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  1. Not sure the Cal Baptist dual can be streamed. I clicked on the link and it takes me to a Cal Baptist You Tube webpage - nothing about the Stanford wrestling dual on it.
  2. Yeah - and the guy who is announcing can barely be understood. 165 lbs - Griffith won by FALL in the 1st 174 lbs - Life Pacific forfeited 184 lbs - Nick Addison won by Tech Fall 197 lbs Seamus O'Malley won by FALL 285 lbs Haydn Maley won by FALL 125 lbs Jackson DiSario won by FALL 133 lbs Brandon Kier won by DEC And I THINK this is Arroyo at 141 lbs P.S. Considering that this is a home dual for Life Pacific and that Life Pacific is a new N.A.I.A. program I think it's amazing they have video of the matches.
  3. Now 35 - 0 Stanford after 6 weight class - 4 wins by FALL, 1 Forfeit (174) and one win by TF (184)
  4. https://portal.stretchinternet.com/lifepacific/portal.htm?eventId=559399&streamType=video
  5. You have a minor point................not a GOOD point...........just a minor point. It's still a waste of most of their first year in college to be used like this when there WERE other non-freshmen available for two of those three weight classes. FACT is they WERE being redshirted this season but were ONLY used last night to win their dual with Cal Poly. To burn one redshirt of one true freshman - not a big deal. To burn THREE redshirts of THREE true freshman in one dual............that IS "bad" coaching IMO.
  6. I agree with jsmalls here. It IS bad coaching to redshirt a true freshman until January 17th and then burn his redshirt just to fill a need in their lineup (for whatever reason). The only way I see a justification for burning THREE true freshmen redshirts (just to beat Cal Poly) is if there was some sort of flu epidemic in Palo Alto CA recently and most of the team had come down with the flu. And even then I think you should forfeit those matches and take the dual loss if it's that bad. You're basically just wasting a year of that recruit's eligibility. Especially when the team had other wrestlers available at two of those three weight classes who were not true Freshmen. Steven Abbate at 141 lbs and Tony WIlliams at 149 lbs. P.S. As I mentioned in an earlier thread - about PAC 12 duals this week - Stanford has two more duals today vs. N.A.I.A. Life Pacific (at 2 p.m. PT ) and vs. Cal Baptist at 6 p.m PT. It will be interesting to see who competes for Stanford today in those two dual matches.
  7. Have to wonder why so many of Stanford's starters didn't compete last night but the fact is three of Stanford's true freshmen - apparently - burned their redshirts last night in order to beat Cal Poly 22-13. Stanford did not have # 10 (WrestleStat) ranked Real Woods (141 lbs) or # 17 (WrestleStat) Requir van der Merwe (149 lbs) or # 11 (WrestleStat) Nathan Traxler (197 lbs) - as well as Gabe Townsell at 125 lbs in their lineup yesterday. Instead Stanford inserted THREE true freshmen into the lineup last night - going with Luciano Arroyo at 141 lbs (who lost in SV OT to Wyatt Cornelison and Dawson Sihavong at 149 lbs (he lost 3-1 to Joshy Cortez) and Seamus O'Malley at 197 lbs (He's listed as a heavyweight) who lost 4-2 to # 12 ranked Thomas Lane. https://gostanford.com/news/2020/1/17/wrestling-card-wins-pac-12-opener.aspx Stanford (22) at Cal Poly (13): 174 -- Jared Hill (S) dec. Nathan Tausch (CP) 8-5 184 -- Trent Tracy (CP) maj. dec. Nick Addison (S) 8-0 197 -- Tom Lane (CP) dec. Seamus O'Malley (S) 4-2 285 -- Haydn Maley (S) maj. dec. Samuel Aguilar (CP) 10-2 125 -- Jackson DiSario (S) tech. fall Benny Martinez (CP) 15-0, 7:00 133 -- Brandon Kier (S) dec. Trae Vasquez (CP) 5-1 141 -- Wyatt Cornelison (CP) dec. Luciano Arroyo (S) 5-3 SV 149 -- Joshy Cortez (CP) dec. Dawson Sihavong (S) 3-1 157 -- Tyler Eischens (S) dec. Brawley Lamer (CP) 7-1 165 -- Shane Griffith (S) maj. dec. Bernie Truax (CP) 16-2
  8. After 9 matches the Team Score is ASU 23 - OSU 12 Only the heavyweight match left to go with Tanner Hall vs. Jamarcus Grant
  9. Apparently the clock operator is just as bad as Idaho says the announcer is. First day on the job maybe?
  10. What the heck was all of that to-do at the end of the 184 lbs match?
  11. If the announcer is as bad as Idaho says he is perhaps it's a blessing that I don't have any audio.
  12. A. Valencia wins by TF (20-4) at 174 lbs - Team score is now ASU 20 - OSU 9
  13. Shields wins by Fall at 165 lbs in the 2nd (I believe) - Team score is now ASU 15 - OSU 9
  14. Must be something on my end - I've tried three browers and I have no audio on any of them.
  15. Yes...........I'm assuming it's because I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser so I'm trying two other browsers now.
  16. Well at least you HAVE an announcer. I have zero audio here. Although I could barely hearing someone screaming (just barely) when Teemer was going for his pin.
  17. At 157 lbs Jacori Teemer won by FALL in the 1st period over Logan Meek (I think). Team score is now tied 9-9 after first five matches.
  18. 9-3 Oregon State over Arizona State after first four matches (all decisions) Grant Willits won 9-2 over Navonte Demison at 141 lbs and Lane Stigall won 5-3 over Josh Maruca at 149 lbs
  19. Score is 3-3 after first two matches. In the battle of Brandons ASU's Brandon Courtney defeated OSU's Brandon Courtney 14-8. And OSU's Devan Turner beat Josh Kramer - didn't get the score but it was a win by decision. STILL NO AUDIO THO
  20. https://pac-12.com/live/arizona-state-university-3 No audio - yet - just video
  21. Apparently two more duals have been added to Stanford's schedule (since Monday of this week) These two duals will be held in Sam Dimas and Riverside, CA. on Saturday the 18th. The first dual is scheduled for 2 p.m PT in San Dimas, CA. vs. Life Pacific and the 2nd dual is scheduled for 6 p.m. PT vs. California Baptist in Riverside, CA. According to the Stanford wrestling schedule both of these duals can be watched online. https://gostanford.com/sports/wrestling/schedule Why Stanford is wrestling a dual vs. an N.A.I.A. wrestling program such as Life Pacific is a head scratcher IMO.
  22. Perhaps you MEANT to write ARIZONA State here and not Penn State.
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