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  1. By comparison the 2020-2021 Stanford lineup appears (to me) to have no "holes" at all. They seem to have recruited very wisely of late. 2020-2021 Stanford PROBABLE lineup 125 - Jackson DiSario - True So. and Logan Ashton - RS Fr. and Kyle Rowan - True Fr. 133 - Dalton Young - RS Jr. and Luciano Arroyo - RS Fr. and Jason Miranda - True Fr. 141 - Real Woods - RS So. and Fabian Santillan - RS Fr. 149 - Requir van der Merwe - RS Sr. and Jaden Abas - RS Fr. 157 - Tyler Eischens - RS So. and Dawson Sihavong - RS Fr. and Charlie Darracott - True Fr. 165 - Shane Griffith - RS So. 174 - Jared Hill - RS Sr. and Foster Karmon - RS Jr. 184 - Nick Addison - True So. and Judah Duhm - RS Jr. 197 - Nathan Traxler - RS Sr. and Nick Stemmet - True Fr. and Marshall Kools - True Fr. 285 - Haydn Maley - RS Jr. and Seamus O'Malley - RS Fr. and Peter Ming - True Fr.
  2. Anthony Valencia should be back next season at 174 lbs. Unless he drops back down to 165. to replace Shields. Anthony is listed as a RS Junior this season - even tho this is his 5th year at ASU.
  3. Looking at Arizona State's roster this season and it appears there are three holes in their lineup for next season. ASU has five Seniors in their starting lineup this season and in the case of two of those five there are probable replacements for those Seniors for the 2020-2021 season. Namely Tanner Hall at 285 lbs being replaced by Cohlton Schultz and Josh Kramer being replaced by Josiah Kline (who is being redshirted this season) or current true freshmen Julian Chlebove or Cleveland Belton. But there does not appear to be anyone likely to replace Josh Maruca (149), Josh Shields (165) and Zahid Valenzia (184) - unless Zane Coleman is the likely replacement for Zahid. Yet Coleman, as far as I can tell, hasn't competed once this season. And it also appears that ASU has no signed recruits for next season either. The only verbal commits I see for ASU are Juniors in H.S. this season and won't be at ASU until the 2021-2022 season. So what's ASU doing to fill these three spots in their lineup for 2020-2021?
  4. Is one were to win a large lottery such as Powerball or Mega Millions and the winning amount is let's say 300 million (to keep the math simple) AND one opts for the annuity payout option that would mean the winner would receive 30 payments of roughly six million dollars per year AFTER taxes (basically) in 30 payments over 29 years. With that as the base premise then one could divert as little as $500,000 to up to $ 1 million PER YEAR to fund a Div. I NCAA college wrestling program. The funds would have to be diverted into a trust fund of course but even after diverting as much as $ 1 million per year the lottery winner would still be receiving $5 million per year for 29 years (and 30 payments total). With that having been said the choice for me would be very simple. I'd fund the return of the Boise State wrestling program. Of course that would not be a simple proposition after the CRAP that former Boise State school President Bob (let's just LIE to them) Kustra pulled here a few years ago.
  5. Saying that I said something which I did not say, i.e., "it only looks at common opponents".........................is about as ignorant as can be.
  6. Then he was about as "clear" as mud about that then.
  7. According to the WrestleStat projections I saw - when I did a dual comparison between ASU and OSU - ASU is projected to win 6 of the 10 matches. However one of the projected wins for OSU is # 48 ranked Elijah Cleary over # 21 ranked Jacori Teemer. According to WrestleStat Cleary wins that match 6-5 over Teemer - based on ONE common opponent that both of them defeated. Teemer beat Stanford's Tyler Eischen last March 3-2 at the National Collegiate Open tournament and Cleary was taken to overtime against Eischen last month before winning 10-8 in Sudden Victory overtime # 1 during the dual between Ohio State and Stanford.
  8. Nickal???? Nobody with that name on either team.
  9. I just found it odd that both Kramer and Norfleet BOTH lost their last match at the Vegas tournament to a wrestler from Ohio State and they then BOTH forfeited their subsequently scheduled match after losing to their Ohio State opponent. And now their next scheduled event is a dual against Ohio State.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it. Good to know.
