranked Kollin Moore at 197 lbs for Ohio State.
  18. When I wrote this van der Merwe was the # 2 seed at 149 lbs but I looked yesterday and this morning, and for reasons unknown to me, he apparently was bumped up to the # 1 seed at 149 lbs. I can't recall who WAS the # 1 seed at 149 lbs on the pre-seeds - but it wasn't van der Merwe. Require van der Merwe was defeated 4-3 by the # 8 seed (Milner of Appalachian State) in the quarterfinals.
  19. WrestleStat dual comparison projects Arizona State wins this dual 22-13 Arizona State vs. Ohio State dual projection According to Arizona State's schedule this will be on Fox Sports1 - scheduled for 5 p.m. Mtn Time next Monday. (7 p.m. Eastern - 4 p.m. Pacific)
  20. I see Stanford has five wrestlers in the pre-seeds included one as the # 1 seed and two more as the # 2 seed at their respective weight classes. 125 lbs - Gabe Townsell # 4 seed 141 lbs - Real Woods - # 3 seed 149 lbs - Require van der Merwe - # 2 seed 165 lbs - Shane Griffith - # 1 seed 197 lbs - Nathan Traxler - # 2 seed
  21. I can relate. Seems like Traxler has been there for at least four years already. But yes, he's listed on their roster as a RS Junior this season.
  22. By comparison the 2020-2021 Stanford lineup appears (to me) to have no "holes" at all. They seem to have recruited very wisely of late. 2020-2021 Stanford PROBABLE lineup 125 - Jackson DiSario - True So. and Logan Ashton - RS Fr. and Kyle Rowan - True Fr. 133 - Dalton Young - RS Jr. and Luciano Arroyo - RS Fr. and Jason Miranda - True Fr. 141 - Real Woods - RS So. and Fabian Santillan - RS Fr. 149 - Requir van der Merwe - RS Sr. and Jaden Abas - RS Fr. 157 - Tyler Eischens - RS So. and Dawson Sihavong - RS Fr. and Charlie Darracott - True Fr. 165 - Shane Griffith - RS So. 174 - Jared Hill - RS Sr. and Foster Karmon - RS Jr. 184 - Nick Addison - True So. and Judah Duhm - RS Jr. 197 - Nathan Traxler - RS Sr. and Nick Stemmet - True Fr. and Marshall Kools - True Fr. 285 - Haydn Maley - RS Jr. and Seamus O'Malley - RS Fr. and Peter Ming - True Fr.
  23. Anthony Valencia should be back next season at 174 lbs. Unless he drops back down to 165. to replace Shields. Anthony is listed as a RS Junior this season - even tho this is his 5th year at ASU.
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