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  1. Jackson DiSario, the starter for Stanford for the last two years at 125 lbs - and the projected starter at 125 lbs again this year - is competing today at the Menlo Open tournament at 133 lbs (as is the projected starter for Stanford at 133 lbs, i.e., Jason Miranda. DiSario has won both of his first two matches by scores of 8-2 over Benny Martinez (Unattached - Cal Poly) and by MD (11-) over Kade Uyesaka (Unattached - Oregon State) Miranda won both of his first two matches by FALL - over Zachary Wright (Unattached - San Fran. State) in 44 seconds and over Isaac Kephart of Life Pacific in 3:53
  2. Are you really so utterly clueless that you "think" this was the FIRST time that Arizona State has live streamed an event? Are you equally so utterly clueless that you "think" this is the FIRST time that Arizona State has BOTCHED a live stream event?
  3. Well, I'm done. I have better things to do than sit and wait for Arizona State to deliver what they said they would deliver. Have fun all.
  4. First match is just about over...........and no live stream
  5. According to the ASU twitter site they have begun the Intrasquad dual with Pickren vs DiGena. Yet no video stream so far.
  6. Maybe instead of referring to it as a "Live Stream" it SHOULD be referred to as ..........................
  7. I live in the Mountain Time zone - in Idaho. It's now 6:11 p.m. MT And the press release on this stated it would begin at 6 p.m. MT. Also Daylight Savings doesn't begin until tomorrow night at midnight (this year).
  8. It's now 6:01 MT and no video on the site the ASU webpage cited to watch the ASU Intrasquad. That site says there are no live events scheduled in the next hour. NOW it's saying here https://pac-12.com/live/arizona-state-university-2 that it is supposed to start in the next 55 minutes???? Which mean it starts at 7 p.m. MT - not 6 p.m. MT.
  9. Looks like they will be starting at 141 lbs with the Digena vs. Vasquez match. The only match-ups I see here that look like they MIGHT be competitive (that includes at least one starter) are 165 lbs and 174 lbs.
  10. In the past, as I recall it, ASU has put out a press release which listed who will be wrestling who. However what they put out prior to the intrasquad match was never completely accurate. Maybe they will put out a press release on it today or tomorrow morning?
  11. Tomorrow at 6 p.m. M.T. here: https://pac-12.com/live/arizona-state-university-2
  12. Silly me - I was going by how they are listed on the Oregon State wrestling team roster: https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling/roster/2021-22?&sort=class
  13. Then I suppose his 2022 season will be somewhat similar to his 2021 season.
  14. No upsets as I see it. The closest things to it I suppose would be Shaner losing by only 1 point to Turner. And Jackson McKinney being taken to overtime by true freshman Kodiak Stephens at 184 lbs. And true freshman Mason Reiniche losing by only 1 point to Olmos at 174 lbs. I watched the matches in this Orange and Black dual on Saturday (on the Oregon State Facebook account) and came away impressed with Enriquez (True FR) at 125 lbs and Shaner at 133 lbs. The most surprising thing - to me - was the fact that they had so many true freshmen involved in this Orange and Black dual. Specifically the following: Kaden Kuenzi - 141 lbs Ryan Fiorentino - 165 lbs Mason Reiniche - 174 lbs Kodiak Stephens - 184 lbs Charley Hastriter - 285 lbs In other words there were only ten matches total and HALF of those ten matches had a true freshman involved.
  15. Oregon State's wrestle-off results from yesterday 125- Brandon Kaylor (Team Orange) decision over Cam Enriquez (Team Black), 10-4 133- Devan Turner (Team Black) decision over Jason Shaner (Team Orange), 4-3 141- Grant Willits (Team Black) technical fall over Kaden Kuenzi (Team Orange), 16-1 149- Cory Crooks (Team Black) decision over Lane Stigall (Team Orange), 3-2 157- Hunter Willits (Team Orange) decision over Isaiah Crosby (Team Black), 9-3 165- Matthew Olguin (Team Black) major decision over Ryan Fiorentino (Team Orange), 19-5 174- Mateo Olmos (Team Orange) decision over Mason Reiniche (Team Black), 3-2 184- Jackson McKinney (Team Black) decision over Kodiak Stephens (Team Orange), 3-1 [OT] 197- J.J. Dixon (Team Black) major decision over Mike Toranzo (Team Orange), 16-5 HWT- Gary Traub (Team Black) pin over Charley Hastriter (Team Orange), 4:17 Missing from these results were Arizona State transfer Trey Munoz at 174 lbs, and Tanner Harvey, Ryan Reyes and Brad Kata (all at 184 lbs)
  16. Oregon State's wrestle-offs are slated to take place tomorrow at 5 p.m. No word yet tho on who will be competing against each other. https://osubeavers.com/news/2021/10/27/wrestling-competes-in-the-orange-black-dual-saturday.aspx
  17. In fact Cal Poly released their 2021-2022 wrestling schedule five days ago (10-20-2021). Which means ALL of the PAC 12 wrestling schools have released their 2021-2022 wrestling schedules EXCEPT for Stanford. https://gopoly.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  18. The CK Las Vegas Invitational has historically been ..............what's the word......................moronic about coverage. Yeah.............moronic sums it up nicely.