  11. I noticed that two of Arizona State's starters forfeited out of the Cliff Keen tournament last weekend in Vegas. That being Josh Kramer at 133 lbs and Kordell Norfleet at 197 lbs. Kramer lost his opening round match in SV OT (8-6) to Dylan Koontz of Ohio State and then Medically Forfeited his next match. Norfleet won his first round match 9-8 over Greg Bulsak of Clarion and he then lost 5-3 to # 1 ranked Kollin Moore of Ohio State. Then he too Medically Forfeited his 3rd match. My question is how seriously were these two injured last weekend? I realize that ASU doesn't compete again for about 1 month - before taking on Ohio State on Jan. 6th. Just curious if those two will be back in the lineup for ASU for that match vs. Ohio State. And if Kramer can't compete then who is likely to replace him. I know Josiah Kline is being redshirted this season so I would have to think if Kramer can't go it would have to be True Freshmen Julian Chlebove or Cleveland Belton who would replace him in the lineup.
  12. Tell me.........is it still considered an upset when Kyle Conel loses another match? So far this season Conel has lost to guys who were ranked as follows on WrestleStat: # 30 ranked Aaron Bolo of Central Michigan (Conel lost 5-3) # 26 ranked Jake Jakobsen of Lehigh (Conel lost 3-1) # 20 ranked Kordell Norfleet of Arizona State (Conel lost 10-4) And all three of Conel's wins this year were by one point: 6-5 over # 41 ranked Cole Urbas of Pennsylvania and 4-3 over # 29 ranked Jake Koser of Navy and 2-1 in OT over # 28 ranked Jaron Smith of Maryland.
  13. One thing that is VERY clear to me regarding all of this is the word COMMITMENT means something VERY different now than it did when I was young.
  14. If I understand this correctly: A. Kerkvliet first committed to wrestle for Minnesota (where he's from) B. Kerkvliet changed his commitment to Oklahoma State C. Kerkvliet actually signed to wrestle for Ohio State D. Kerkvliet enrolled at Ohio State last fall E. Kerkvliet entered the transfer portal on Nov. 1st of this year F. Kerkvliet has now "committed" to wrestle for Penn State Does that about sum it up? The only question that comes to my mind is...........WHERE will he ACTUALLY be at next season?
  15. ARIZONA STATE - UNATTACHED 125 - Nicholas Raimo 133 - Domenico DiGena 133 - Aaron Valenzuela 149 - Ethan Pickren 157 - Hunter Balk 157 - Alejandro Torres 174 - Trey Munoz 174 - Joshua Nummer 184 - Austin Clayton 197 - Jacob Good 285 - Cohlton Schultz CAL STATE UNIVERSITY AT BAKERSFIELD 125 - Alejandro Hernandez-Fugueroa 125 - Perdo Ramirez 133 - Chance Rich 141 - Noah Blakely-Beanes 149 - Russell Rohlfing 157 - Wyatt Gerl 157 - Joseph Valdez 165 - Jacob Thalin 174 - Josh Annis 174 - Albert Urias 184 - Noe Garcia 184 - Josh Loomer 197 - Dom Ducharme 285 - Dominic Balmer 285 - Brayden Ray 285 - Jacob Sieder 285 - Jarrod Snyder CAL STATE UNIVERSITY AT BAKERSFIELD - UNATTACHED 125 - Edward Flores 141 - Andrew Bloemhof 141 - Jacob Peralta 149 - Josh Brown 157 - Brock Rogers 184 - Mark Cardwell 184 - Adrian Chavez-Morales 184 - Brian Horn 285 - Eric Mittlestead 285 - Mike Ruiz CAL POLY 141 - Wyatt Cornelison 165 - Dylan Miracle CAL POLY - UNATTACHED 125 - Jack Lenox 125 - Antonio Lorenzo 125 - Cole Reyes 141 - Ricky Torres 149 - Legend Lamer 149 - Daniel Vizcarra 157 - Maxwell Anderson 285 - Victor Jaquez STANFORD 125 - Jackson DiSario 133 - Dalton Young 157 - Gabe Dinette 157 - Tyler Eischens 157 - Tony Williams 165 - Shane Griffith 174 - Foster Karmon 197 - Nathan Traxler 285 - Trevor Rasmussen 285 - David Showunmi STANFORD - UNATTACHED 125 - Logan Ashton 149 - Jaden Abas 157 - Dawson Sihavong
  16. "Zahid is not a pinner" ?????? FACTS Zahid already has four pins this season in 7 actual matches (not counting last night's win by Forfeit) Zahid won 12 matches by FALL during the 2019 season Zahid won 9 matches by FALL during the2018 season Zahid won 14 matches by FALL during the 2017 season Zahid won 5 of 11 matches by FALL during his redshirt year (2016)
