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  1. I see on the Cal Grappler website where they are listing Vasquez as an Ohio State verbal commit when I think that was based on a innocuous tweet by him - and when he saw that some had drawn that conclusion he denied that he had committed anywhere. So I'm dubious about the veracity of that "commit". Iowa fans seem to think Vasquez is headed their way - or so it seems. Also the same webpage has Nathan Haas as a Nebraska verbal commit. http://www.calgrappler.com/college-signings-2020/
  2. Just curious if anyone here knows where these 2019 California State Champions are headed for college in 2020 (all were Juniors in 2019). 126 lbs - Aaron Nagao - Esperanza H.S. 138 lbs - Jesse Vasquez (3 time CA State champ as a JR) - Excelsior Charter H.S. 182 lbs - Nathan Haas - St. John Bosco H.S.
  3. I think you MAY be referring here to Gabriel Dinette as a Stanford wrestler who redshirted this past season at 157 lbs. Dinette was a three time Colorado H.S. State champion and his father, James Dinette wrestled for Stanford. Gabriel's brother, Isaac Dinette, wrestles for Campbell University (at 125 lbs). However Gabriel Dinette, for reasons unknown to me, did not compete at all last season for Stanford. Gabe Dinette did compete at the U23 Nationals about a month ago at 74 KG (163 lbs). Here is a link to his Round of 32 match in that competition where he majored Joshua Kim (who started for Harvard last season at 174 lbs for the EIWA tournament but competed primarily at 165 lbs last season). Dinette went 4-2 at the U23 Nationals. Gabe Dinette video at U23 Nationals WrestleStat has Dinette listed as the starter for Stanford next season at 157 lbs. However I think Dominick Mandarino is more likely to be Stanford's starter next season at 157 lbs.
  4. I'm shocked that the PAC 12 hasn't invited them to join their conference (SARCASM ALERT)
  5. Not sure where you are getting your ideas here about BYU but as someone who lives in the West and as someone whose family is about 50 percent LDS ............you could not be MORE wrong about BYU "enjoying it's independence" - or your false statement that they have "had multiple opportunities to join good conferences". The latter is 100 percent untrue. NOBODY has invited BYU to join their conference. They were close to being invited to the recently created A.A.C. but the BYU representatives - during the interview process - thoroughly embarrassed themselves and BYU with their demands. It was similar to a beggar being offered a meal and the beggar then insisting on caviar and champagne. The PAC 12 absolutely does not want B.Y.U. - if they had they would have invited B.Y.U. when Utah joined the PAC 12 - instead they added Colorado with Utah. The Big 12 also does not want B.Y.U. - nor does any other Power 5 Conference. The BYU fans I've encountered have absolutely had it with their "independence" - particularly when it comes to football. As anyone with even so much as a glimmer of a clue will tell you in football - if you have a winning season - your team WANTS to go to a bowl game. BYU's bowl game options (as an Independent) are extremely limited to say the least.
  6. I counted 6 dates for Norfleet: 2019 Season Video Opponent School Date Event Weight W/L By How #2 Rasheed, Shakur (15 - 0) (Compare) #1 Penn State 12/14 Arizona State - Penn State Dual 184 L TF5 15 - 0 7:00 #31 Stewart, Noah (13 - 6) (Compare) #24 Army 12/02 SIEU Invitational 184 L DEC 8 - 2 #66 Lampe, Dominic (11 - 10) (Compare) #58 Chattanooga 12/02 SIEU Invitational 184 W DEC 9 - 3 #44 Smith, Ethan (12 - 4) (Compare) #3 Ohio State 11/18 Ohio State - Arizona State Dual 184 W FALL 6:15 #74 Blair, Chasen (6 - 9) (Compare) #15 North Carolina 11/17 North Carolina - Arizona State Dual 197 W DEC 9 - 4 #193 Grove, Samuel (4 - 12) (Compare) #70 South Dakota State 11/11 Arizona State - South Dakota State Dual 184 W MD 16 - 5 Kotschevar, Mitchell Minnesota State Moorhead 11/10 Bison Open 184 W TF5 21 - 4 4:36 #149 Pottinger, TJ (10 - 5) (Compare) #42 North Dakota State 11/10 Bison Open 184 W MD 13 - 2 Kotschevar, Mitchell Minnesota State Moorhead 11/10 Bison Open 184 W TF5 21 - 4 0:00 #146 Otomo, Michael (8 - 7) (Compare) #42 North Dakota State 11/10 Bison Open 184 W MD 12 - 3
  7. Thanks for the info on that. As that pertains to Kordell Norfleet all of his matches this season occurred prior to Dec. 15th so check that column. He has competed in 2 one day tournaments and 4 dual matches. So if they do in fact round up to 6 then he would still qualify - right?
