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  1. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-rankings/ncaa-di-college-wrestling-individual-and-team-rankings-december-24th-2020/79679 125 lbs # 7 - Brandon Courtney - JR - Arizona State # 25 - Jackson DiSario - SO - Stanford # 26 - Brandon Kaylor - SO - Oregon State 133 lbs # 8 - Michael McGee - JR - Arizona State # 9 - Devan Turner - SR - Oregon State # 33 - Paul Bianchi - SR - Little Rock 141 lbs # 16 - Grant Willits - JR - Oregon State # 30 - Lawrence Saenz - SO - Cal Poly # 32 - Paul Lipari - SR - Arizona State 149 lbs # 11 - Jaden Abas - FR - Stanford 157 lbs # 7 - Jacori Teemer - SO - Arizona State # 22 - Hunter Willits - JR - Oregon State # 23 - Tyler Eischens - SO - Stanford 165 lbs # 3 - Shane Griffith - SO - Stanford # 5 - Anthony Valencia - SR - Arizona State 174 lbs # 20 - Bernie Truax - SO - Cal Poly # 31 - Trey Munoz - FR - Arizona State 184 lbs # 25 - Losh Loomer - JR - CS Bakersfield # 28 - Colt Doyle - SR - Oregon State 197 lbs # 6 - Kordell Norfleet - JR - Arizona State # 10 - Nathan Traxler - SR - Stanford # 33 - Dom Ducharme - SR - CS Bakersfield 285 lbs # 12 - Cohlton Schultz - FR - Arizona State
  2. Some people spend their lives asking WHY..................others ask WHY NOT?
  3. I can agree with that. Personally I would have preferred to see the following matches: 285 lbs - Cohlton Schultz (285) vs. Palosika (285) 125 lbs- Courtney (125) vs. Raimo (133) OR Kline (133) 133 lbs - McGee (133) vs. Raimo (133) OR Kline (133) 141 lbs - Chlebove (141) vs. Vasquez (141) OR Lipari (141) 149 lbs - Crooks (149) vs Vasquez (141) OR Lipari (141) 157 lbs - Teemer (157) vs. Torres (165) - which was one of the matches on Saturday 165 lbs - Valencia (165) vs Zane Coleman (174) 174 lbs - Munoz (174) vs Austin Clayton (184) 184 lbs - Belshay (184) vs. Chad Porter (197) 197 lbs - Norfleet (197) vs. Palosika (285) BUT...............seeing as my name is NOT Zeke Jones..................I had no say on what matches would take place. And neither does anyone else who isn't named Zeke Jones.
  4. Instead they intentionally had 9 matches that were decidedly uneven matches talent wise. I know that events like this are not for the fans (hell there were no fans in the arena) but watching one guy dominate the opponent nine times is not all that interesting to watch IMO.
  5. 125 lbs Brandon Courtney vs. 133 lbs Lou Fincher - Courtney wins 11-3
  6. 184 lbs - Belshay It's an in-team SCRIMMAGE - and that's the way it took place.
  7. 149 lbs - Crooks won by TF (20-5) over true freshman Roberto
  8. 285 lbs - Norfleet beat Remer but again whoever is in charge of the scoreboard doesn't do the job. Remer only went against Norfleet for 1 period and then they brought in Palosika to face Norfleet in the 2nd period. And now Remer comes back for the 3rd period.
  9. 174 lbs - Munoz beats Rochford but whoever is in charge of the scoreboard lost interest. And the announcers also didn't mention the score.
  10. 165 lbs - Valencia beats Torres by FALL with 29 seconds left in the 2nd period.
  11. I agree - hard not to. The only matches that may be remotely competitive look (to me) to be bout 5 and bout 10. I have to wonder why Norfleet is at heavyweight for TWO matches. Where is Cohlton Schultz? Where is Jesse Vasquez? Where is Julian Chlebove? Where is Zane Coleman? Where is Josiah Kline? Where is Peter Lipari? Where is Chad Porter? Where is Nick Raimo? Also, how is it that the prelims were said to be going on tonight yet they already have the 10 finals matches scheduled and no word (as far as I can see) on how the prelim matches went - assuming they took place this afternoon rather than tonight.
  12. My memory isn't what it used to be but as near as I can recall my memory tells me that in the past the articles (like this one) on the ASU website which have to do with their annual intra-squad wrestleoffs or scrimmage are very far from being accurate. AS I RECALL - in the past - what they say the matches will be are quite different than the matches that actually take place. Not quite sure why they would deliberately mislead folks about something like that but AS I RECALL - that's precisely what occurs. So, as already said, we will just have to wait and see.
  13. According to this Cory Crooks will be competing as a Grad Student - he graduated
  14. I can't agree with the word terrible - but it's certainly not excellent.
  15. The story that Tommy provided a link to here mentioned that the preliminaries will take place on Friday and then the 10 final matches will take place at noon Saturday. It's only the Saturday matches that will be available online as I understand it - not the prelims. So unless someone provides details here as to the results of the Friday prelim matches we won't know who is at what weight class till Saturday - right?
  16. And FIVE of the six PAC 12 wrestling programs are included in that UVU schedule for 2021 https://gouvu.com/news/2020/12/14/utah-valley-wrestling-releases-2020-21-schedule.aspx
  17. https://www.stanforddaily.com/2020/12/13/the-real-woods-story/
  18. Nice find there Tommy. I checked the ASU website this morning and that had - apparently - not yet been put out when I checked it earlier today. Looking at those projected weight classes several things stood out for me. 1. Josiah Kline is listed at 133 when I thought he was moving up to 141. 2. Jesse Vasquez is listed at 141 when many were saying recently he would be at 149 3. Valencia at 165 (some thought he'd be at 174) 4. Munoz at 174 (when some thought he'd be at 184 or even 197) 5. Cory Crooks and Navonte Demison both at 149 lbs Just looking at how that lineup is listed it APPEARS that the first guy mentioned in each weight class is likely to be the starter for ASU at that weight class.
  19. My alma mater is still my alma mater. And I will continue to watch Boise State's football games on TV. However I no longer attend any Boise State events in person and I no longer donate money to them. Those are my responses to the shameless actions of Boise State regarding the now former Boise State wrestling program.
  20. I'll wait till the 19th for final judgement on that. I've seen events for ASU in the past that were advertised as being available via the same method only to find no such video stream was actually available. Also, for me, if it actually is available to watch online then I can watch for 2 hours before watching my alma mater (Boise State) in the Mtn. West conference football championship game for the 4th straight year (that starts at 2:15 p.m. on the 19th on FOX).
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