  17. Looks like Patrick Thompson (who I quoted in my previous post here) guessed correctly about Norfleet.
  18. I noticed that Brandon Kier, who has been competing this season at 133 lbs, moved up to 141 lbs because Real Woods was not in the Stanford lineup. I also noticed that for the 2nd straight dual match Requir van der Merwe was not in the Stanford lineup at 149 lbs
  19. Stanford 21, Columbia 19 Weight Matchup Result 125 Joe Manchio (COL) dec. #14 Gabriel Townsell (STAN) 6-3 133 Dalton Young (STAN) fall Trent Svingala (COL) F1:04 141 Matt Kazimir (COL) fall Brandon Kier (STAN) F2:29 149 Andy Garr (COL) maj. dec. Tony Williams (STAN) 13-2 157 Tyler Eischens (STAN) dec. Riley Jacobs (COL) 6-1 165 #8 Shane Griffith (STAN) fall Kyler Mosher (COL) F3:57 174 Lennox Wolak (COL) dec. Foster Karmon (STAN) 15-10 184 Nick Addison (STAN) dec. Joe Franzese (COL) 9-2 197 #9 Nathan Traxler (STAN) dec. Sam Wustefeld (COL) 13-9 285 Dan Herman (COL) dec. David Showunmi (STAN) 4-2
  20. CSU Bakersfield 16, Buffalo 15 165: Troy keller (Buffalo) over Jacob Thalin (CSUB) (Dec 6-2) 174: Jake Lanning (Buffalo) over Albert Urias (CSUB) (Dec 7-2) 184: Josh Loomer (CSUB) over Peter Acciardi (Buffalo) (Dec 7-3) 197: No. 20 Sam Schuyler (Buffalo) over Dom Ducharme (CSUB) (Dec 4-3) 285: Jarrod Snyder (CSUB) over Nolan Terrance (Buffalo) (2-0) 125: Alejandro Hernandez-Figueroa (CSUB) over Jordan Reyes (Buffalo) (Dec 4-3) 133: No. 16 Derek Spann (Buffalo) over No. 20 Chance Rich (Dec 9-2) 141: John Arceri (Buffalo) over Noah Blakely-Beanes (CSUB) (SV-1 3-1) 149: Russell Rohlfing (CSUB) over Kyle Todrank (Buffalo) (MD 9-1) 157: Wyatt Gerl (CSUB) over Hunter Shaut (Buffalo) (Dec 3-0)
  21. First three matches of the ASU vs. Penn State dual last night that is. The PAC 12 website gives everyone a specific number of minutes to watch per month and I utilized that to watch the first three matches at 125, 133 and 141 when that time ran out. From what I saw I have to say Courtney's Major over Teske was VERY impressive (to me at least). Courtney looks like he will be the best in the PAC 12 this year at 125 lbs. Stanford's Townsell was VERY fortunate to have beaten Courtney in the ASU vs. Stanford dual last season. Kramer did a solid job against RBY - He got the first takedown of the match but he could not manage to get any more despite the fact that he shot for takedowns much more than RBY did in that match. Final score was 7-6 I believe but RBY was called 3 times for stalling in the 3rd period - resulting in 2 points for Kramer. Crooks was just completely dominated by Lee......no big surprise there. 141 looks to be ASU's weakest lineup spot this year (whether it's Crooks or Demison) I with I could have seen the matches at 157, 165 and 197 lbs.............oh well.
  22. Maybe you're just getting old.....................like me
  23. This post didn't age well...............did it?
  24. I don't disagree with your point by point clarification.................HOWEVER.......................11 months is not "a year and a half". Kordell Norfleet last competed collegiately in wrestling in December of 2018 (According to his WrestleStat stats). On December 14, 2018, to be precise. Ironically enough he last competed in the Arizona State vs. Penn State dual in 2018. And he lost by Tech Fall (15-0) to Penn State's Shakur Rasheed (at 184 lbs).
  25. Sorry - but you're simply wrong here. There are all sorts of different rules for eligibility in various sports. In football you have FIVE years to compete for four seasons. And thanks to the new rule - of last year - players can now compete in as many as four football games and still utilize that season as their redshirt year. Secondly, many, many, many, many, many athletes have petitioned the N.C.A.A. for a SIXTH year of N.C.A.A. eligibility (due to injuries, etc.) and most of those petitions are successful. Thirdly, when an N.C.A.A. athlete joins the military or serves on a church mission their N.C.A.A. "clock" is put on hold. Lastly there are rare cases where athletes have petitioned the N.C.A.A. and gotten TWO more years of N.C.A.A. eligibility, i.e., seven years total.
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