  8. I do not - admittedly - know what the rule is for redshirting in wrestling after one has competed for a portion of a season but I do know that in football an NCAA player can now play as many as 4 games and still redshirt, i.e., a full one third of the regular season. If that translates to wrestling then 10 matches is NOT too many matches as many wrestlers have more than 30 matches in a season. Maybe someone else can detail the rule on redshirting in NCAA wrestling after they have competed in a season.
  9. Thanks for the explanation on that. I don't know anything about a National PAC 12 Network. I access the PAC 12 Network by streaming Sling TV and that access provides six PAC 12 channels. The Arizona Channel (Arizona & Arizona State events), the Mountain Channel (Colorado & Utah events), the Washington Channel (Washington & Washington State events), the Oregon Channel (Oregon & Oregon State events), the Bay Area Channel (Stanford and California events), etc.
  10. No worries mate...............I foolishly thought the ASU vs. OSU dual was on FRIDAY night..........then I checked the schedules on both schools websites which clearly said it was on SUNDAY night and somehow I convinced myself it was going to be on SATURDAY night - i even posted a message here about how ticked I was that it wasn't going to be on the PAC 12 Network on SATURDAY. Some days the brain just goes it's own way I guess.
  11. Thanks for the response to my question here. I appreciate that. Do you know if they are just going to redshirt him this season then? Or is he expected to be back in the lineup this season?
  12. No offense intended here (sincerely) but what does ESPN have to do with any of this? The dual - as a PAC 12 wrestling dual - was televised by the PAC 12 Network. Not ESPN. That dual was televised on the Arizona and the Washington PAC 12 channels on Sunday night. And there was no women's BB game prior to that on either of those two channels. One of the two channels had a men's BB game that went a couple of minutes long but the other channel had the match from the beginning to the end. Or are you saying here that ESPN purchased the television rights to that dual from the PAC 12 Network to show it the day after it actually occurred. If so - then I missed that - but did watch it live on Sunday night. I too noticed that the PAC 12 Network - which actually televised the match - has added a riding time clock (when appropriate) at the top of the score screen. That was a first I believe as I've watched PAC 12 wrestling on the PAC 12 network for the last two seasons and had never seen that before until Sunday night. In the past the announcers referenced riding time but there was no actual display of the riding time as I recall. It definitely a plus that they have added that to the televised PAC 12 wrestling matches. Shields did start a bit slow but came on in the last two periods and dominated as one would expect given Shields' ranking. As to the comment about challenges - the announcers, as I heard them live, said they didn't know if there was a video challenge systems set up. Nothing definitive was said about that but I have seen video challenges on PAC 12 matches in the past so I have no reason to believe there wasn't a video challenge system in place for that match. At 184 lbs Coleman - very simply and quite clearly - simply ran out of gas in OT. Credit Petersen as he got stronger as the match wore on - plus he was wrestling up TWO weight classes. He's competed this season at 165 lbs, 174 lbs and 184 lbs. MY QUESTION is where is Kordell Norfleet? He hasn't competed since Dec. 14th and his last match - as far as I can tell - did not end with him being injured. And speaking of ASU wrestlers who are out of the lineup.........the announcers referenced that Ryan Milhof was upset that the ASU coaches chose to go with Courtney vs. Bresser at 125 lbs. And that Milhof was there and available for the dual with Oregon State - he too hasn't competed since Dec. 14th. That being said Courtney wrestled a very good match vs. # 3 ranked Bresser and if not for a very questionable 2nd stalling call against Courtney that match would have gone to OT.