  19. Saturday October 30 - Oregon State Orange and Black wrestle-offs - 5 p.m. PT - Corvallis, OR Friday November 5 - Arizona State Maroon and Gold Intrasquad dual time tbd Saturday November 6 - Little Rock at the Trojan Open - Little Rock, AR. Saturday November 6 - Oregon State vs. Campbell - 6:30 p.m. PT - Corvallis, OR Saturday November 6 - Oregon State vs. Lehigh - 8 p.m. PT - Corvallis, OR Sunday November 7 - Cal State Bakersfield at Menlo Open - Atharton, CA. Friday November 12 - Little Rock vs Wisconsin - 7 p.m. - Lacrosse, WI Saturday November 13 - Oregon State vs. Penn State - 7 p.m. ET - Manheim, PA Saturday November 13 - Oklahoma State vs Stanford - time tbd - Palo Alto, CA. Sunday November 14 - Cal State Bakersfield vs. Michigan - 2 p.m. CT - Ann Arbor, MI Sunday November 14 - Oregon State vs Sacred Heart - time tbd - Manheim, MI. Friday November 19 - Cal State Bakersfield vs. Utah Valley - 5 pm PT - Riverside, CA Friday November 19 - Oklahoma vs Arizona State - 7 p.m MT - Tempe, AZ Saturday November 20 - Stanford vs. Cornell - 6:30 p.m. ET - Ithaca, NY Sunday November 21 - Stanford vs Binghamton - time tbd - Vestal, NY Sunday November 21 - Cal State Bakersfield at Roadrunner Open - Bakersfield, CA Friday November 27 - Oregon State vs Iowa - 2 p.m. CT - Iowa City, IA Friday November 27 - Little Rock vs Drexel - 12 noon - Little Rock, AR Saturday November 28 - Arizona State at Cowboy Open - Laramie, WY
  20. What I know of Stanford's schedule so far: 11-13-2021 - Stanford vs. Oklahoma State (at Stanford) 11-20-2021 - Stanford vs. Cornell (at Cornell) 11-21-2021 - Stanford vs. Binghamton (at Binghamton) 12-03 and 12-04-2021 - Stanford at the Cliff Keen Invitational at Las Vegas, NV 12-19-2021 - Stanford at the Reno T.O.C. - Reno, NV 01-01-2021 - Stanford at the Southern Scuffle - Chattanooga, TN 01-08-2021 - Cal Baptist vs Stanford (at Stanford) 01-15-2021 - Little Rock vs. Stanford (at Stanford) 02-04-2022 - Stanford vs. Arizona State (at ASU) 02-11-2022 - Stanford vs. CS Bakersfield (at Stanford) 02-19-2022 - Stanford vs. Cal Poly (at Cal Poly) 02-20-2022 - Oregon State vs. Stanford (at Stanford) 03-06-2022 - Stanford at the 2022 PAC 12 tournament (at ASU) 03-17-2022 - 2022 N.C.A.A. tournament (at Detroit, MI)
  21. I'm assuming your OSU here is in reference to the Stanford vs Oklahoma State dual on the 13th of next month. The Stanford vs. Cornell dual, one week later, will be very interesting as well. I'd think Oklahoma State will not be challenged by Stanford (unless OSU is beset by injuries) but the Cornell dual should be more competitive. Especially since Koll was the head coach at Cornell.
  22. Rankings are from WrestleStat 125 lbs - # 36 Jackson DiSario - True JR - 2 time NCAA qualifier 133 lbs - # 45 Jason Miranda - True SO 141 lbs - # 7 Real Woods - RS JR - 2021 NCAA top 12 - 2 time NCAA qualifier 149 lbs - # 16 Jaden Abas - RS SO - 2021 NCAA 7th place at 149 lbs -------- OR # 54 Fabian Santillan - True JR 157 lbs - # 16 (at 149 lbs) Jaden Abas - RS SO - 2021 NCAA 7th place at 149 lbs -------- OR # 54 (at 149 lbs) Fabian Santillan - True JR -------- OR # 89 Charlie Darracott - True SO 165 lbs - # 2 Shane Griffith - RS JR - 2021 NCAA champion at 165 lbs 174 lbs - # 35 Tyler Eischens - RS JR - 2020 NCAA qualifier 184 lbs - # 59 Judah Duhm - RS SR ------ OR # 96 Nick Addison - True JR 197 lbs - # 36 Nick Stemmet - True SO - 2021 NCAA qualifier at 197 lbs 285 lbs - # 45 Peter Ming - RS FR
  23. I am not sure what planet you are living on but here on this planet that we call Earth there are hundreds of athletes who "commit" to compete for Ivy League school every single year.
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