  13. Yep - must have had a severe brain cramp yesterday. I looked at both the ASU schedule and the Oregon State schedule yesterday but just had it in my mind that the dual was yesterday when the schedules for both schools clearly listed as taking place on the 20th (today). I also looked ahead on the Sling TV channels for the PAC 12 Network and the Arizona State AT Oregon State dual tonight will be on both the Arizona PAC 12 channel as well as the Oregon PAC 12 channel.
  14. No I do not have the ESPN app. Adding fuel to my fire on this is the fact that last year with my subscription to Sling TV (for $25/month) I also got the NFL Network as part of the subscription. And I foolishly assumed that it was included with my subscription this year (for $30/month) as I wanted to watch today's East West Shrine football game because Boise State's Brett Rypien will likely be the starting QB in that game. But.........................NO.................................the NFL Network is NOT included in the subscription this year. From one year to the next with Sling TV it is apparently PAY MORE and GET LESS.
  15. For the last two years I've been subscribing to Sling TV to watch football games on ESPN in the fall and last year I continued to subscribe to Sling TV thru March to watch the PAC 12 wrestling available via the SIX Pac 12 channels available on Sling TV - even paid another $5 more per month this year. There is a dual match tonight at 7 p.m. (Mt. Time) between Arizona State AT Oregon State that I had planned to watch tonight. So today I dutifully checked all six of the PAC 12 channels available to me via Sling TV for 7 p.m. tonight and NONE of them is televising the ASU at OSU wrestling match tonight - even tho both Oregon State and Arizona State insist that it IS on the PAC 12 channel tonight. Take a guess who is cancelling their Sling TV service.
  16. These rankings that I posted here are based on the WrestleStat website. Which I will acknowledge is not the best however they do provide more results & info than any other. Dalton Young did compete at 133 at the Southern Scuffle - where he went 1-2 at 133 lbs (7-4 loss to Iowa State's Todd Small and a 4-3 loss to Penn State's Roman Bravo-Young. It would appear that now the starter at 141 lbs for Stanford is Brandon Kier (Junior) who has only had two matches this season - losing 10-7 to # 12 ranked Matt Findlay of Utah Valley and winning 8-6 in Sudden Victory overtime over Harvard's Ryan Friedman.
  17. I agree with you that the PAC 12 CONFERENCE is a "mess" - especially in regards to wrestling. But what do you expect when your conference is controlled by fools who do their very best to make sure that as few people as possible have access to their conference TV network (the Pac 12 Network). And frankly I think the future of the PAC 12 in wrestling is extremely gloomy. The fact that Fresno State's revived wrestling program chose to join the Big 12 for wrestling rather than the PAC 12 is a big red flag IMO. If and when the PAC 12 drops the sport of wrestling there will be zero NCAA Division I wrestling conferences in the Western U.S.
  18. How a team finishes their season at the NCAA tournament is an extremely poor way of determining if one wrestling team is better than another team. A much better indication of one team being better than another is a dual between the two teams. I agree with you that Oregon State will likely earn more team points at the NCAA tournament THIS YEAR - thanks solely to Bresser and Dhesi. But that has nothing to do with which team is the better team. Oregon State hosts Stanford this year on Feb. 15th so I guess we'll find out then which is the better of those two teams. Here's how I see that match-up going on Feb. 15th: 125 lbs - Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) over Gabe Townsell (Stanford) - Bresser won 6-2 over Townsell at the 2018 PAC 12 tournament & 6-1 in the 2018 dual last season - OREGON STATE 3 - STANFORD 0 133 lbs - Mason Pengilly (Stanford) over Kegan Calkins (Oregon State) - These two haven't faced each other since way back in Nov. 2014 and Pengilly won that match by MD (14-3) - STANFORD 4 - OREGON STATE - 3 141 lbs - Dalton Young (Stanford) over Grant Willits (Oregon State) - They have no common opponents - STANFORD - 7 - OREGON STATE - 3 149 lbs - Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) over Josh Reyes (Oregon State) - They have 2 common opponents this season (2018-2019) and van der Merwe is 2-0 vs. those two common opponents and Reyes is 0-2 against them. STANFORD 10 - OREGON STATE - 3 157 lbs Hunter Willits (Oregon State) over Dominick Mandarino OR Paul Fox (Stanford) - Fox and Hunter Willits had 3 matches last season. Willits won the last one 6-5 and Fox won the 2nd match 5-2 and the 1st match 3-2. Willits and Mandarino have not faced each other. Based on the rankings I'd have to pick Willits but this match could be a toss-up as Mandarino has beaten Fox twice this season. STANFORD - 10 - OREGON STATE - 6 165 lbs Paul Fox OR Dominick Mandarino OR Brandon Dallavia (Stanford) over Aaron Olmos (OSU) - STANFORD 13 - OREGON STATE - 6 174 lbs Colt Doyle (Oregon State) over Rico Stormer (Stanford) - The rankings of these two on WrestleStat say Doyle is favored in this match but frankly I see it as a toss-up that could go either way. Just for this discussion I'll pick Doyle here over Stormer - STANFORD 13 - OREGON STATE - 9 184 lbs Colbey Harlan OR Austin Flores (Stanford) over Myles Terry OR Bob Coleman (Oregon State) - STANFORD 16 - OREGON STATE - 9 197 lbs Nathan Traxler (Stanford) by MD over Jamarcus Grant (Oregon State) - STANFORD 20 - OREGON STATE 9 285 lbs Amarveer Dhesi (Oregon State) by MD over Hadyn Maley (Stanford) - STANFORD 20 - OREGON STATE 13
  19. If point values of 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 are assigned to the ratings (10 points for first, 8 for second, etc.) above you would see the following point totals for each of the five PAC 12 teams 1. Arizona State - 82 points 2. Stanford - 74 points 3. Oregon State - 60 points 4. Cal State Bakersfield - 58 points 5. Cal Poly - 26 points Oregon State is third and just barely ahead of Cal State Bakersfield.
  20. I don't disagree with this BUT..............right now I'd say Stanford is the 2nd best team in the PAC 12 wrestling. And Stanford will be even better than Oregon State next season as you pointed out Oregon State's two best are both in their final year of eligibility. Stanford has two or three Seniors (depending on Paul Fox) in their starting lineup but they have some very impressive freshmen being redshirted this season (Shane Griffith who is 20-2 this season and Real Woods who is 9-1 this season and Tyler Eischens, who is 11-4 this season for example). I don't know what the Oregon State staff has been doing the last four years as far as recruiting is concerned but it clearly hasn't resulted in any improvement in their team. They have done nothing but get worse every year it seems.
  21. 125 lbs 1. OREGON STATE _ Ronnie Bresser - RS Senior 2. ARIZONA STATE - Ryan Milhof - RS Senior OR Brandon Courtney - RS Freshman 3. STANFORD - Gabe Townsell - Junior 4. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Alex Hernandez-Figuero - RS Sophomore OR Eddie Flores - True Freshman 5. CAL POLY - Benny Martinez - True Freshman 133 lbs 1. ARIZONA STATE - Josiah Kline - Sophomore 2. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Sean Nickell - RS Senior 3. STANFORD - Mason Pengilly - RS Senior 4. OREGON STATE - Kegan Calkins - RS Senior 5. CAL POLY - Yo****o Funakoshi - Senior 141 lbs 1. STANFORD - Dalton Young - RS Freshman 2. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Carlos Herrera - RS Junior 3. ARIZONA STATE - Cory Crooks - RS Sophomore 4. OREGON STATE - Grant Willits - RS Freshman 5. CAL POLY - Rayn Farina - Sophomore OR Wyatt Cornelison - RS Freshman 149 lbs 1. ARIZONA STATE - Josh Maruca - RS Junior 2. STANFORD - Requir van der Merwe - RS Sophomore 3. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Russell Rohlfing - RS Junior 4. OREGON STATE - Josh Reyes - Senior 5. CAL POLY - Ty Schilling - Junior 157 lbs 1. ARIZONA STATE - Christian Padgilao - Graduate Student 2. OREGON STATE - Hunter Willits - Sophomore 3. STANFORD - Dominick Mandarino - Sophomore OR Paul Fox - RS Senior 4. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Wyatt Gerl - Junior OR Josn Annis - RS Junior 5. CAL POLY - Joshy Cortez - Senior OR Brawley Lamer - RS Freshman 165 lbs 1. ARIZONA STATE - Josh Shields - RS Junior 2. STANFORD - Brandon Dallavia - RS Sophomore OR Paul Fox - RS Senior 3. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Jacob Thalin - RS Junior 4. OREGON STATE - Aaron Olmos - RS Freshman OR Colton Beisley - Sophomore 5. CAL POLY - Dylan Miracle - True Freshman OR Joe La Rosa - RS Freshman 174 lbs 1. ARIZONA STATE - Zahid Valencia - RS Junior 2. OREGON STATE - Colt Doyle - RS Junior 3. STANFORD - Rico Stormer - Graduate Student OR Foster Karmon - RS Freshman 4. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Bryan Battisto - RS Senior 5. CAL POLY - Nathan Tausch - True Freshman 184 lbs 1. ARIZONA STATE - Kordell Norfleet - Sophomore OR Jacen Petersen - RS Senior 2. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Dom Ducharme - RS Sophomore 3. STANFORD - Colbey Harlan - True Freshman OR Austin Flores - RS Junior 4. OREGON STATE - Myles Terry - Sophomore 5. CAL POLY - Willem DeBoer - RS Sophomore OR Matt Menyacsek - RS Junior 197 lbs 1. STANFORD - Nathan Traxler - RS Sophomore 2. CAL POLY - Thomas Lane -Junior 3. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Josh Loomer - RS Freshman OR Mark Penyacsek - RS Junior 4. OREGON STATE - Jamarcus Grant - RS Sophomore 5. ARIZONA STATE - Austyn Harris - RS Senior OR Chad Porter - RS Freshman 285 lbs 1. OREGON STATE - Amarveer Dhesi - Graduate Student 2. STANFORD - Haydn Maley - RS Freshman 3. ARIZONA STATE - Brady Daniel - RS Freshman 4. CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD - Jarrod Snyder - RS Sophomore OR Jacob Sieder - RS Sophomore 5. CAL POLY - Sam Aguilar - RS Freshman OR Seville Hayes - Senior
  22. Apparently reading isn't the only thing you can't do. Thinking is also right up there as well. This is just too ignorant to comment on any further.
  23. I don't know what you are referring to here. At 125 lbs they have Ryan Milhof who prior to getting injured about 10 days ago at the Midlands was ranked # 8 by Intermat at 125 lbs At 133 lbs they have RS Sophomore Josiah Kline, who is 15-6 and is ranked # 18 at 133 lbs by WrestleStat At 141 lbs no team in the PAC 12 has anyone ranked in the top 20.
  24. In this article dated Jan. 27, 2016, i.e., roughly 34 months ago, it was mentioned that Tanner Hall had just turned 23 one week prior. That means he is currently 25 years old and will be 26 in mid-January 2019. But that happens all the time with LDS athletes. As most of them go on LDS missions for 2 or 3 years. https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2016/01/27/asu-heavyweight-hall-making-mark-23-year-old-freshman/79408712/ Which is why BYU regularly has pretty good football teams - when they are starting guys who are 26 or 27 years old against 20 year olds.
  25. What did you mean here when you wrote that "Smith really isn't on the team"?? I ask because Mason Smith was on the ASU roster last week. Plus there were several articles about him on the ASU website about him joining the team this season.
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